Naagin 4 update Wednesday May 4 2022

Naagin 4, May 4 2022: Episode starts with Dev stuck in the car, while the car is lifted by the giant snake. In the temple, snake comes out of the havan fire. Everyone gets scared. The snake drops Dev’s car on ground again and crawls far. Manas, Harsh and others get down from the car seeing Dev’s car. They come to Dev. Dev tells that he felt that he was in air and the car was moving up due to the storm. He asks about baa’s address. Rohan tells that he had talked to Maa already. Dev says Maa will never permit him to come to India. They convince Dev to come to the farmhouse. They all go in the car. The snake in the temple scares everyone. Vishali says we have done a mistake in the havan. Ketki blames Pandit ji. Madhav blames him too. Baa asks God to protect their family, and pardoned them if they have done any mistake.

Naagin 4, May 3 2022

Dev and others come to the farm house. They tease Manas asking him to enjoy this moment before marriage. Nayantara is already there and looks at them. She calls Kanika and asks her not to come inside, asks her to make an excuse and leave. Vrinda asks Kanika to come and tells that Manas is inside. Kanika asks her not to tell Manas that she is here and asks her to go.One of the brother of Dev dresses up as a superman. They ask him to sit and tells that girls are called here. Vrinda comes there and falls down. She tells that badi maa asked her to bring them there. They ask Vrinda not to tell badi maa about their party. Akash asks why these snakes came here, we were doing puja here with much devotion and have never done anything wrong with anyone. Ketki asks Pandit ji to do something. Pandit ji draws the rekha which Naag and Naagin can’t cross and asks them to go out. Vishali is in shock and tells that this is abshagun, puja is incomplete, we have kept this puja for Dev. Akash says nothing will happen and takes her out. Manyata comes out and tells that this time even her Nayantara is with her. She says everyone will die, get ready as everyone’s death is near.

Vrinda is outside and checks the weather news. She sees girls coming there in jeep. Sparsh comes there and threatens her not to tell anyone else her salary will be cut. Dev comes there and collides with Vrinda. Vrinda asks who is he and asks him to leave, else she is a black belt. She tells that her family is inside and he asks what is she doing here, watchman. She says no. She falls and makes him fall and tells that she won’t let him gate crash the party. Dev’s brother comes there and calls him. Vrinda looks at him and says Dev. She asks where is your fat? Kanika and Nayantara go inside secretly. Dev asks her to come inside. She says she is asked to stay out and guard them. Dev takes her inside. She goes inside and sees many guys and girls in the party and dancers dancing. Kanika and Vrinda are among the dancers. Kanika sees Manas with a girl and gets upset. She tells Nayantara that she was right about Manas. Nayantara hides her face again. DJ plays the song and everyone starts dancing. Main Naagin Naagin song plays….One of the brother tries to flirt with Nayantara.

They think to flirt with the girls and take their advantage. Dev sees Vrinda hiding her face from Sparsh and others. He goes to her and calls her to dance with him. He asks her to show if she has any spirit to dance. Vrinda tells that nobody can make him dance, not even foreign return Dev. Kanika comes to Manas hiding her face. Manas comes to Nayantara, but she goes to Dev and starts dancing. Dev excuses himself.Kanika couldn’t bear to see Nayantara and Manas dancing. She slaps Manas and tells that Nayantara was right about him. He asks who are the girls here and asks if he left her on the way to have party. Dev covers up their idea and tells that it was his idea. Kanika apologizes to Manas. Dev says party is over and tells that he is going to meet Baa. Vishali is worried about Dev as he doesn’t pick her call. Akash asks her to relax. Harsh’s mother tells that if anything had happened then Harsh would have known. Vrinda gets Rajat’s call and tells him that she has punched Dev today. Rajat says when? Vrinda says he came to temple, lost 27 kgs and looks like a hero. Rajat asks if he is dashing. Vrinda says she will end the call. She tells that they made her stand out so that they can stare the girls. Rajat says they think of you as their Servant. Vrinda says baa and akash loves her. He asks about Vishali’s name. Vrinda recalls that she needs to call her and ends the call.

Dev’s sister asks Harsh to leave Vrinda. Nayantara comes to Dev and says you lied that you called the girls to the party. He says this party was just for fun. Dev searches for Vrinda and collides with her. He asks did you swear to hurt me. Vrinda tells that he collided with her twice. She tells about her boyfriend and tells that he is her childhood’s romance. He asks why you are telling me and asks her not to think that he is hitting her. He asks her to come. Vrinda says just 2 mins. He comes out. Nayantara asks him to come. Dev says let Vrinda come. Nayantara tells that Vrinda will come with others. She stares him. He thinks if she is staring at him.Vrinda calls Vishali and tells that Dev is in the farmhouse. She says she will come with him. Vishali says Dev is in Qatar. Vrinda says no. She tells that he is here. Vishali is shocked. Nayantara looks at Dev and shows him way to the house. He asks how did she know? She says she went to the farmhouse using this way.

She tells that she will catch his lies fast. He says you are calling me liar again and again and asks what is her lie? She says she is thirsty and wants to drink water. He asks if this is truth or lie. She smirks. He takes the bottle in his hand and finds it empty. He says let me check in the decky. She keeps finger on his mouth and tells that she can hear the water sound. She gets down the car, becomes snake and crawls.Vishali tells Akash and others that Dev is in India. She says that’s why our havan is incomplete, tells that Dev is in the farmhouse, we shall go there. Akash asks why you get worried about him. Vishali says he is having danger from that naa…and then says ashlesha nakshatra. She asks Pandit ji to give mantra for his protection. Nayantara becomes snake and hits on the window glass. The glass pieces fall on his face. He jumps down and falls out. The snake follows him. He runs and jumps on the wildlife vehicles. The snake is about to swallow him, but he runs and saves himself in the nick of time. Naagin ki shakti song plays.. The snake is stopped by the other snake and fight with the snake.

Baa prays to God. Ketki blames her and says you called Dev here. Baa asks when did I call him. Ira says you didn’t call him, but your tears brought him. Vishali asks Akash to find out if Dev is in problem. Pandit ji tells that he is going to temple as Dev’s grah is bad. Baa and Akash go to temple with Pandit ji. Vishali tells Ira, Ketki, Madhav and others that the naagin has returned. She says she will go and save her son. The snakes continues to fight with each other. Vrinda’s mother tells her husband/Pandit that whatever had happened in the past. She says if there was any icchadhari naagin and if she had any daughter then she would have grown up. Her husband/Pandit gets scared.

Door bell rings. The boys return home and hug their mums. Rohan comes inside and greet everyone. They ask where is Dev? Harsh says he stayed behind for Nayantara. Vishali is driving her car. Nayantara tells Manyata that she was unsuccessful and couldn’t know that Dev is an icchadhari naag. Nayantara asks how did dev become snake? Manyata says that snake must be someone else. Nayantara concludes that parikh family has naagmani.

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