Unfortunate love update Wednesday 22 November 2023

Unfortunate love 22 November 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi getting flashes of Vikrant attacking him in the hospital. He gets up and thinks from where to get the proofs? He thinks what had happened there. He says someone tried to stop my breath, I am trying to identify the person, but can’t recollect. He thinks who was he?Ahana comes to Sonia’s room and sees her sitting. She thinks nice hair color, may be she is Sonia’s friend. She says hi. Sonia says hi. Ahana asks if it is really you? Sonia says it is her new look.

Ahana says the hair color is perfectly matching her hair. She gives her the parcel. Sonia says she is going to the party and the host sent hair color to everyone. She promotes Garnier hair color. Ahana says it is best and says don’t know whom to complement, you or the hair color. Sonia says can’t you give to both. Ahana gives her compliment and goes.

Vikrant is angry thinking Rishi told everyone in the hospital about him. Saloni comes there. Vikrant says why Rishi is silent, even after seeing my face. Saloni says may be he was not in the consciousness. Vikrant says you are taking him easy and tells that he has gathered the proof also. He says if he is planning against me, and tells that he don’t want him to come between Lakshmi and him, and mess up with their peace. He says today itself I will go and kill him. He says I will enter your house and will kill you, you can’t see tomorrow’s sun.

Neelam comes to Rishi’s room and sees Malishka giving medicine to him. She praises Malishka for taking care of Rishi, and asks her not to go else Lakshmi will come. Malishka tells that she asked Lakshmi not to come. Neelam says tomorrow is Lakshmi’s mehendi which will be grand and then your mehendi will be grand too. Malishka says even I was waiting for that day. Rishi thinks who was that guy who had come to killed me. Malishka asks Rishi if he is thinking the same thing and tells that even he might be waiting for her to come and share bed with her. Rishi asks her to go from there. Malishka asks why? Didn’t you hear what Neelam aunty said. He says you have given me medicine and has taken care of me. Malishka insists to stay. Rishi tells that if you are here then I can’t sleep. Malishka says yes, we might cross the limits again and says same thing might happen again which happened last time. She tells him that if he don’t marry him then she will not marry someone else, as she is not such girl who loves someone and marries someone. Rishi asks her to go. Malishka asks if he wants to go to Lakshmi. Rishi asks her not to badmouth about Lakshmi. Malishka says Lakshmi will soon leave from here after the marriage and then I will not let anyone take her name in the house again.

Rishi thinks Malishka is trying to divert him from his goal, so that he don’t stop Lakshmi’s marriage. Rishi thinks to remember the face and thinks only Vikrant is my enemy. He thinks may be he planned attack on me in the hospital and got the accident done too. Dadi comes there.

Rishi hugs her. Dadi asks if you are still thinking about Vikrant. Rishi says Vikrant is not a good guy and tells that he doesn’t deserve her. He tells that Vikrant is married and may be he attacked me in the hospital. Dadi says you had attacked Nurse in the hospital. Rishi says he don’t remember, and asks her to stop lakshmi’s marriage. Dadi asks him to leave everything on time, and asks him to sleep. Rishi asks if the attack haven’t happened on me in the hospital. He says he will make a new start to search the proofs.

Lakshmi thinks why Rishi is doing this, and is getting scolded by everyone. She thinks Neelam aunty had thrown him out also. She thinks what God wants. Shalu and Bani think of Lakshmi and Rishi.

Shalu tells Bani she is remembering their happy times. Bani says it was good then, now they are worried. Shalu says why their destiny is separating them, when Baba ji made them for each other. Bani asks if Jiju will not stop her marriage with Vikrant. She says Vikrant is a devil. Shalu says we don’t have proof, and says I am angry on Vikrant and more than him, I am angry on myself and hits her hand.

Bani asks her to remember Lakshmi’s words and says may be tomorrow sun will bring a new morning.

Vikrant tries the mask and asks Saloni if anyone will identify me. Saloni says no. She tells him that if anything happens for the third time. Vikrant asks her to think that Rishi’s destiny may not be good. She says she saw Rishi attacking Nurse and then attacking him too. Saloni says she will come to help him. Vikrant shows her money bag and says he will spread the money everywhere in the room after killing him, so that everyone thinks that the thief had come to steal the money. They come to Rishi’s house and enter climbing the wall. Saloni stands at the backside. Vikrant goes to kill Rishi. Saloni says Vikrant shall kill Rishi today. Vikrant looks at Rishi who is sleeping.

 Saloni calling Vikrant and asks if you are fine. She asks did you reach Rishi’s room. Vikrant says yes, Rishi is sleeping infront of me. Saloni asks her to do the work and come back. Vikrant enters Rishi’s room. Saloni asks God to help Vikrant, and let him do the work for what he has done, so that our dreams fulfills. Rishi wakes up and sees Vikrant attacking him.

He holds his hand and pushes him. They had a fight. Vikrant stabs on Rishi’s chest and says you wanted to expose me, I am Vikrant and I never lose, I have won. He says you would have been saved, if not messed with me. He starts the countdown. Rishi closes his eyes. It is Saloni’s imagination. She thinks it was my illusion, I was dreaming with open eyes, and says my illusion shall be fulfilled and Vikrant shall return safe after killing Rishi.

