On the other side of the wall telemundo: Read August teasers here


Are you counting down to the new telemundo series titled ‘On the other side of the wall’ set to premiere on the 20th this month? If you are then here’s August teasers to get you pumped up.

Monday 20 August 2018
Sofia runs away from the Mexico-USA border along with her daughter, chased by a group of men. Eliza and her two children also cross the same border but by bus.

Tuesday 21 August 2018 
Joel arrives at the hotel and finds Sofia, who thinks he is trying to kill her. Meanwhile, Max asks Jennifer for a divorce, but she refuses.

Wednesday 22 August 2018 
Sofia finds some compromising documents in a safe and takes them to Irene. Juan is beaten up by the mafia bosses, and calls Ernesto for help.

Thursday 23 August 2018 
Ernesto orders the police to put Juan in jail and charge him with human trafficking. Paula visits Sofia behind Ernesto’s back and threatens her.

Friday 24 August 2018 
Jennifer follows Max and discovers that he has another home. Eliza arrives in LA with her kids, but Max doesn’t turn up to collect them. She is left drenched under the rain.

Monday 27 August 2018 
When Sofia leaves the hotel, Vicentito’s men shoot at her, while Joel and German shoot back to protect her. Jennifer shows up at Eliza’s house.

Tuesday 28 August 2018 
Under Paula’s orders, Vicentito kidnaps German. Meanwhile, Andres and Eliza search for Max at every hospital in the city.

Wednesday 29 August 2018 
While escaping from Pastrana and Vicentito’s men, Sofia manages to cross the border, but is forced to leave Joel behind, who is injured.

Thursday 30 August 2018 
Sofia learns that Irving is Ernesto’s accomplice and that they’re coming for her. She runs away with Alondra. Eliza visits Steve in hospital.

Friday 31 August 2018 
Joel sneaks into Ernesto’s house, but is caught by Julian. Carmen, having survived the fire at the bakery, escapes to Tijuana with Lupis’s help.

Source: Tvsa


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