Naagin 4 update Tuesday 3 May 2022

Naagin (4) 3 May 2022: Episode starts with Vrinda wishing happy birthday to Baa. Baa’s grand son apologizes to baa. Vrinda tells that they all were waiting for the cake to wish her happy birthday. All the bahus blame Vrinda for bringing the cake late. Baa cuts the cake and is about to make Vrinda eat it, but Vishali takes the first bite of the cake. She wishes happy birthday to baa. Baa makes Vrinda have cake. Vishali asks Vrinda to get the stuff kept in the car. Vrinda says ok. Vishali asks Dev and Rohan to go home. Dev tells Rohan that they are going India for his girlfriend’s 75th birthday. Rohan smiles seeing the tickets. Vrinda brings the stuff out to keep in her car. Her mother says they make you do all these work. Vrinda says you want to tell that they don’t care about me etc. Her mother reminds her that her fiancé Rajat came to meet him. Vrinda says she forgot that he was coming. Rajat comes there and tells that he was waiting for her since 2 hours and had 4 cups of tea. Vrinda says no. He holds her hand and asks if she talked to Rohan and Dev. Vrinda says they are not here, Badi maa is very possessive about Dev and there is no photo of him in the house as she thinks that he will get any bad sight.

She says he is not in India and not coming. Rajat says Dev can approve loan from anywhere being a big business. Vrinda acts to make a phone call and asks if you will help my fiancé with the loan. She tells from Dev’s hand that he is sending his cheque book for her. Rajat says it is ok and tells that he wants this for their future and not his future alone. Vrinda says what I can do, he is not coming for puja also. Everyone is going to lal tekri mandir for havan. Nayantara comes to the temple and calls Manyata. Vishali is worried. Ira and Ketki tell her that Naagin and her daughter died that day. Manyata tells Nayantara that today is the night when Ashlesha nakshatra is about to come. She says we have our eyes on Parikh family, but they don’t know about us. She says they think that their havan will save them from me. She says they think that I will forget how they killed my husband and his family, had also brutally killed a small baby. She says I will not forget. She says she will make them cry and will kill. Nayantara asks her to take revenge for her father, and tells that she will take revenge for her mother for killing her happiness. She says her revenge will start with Dev Parikh’s death. They walk out of the temple.

Pandit ji tells Vishali that today there is Ashlesha nakshatra night and it will be heavy on Dev. She asks herto make sure Dev don’t come to the puja. Vishali says he is not in India, don’t worry. Dev steps out of the airport and says he is feeling good to be back in India.Dev’s cousins ask Vrinda to come with their moms as they are feeling low for forgetting Baa’s birthday. They tell each other that they have to change their looks. Vrinda says I will come with badi maa and sits in the car. A big snake comes there. Vishali sees the snake and gets shocked. Her husband asks what happened? Vishali says she has returned and recalls her words. They all get shocked and recalls Manyata telling that she is a naagin and naagin never leaves her enemies. Akash asks her not to worry and asks about whom she was talking. Ketki says nothing and takes Vishali with her. She says if Akash comes to know that they will be jailed. Vrinda tells Akash that they shall take Baa with them. The young generation think that Vrinda is boring. Sparsh and others talk to Manas about his girlfriends. Manas talks to his girlfriend and asks her to come to the lal tekri temple, says I love you. Vrinda thinks Kanika makes him say I love you many times. She calls Baa. Manas comes out.

Vrinda tells that she heard him talking to Kanika. Kanika comes there and asks with whom he was talking to. She goes with baa. Vrinda questions Manas about whom he was talking to? She says I know you was not talking to Kanika. Manas threatens to show her evil sight to her if she tells anything to anyone.Kanika tells Manas that her friend is coming there. Vrinda says I am going with Baa. Kanika says she is talking about her friend. Nayantara gets down from her car. Everyone look at her beauty. Ira tells that she will make her son Harsh marry her. her husband asks who is she? Kanika tells that she is her best friend and makes her meet the elders. Nayantara gets flashes of them killing her father and his family. They all leave in car.

Vrinda is with Baa in the car. Baa tells that she is updated with the latest songs. Sparsh eyes Nayantara in the car. Dev is also on the way. Vrinda sings song. Her dupatta flies away from the car and falls on Dev’s car. Dev stops the car and takes the dupatta, says it happens only in India. Vrinda says my dupatta. Baa tells Vrinda that her hero might have get her dupatta. Vrinda tells that she is already engaged. They stop on the way. Vrinda gives water to everyone. Manas looks at her and tells his brothers that he will be married and loyal to Kanika. She looks at him and goes. Sparsh eyes Vrinda and tells that he wants such a girl who says no and then yes. Vishali asks Vrinda to come. Manas asks Kanika about Nayantara. Kanika says she will come with Baa. Nayantara becomes snake. Everyone is on the way. Harsh asks Kanika where is Nayantara? Kanika says I will check her and gets down from the car. Kanika knocks on the car and asks Baa about Nayantara.

Manas, harsh and sparsh leaves. Baa tells Kanika that she thought nobody is coming. Kanika gets a message and tells that Nayantara got a lift. She pushes Vrinda and sits in the car. Vrinda also sits in the car. Nayantara tells that now the death story will begin.They reach the temple. Pandit ji sees them and tells that there is no bhakti in their eyes, but only fear. He tells about the importance of the temple and tells that Mahakaal’s bhakts has already arrived here. She says their bhakti is truthful. He says whoever is not truthful shall not enter this temple and the kaal bindu inside it can take the guilty inside. Rasik tells that they are pure souls and nothing will happen to them. Vishali asks Vrinda about the kids’ car. Vrinda says she doesn’t know where they left. All the young generation are going in two cars, when an old lady comes infront of them and asks them to return from there. The old lady tells that whoever no listened to them suffered. They laugh at the old lady.

Akash asks Vishali not to worry and tells that they must have gone to enjoy party. Vishali sends Vrinda to search them and says nothing shall happen to anyone. Kanika also goes with her. Harsh sees the old lady’s face and he is Rohan in disguise. Rohan tells them that Dev reached the farmhouse for the party. Dev is on the way and thinks Maa shall not know that I am in India, else she will think something bad will happen with me. He checks for network in his mobile. Naagin is outside his car. He sits in the car and feels the car getting above the land, and is shocked.

Manas’s mother thinks if Kanika found them. Ketki says everything is dangerous here. Rasik calls Dev, but the phone is off and the message comes in hindi. Rasik is doubtful. Dev’s car is lifted in the air. Naagin ki shakti main plays….Pandit ji asks them to put the ingredients in the havan to get away the snake effect from your family. Just then the naagin comes out of the havan fire. Vishali, Ira, Ketki and others get shocked seeing the big snake popping out from the fire. The snake opens his mouth wide.

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