My desire update Wednesday 20 September 2023

My desire 20 September 2023: Aaliya drops oil on the floor to make Nayantara fall down. Nayan finishes tying lungi to Samrat. Samrat asks how is he looking. Nayan says lungi is looking nice on him. She then thanks him for giving permission for hanti pooja on her mother’s request. Aaliya hides and eagerly waits for Nayan to slip and fall down. Nayan notices oil on floor just before stepping on it and goes to call servant to clean it. Aaliya fumes seeing her plan failed. Sam walks out of his room, slips on oily floor, and falls down writhing in pain. Nayan walks to her and helps him. He asks if she couldn’t get the floor cleaned. She says she brought servant for that, but he fell before that.

Nayan help Sam get up and shifts him to his bed. He suffers a wrist sprain. Nayan gets him busy in her argument and treats his sprain. He shouts. She says she is a physiotherapist and knows what she is doing. She then applies crepe bandage to his wrist and continues to chat to make him feel relaxed; she asks him to pour his heart out and relieve himself off his pain. He feels lighter emotionally. She says as he said, they are becoming friends. He says yes. Dil Sambhaljaa Zara.. song plays in the background. She help him get ready.

Aaliya pours water on havan wood to spoil the pooja. Malati’s guests walk in for pooja. They taunt her saying they thought abshaguni/inauspicious Nayantara wouldn’t be married at all, but she got rich in-laws with a big house. Nayan with Sam wallks down. They taunt that Nayan’s manhusiyat/bad ommen has hit her husband and he sprained his hand. They continue to humiliate Nayan. MAnsi walks in. Sam gets angry on them and warns them to dare not speak ill about his wife who is his soul mate now. He says they are jealous that he didn’t marry their daughter and Nayan’s fate is better than their daughters, etc. Ishani tells Nayan that Sam started caring for her. Nayan notices Mansi and says he was saying that for Mansi and not her. Raghav walks in next and tells Mansi its time to do what they came for. Aaliya notices them and thinks something will happen for sure. Prem calls Mansi as mamma.

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