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Naagin (4) 2 May 2022: The season 4 of Naagin 4 starts with morning prayer and Gayatri Mantra. A woman (Manyata) is telling that the marriage day arrived today for which she has been waiting for. She says she has become his with every round, as she is marrying love of her life and taking rounds with him. He says you have become mine. Pandit ji asks them to hurry up for the rounds seeing the storm coming up. She promises Keshav that she will face troubles coming towards him and will fight for him till her last breath. A storm proceeds towards them and the 5 headed snake (panch naag) comes out from the storm with many snakes. The pandit ji gets afraid and runs away. The woman asks him to complete their last round, but he runs away. Keshav asks the naags not to come near him and tells that he will burn them.

The woman recites the mantras and becomes naagin. Keshav is shocked to see her becoming a red big snake. He calls her Manyata and asks her not to harm her parents, says they are his parents. His parents ask how she can marry a human. Her mother tells that she can just stay with humans, but can’t love them. She says the snakes might curse you. Manyata says I don’t care. The woman says you might lose your powers after the marriage and you can’t take your naagin avatar. She says your child will also can’t naagin avatar until he/she turns 25. Manyata tells that she got true love and she is getting a relation of 7 births. Keshav fills sindoor in her maang. Manyata says she would have married him in the temple and she didn’t do this. Her mother curses her that Ashlesha nakshatra might break and she would lose all the powers. They leave.

Later, Manyata dances with her husband. They have a happy life. They start their new life. After a year, they were separated from their parents. One day, Keshav’s namesake brother Akash comes to take them home. Manyata shows her child that his family member came. A family (Nana Bhai’s family, Keshav’s parents and family) is seen tied and captive. Akash calls his wife and tells that he is bringing his brother’s Nana Bhai’s son and daughter in life. The woman Vishali laughs and says she had sent Nana Bhai. A guy comes to Nana bhai and asks about lal tekri’s secret. Vishali gives milk to her mother in law (Baa) and asks her to drink. The younger brother’s wife ketki prays for her kids. The other ladies of the house ask her to pray for them. Baa tells that her favorite grand son is Dev. The woman asks her to rest till Keshav comes back. Keshav and Manyata are in the car, but it doesn’t start due to Akash’s wife conspiracy.

The driver says they shall go on camel. Akash refuses. Manyata says they can go on the camel. Akash asks him to bring 3 elephants. The driver calls Akash’s wife Vishali and tells that he will bring only 2 camels and they will never reach home. Vishali and the other family members torture Nana bhai, his wife and his other son and asks them to tell about lal tekri’s temple secret. She asks who was that family. Nana bhai refuses to tell them. Vishali threatens to kill them.Vishali comes to the place with the family. Keshav and Manyata are riding on the camel. Keshav sees Vishali and tells Manyata. Vishali asks her family to take down the family members. Keshav is shocked to see them tied and runs to them. Vishali asks about the secret and asks the family members to kill them. Manyata keeps her baby in cloth and runs to Keshav. Keshav asks her not to come near them and gives her a promise. Manyata is about to become the naagin. Vishali thinks Ashlesha nakshatra is about to come. Ashlesha star comes and she couldn’t become naagin and starts burning.

Keshav runs to her and hugs her. she becomes human again. Vishali tells Manyata about pandit ji telling about the star and her mother’s curse. She asks her family to kill Keshav’s family. They brutally kill them and Keshav also. Manyata throws sand on them and runs with her baby. She runs to the temple. Vishali and others go there. They ask if Naagin came there. Pandit ji says you can’t kill any naagin here else Ashlesha nakshatra will not leave their children. Ira asks Vishali if he is saying truth. Vishali asks her to leave that and sees Manyata running. They follow Manyata.Manyata reaches the cliff point. They ask her to give the baby. Manyata says she is a naagin and will take revenge from them. She falls from the cliff with the baby and captures their faces in her eyes. Vishali asks if she is saved. Ira says who will be saved. They tell that Manyata has no super powers. Vishali says I couldn’t see her dead body.

They tell that Nana bhai’s everything will be of Akash’s now. They get happy. Akash calls Vishali. Vishali acts to cry and tells that none of Nana bhai’s family is alive and are killed by the gangsters. Manyata manages to take the baby to the sea shore and she herself faints. Some villager people take the baby from her. Manyata gains consciousness and says nothing will happen to her. Let her face the storm and let her get ready for the fight which she will fight after 25 years. She will take revenge for her mother. They have snatched Keshav from me whom I used to love a lot. She says her daughter will stay with them and she will be called as Nayantara. She says she will get all her powers after 25 years. She says you have to go that home and become their bahu to take revenge from them.

After 25 years:V ishali’s house is seen. Hardik talks to Ira. The girls lilyi bili comes there. Vishali asks them what is in their hand. The other girl tells that it is protein shake. Vishali asks them to get ready. Baa comes there and asks what is going on here? Lily bili tells Baa, what you do other than resting. Baa’s daughter tells her about Manas who got good values by her (according to her). Manas is seen with his other cousins. Baa asks where is Vrinda? She thinks they are planning her birthday. Ira and Ketki talk about what baa’s daughter had said her. Manas’s mother tells that she said right and tells that Manas is bringing rich bahu which will get them get rid of the loans. Baa thinks Dev and Vrinda must be remembering her birthday. A brother calls Dev and asks him to save him. Dev asks where are you? Dev’s brother says he is in the casino and lost. Dev walks out of the meeting. Vishali tells her brother in law that if the naagin and her daughter are saved then she will become 25 years after 2 days. Manyata’s daughter is shown playing flute.

Vishali tells her brother in law that they couldn’t kill that naagin infront of lal tekri. She asks where is Dev? He says you send him out of country due to naagin and ashlesha star fear. Dev comes to the casino. His brother asks if he bet? The man tells that he bet for 20000 USD. Dev slaps him for betting and pays the money. The man gets happy and says it is a win. Dev tells that he don’t keep anyone’s debt. He beats the guy and takes back the money, saying I have won it.

Akash talks to Baa and tells that they have to go to temple and do havan. Baa asks for what? Vishali says they are doing puja to keep Dev save from Ashlesha nakshatra. Akash gets Dev’s call. He asks what happened? Dev tells that his brothers were fighting with britishers in the casino. They all tease Rohan. Rohan says let me come to India, then I will show you. Dev says let me talk to my girlfriend and says happy birthday Baa. Baa gets happy. Dev says everyone must have wished you first, but I love you more. Vrinda is seen bringing cake with candles. Baa gets happy and says only Dev and you remember my birthday. Vishali thinks she is worried about doing the puja so that Dev gets saved from Ashlesha star.Nayantara plays flute and tells that your daughter has come to take revenge from those, who had killed my baba and snatched my father from me and your husband from you. She says she will destroy Parikh family and they will be destroyed.

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