Vikrant is about to attack Rishi, when Rishi’s hand touches the flower pot and it falls down. Vikrant hides thinking someone will come. He thinks the door is locked from inside, if anyone comes then will knock on the door. Saloni calls him and asks if the work is done. He says I will call after the work is done. He gets up and thinks to finish the work. He is about to stab Rishi, and thinks he shall mess up the things so that everyone feels that thief had come and tried to steal. He messes up the clothes and throws the things out of drawers. He takes the knife and is about to stab Rishi, when Lakshmi comes there and hits vase on him. She comes near him and pushes him on the wall. Vikrant holds his head. Lakshmi says you do stealing, does such a bad thing.

Vikrant thinks where she came. Lakshmi catches him and wraps blanket on him. She shouts calling Rishi, but the latter is sleeping. Vikrant thinks what to do, if Rishi wakes up. Saloni thinks he is not just thief, but murderer too. Saloni hides seeing the guard coming there. Vikrant pushes Lakshmi and she falls on Rishi. Rishi wakes up and says Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks him to get up and says thief has come. Rishi fights with Vikrant. Vikrant tries to stab him. Rishi looks at him. Lakshmi shouts Rishi. Vikrant’s knife falls down from his hand. Rishi beats him and looks at his eyes. Vikrant says he might identify me. He pushes Rishi on Lakshmi, then throws something on Rishi, but he bends and it falls on Lakshmi’s foot. He thinks it is better to run away and runs.

Rishi comes to Lakshmi and asks if she is fine. Lakshmi says I am fine and asks if you are fine. He makes her sit and sprays on her foot. Lakshmi says I am fine and asks Rishi, if he is fine. Rishi says I am fine, and says nothing will happen to me, as you are with me and you always end up getting hurt because of me. They look at each other. Rishi asks how did she come here? if she was standing outside and guarding his room. Lakshmi says she was in her room, and heard some noise coming from your room, and I thought if you had fallen down from the bed.

Rishi asks if I am a little boy to fall down. Lakshmi says then I came here to check, and I saw the thief about to attack you with the knife, and I hit him with the flower vase. Saloni worries for Vikrant when he don’t pick the call. Vikrant comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. He says Saloni..I am here. Saloni hugs him and says I was scared. She asks if the work is done. Vikrant says first we shall go out, and asks her to come. They come near the wall, but Vikrant has pain in his hand, and he can’t lift her. Malishka looks at them, but can’t see their face. She uses her mobile camera to see the girl. She sees Saloni with the masked man, and thinks what is going on? Vikrant says we shall go to the side and go after sometime. Malishka thinks who is this masked man, and Saloni..she is not like this. She thinks a big blunder is happening, I shall go and check. Rishi tells Lakshmi that she is angel to him and asks how did you feel that something wrong is going to happen to me. Lakshmi says her heart just feel. He asks why this happens? Lakshmi says she just feels and says she will leave. Rishi says I am fine and alive, because of you. Lakshmi picks the blanket and folds it. Rishi thinks if he had come to kill me, and thinks the eyes were same, the guy who had come to kill me in the hospital and here also.

Saloni and Vikrant sit. Malishka thinks to record and says it can be useful. Saloni asks Vikrant about the bag. Vikrant says it is there itself. Saloni says everything will think that thief had come to steal money and asks if the work is done. Vikrant says he couldn’t kill Rishi, as Lakshmi had come and saved him. Malishka is shocked and gets relieved that Lakshmi saved Rishi. Saloni removes the mask from Vikrant’s face. Malishka says Vikrant is with Saloni. She thinks she will not leave them. She thinks Rishi was right that Vikrant is having an affair with someone, and thinks he is having affair with his Bhabhi.

She thinks Rishi came to know about this, but didn’t know about the girl, but I know. She thinks it is very disgusting, thinks Vikrant is a cheap man and they wanted to kill Rishi, I will not leave them and will end their chapter. Lakshmi finds the bag and thinks Rishi doesn’t have this bag. She asks Rishi. Rishi says this is not his bag. They see the money in it and think it must be of thief. Lakshmi asks him to give it in the PS tomorrow. She says she will leave. Rishi says he is not fine and asks her to stay in his room for sometime. Lakshmi says this time is not right. Rishi says everyone is sleeping now. Lakshmi says I can’t talk to you right now, if anyone sees me here, then will raise question on my character and values. Rishi says I know how good you are, and says I know this thief. He asks her to sit and asks her to hear him. Lakshmi says we will talk tomorrow. Rishi says tomorrow will not come, and says I want to tell you that this attack happened on me in the hospital also. Lakshmi is shocked. Saloni asks if Lakshmi identified you. Vikrant says no, she didn’t see me as I was wearing mask, but she had caught me. Saloni says she was close to you.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that he had attacked the nurse. Rishi says he knows, Dadi had told him. She says she was with him all the time. Rishi says that guy who came to kill me in the hospital and this guy’s eyes were same. Lakshmi says you was unconscious there, and you have identified his eyes in that state. She says why this thief will come to the hospital. Rishi says that guy didn’t come to steal, but to kill me.

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