Unfortunate love update Wednesday 20 September 2023

Unfortunate love 20 September 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi telling Lakshmi that until he is alive, he will save her life, if someday her breath needs his heart beat, then he will give and asks her to just ask. Lakshmi says I am talking about this and says whatever happening in the house is because of your care and worry for me. Rishi says you have saved my life many times, and asks what wrong did I do? Lakshmi says when I saved your life, we are husband and wife. She says you shouldn’t have done this with me, and tells that Malishka deserves your love and care, she has the right on your love, care and worry. Rishi asks her not to talk like Malishka. He says I tried to make her understand that I didn’t kiss you, but tried to save you, and she is saying that she should have got first kiss, but you got it.

Bani tells Shalu that jiju kissed di. Shalu says we shall not think and says he saved her. She says even I wished that he kiss Lakshmi. She asks if we are wrong to think. Bani says they were husband and wife, and they will become husband and wife again.

Rishi says sorry, I didn’t mean that, I want to tell what Malishka is thinking. Lakshmi says don’t be sorry, and don’t do the things for which you have to say sorry. She says even I will be getting married to someone else, our ways can’t be one, we are separated so don’t unite again. She says I can understand Malishka’s pain, I know how it feels when someone snatched your love. She says stay away from me, and tells that whatever you did to save me, Neelam aunty will be angry and will scold you. Rishi says I will hear her scoldings. Lakshmi says I feel pain when there is any clash between you both. She says I have decided, we will stay away from each other. She asks him to search the guy for her fast and forget about the qualities. Rishi says I will not compromise about the qualities and will search him. Lakshmi says you had all the qualities, but our marriage didn’t last long. Rishi says there was flaws in me, that’s why the marriage couldn’t last. He says let me come inside. Lakshmi asks him to go to his room and says I want to sleep as has headache. Rishi says ok, and is about to get in. Lakshmi says this is Lakshman rekha, you shall not cross this line.

Neelam asks Virender where is he going? Virender says he will go and check Lakshmi, if she didn’t gain consciousness, then I will call doctor. Neelam says she is acting. Virender tells that he will ask her, who has done the attack. Neelam thinks she has done magic on him, he worries for her more than his own daughter. Rishi says Lakshmi rekha or Lakshman Rekha. Lakshmi says Lakshmi rekha and says I don’t want anyone to raise fingers on us, and says you can’t come inside. Rishi says this is my house and you are restricting me not to come inside. Lakshmi says this house is yours, but not this room. She says this room is mine. He says you are mine, as I brought you here, and I have right on this room and also you. He says come inside, I will apply balm on your head and massage it. Lakshmi says I didn’t see stubborn guy like you. Rishi says I am unique piece. Lakshmi asks him to go and says I will be fine if I sleep for sometime. Rishi says I get stubborn when the matter is about you. He says I will not listen to anyone, and will apply balm. He falls. Lakshmi laughs. Rishi says I fell intentionally to make you laugh. He falls again. She laughs. Rishi asks her to keep laughing and says I will handle everything. Lakshmi asks him to handle himself and says you are getting accident prone, by staying with me. She laughs. Rishi makes faces to make her laugh.

Sonal comes to Malishka and asks why you are upset, until when you will think about Lakshmi and will burn your heart. She says it is just one month matter now. Malishka says I can stay for 1-2 years, but the reason is Lakshmi, she is not stopping and wants to get Rishi. She says I can’t wait even for a day, rishi has forced me. Sonal says one thing is fixed, that you shall wait for one month. Malishka says nothing is fix, Lakshmi is fixing everything there, says when Lakshmi can make Rishi kiss her infront of everyone, then she can trap Rishi and can force him to do anything. Sonal says what you acted to do, that lakshmi can do with Rishi. Malishka says I fear about this. Sonal says I don’t agree with you, and says Lakshmi is our enemy, but she shall be praised that she will never do this. Malishka asks her to praise Lakshmi now. Sonal says Lakshmi didn’t do this when he was his wife. Malishka says she is now divorced and knows that Rishi will marry me, but will not let him marry me. Sonal says I don’t think she will do this, but you know what people say, that it is impossible to understand girls. Malishka asks do you think that Lakshmi will not let Rishi and I unite. Sonal says probably yes.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to tell what had happened? Lakshmi says when I..Virender comes there and asks if you are fine. He asks her to tell. Lakshmi says when I was playing game with Neelam aunty, my head was heavy. She says I told Bani that I will rest, as I was drowsy. She says when I came to room, a guy came and tried to misbehave with me. She says he was wearing mask. She says she was feeling like fainting, she pushed him and ran out of the room. Virender asks if you fell down due to this. Lakshmi says she was trying to shout, but her voice was not coming, and she fell down. Virender asks if she didn’t know. Lakshmi says she don’t know. Ayush asks did you have something? Lakshmi says I drink juice after feeling drowsy. Ayush doubts Balwinder had come. Rishi says he can do anything. Ayush says that guy can also be there, who was brought by Venky and Pinky. Rishi says Ayush and I will find out. Virender asks her not to worry and sleep. Rishi and Ayush leave from there. Lakshmi stands up. Virender says don’t worry, and tells that nothing will happen to you, as your big Sheild, our Rishi is there. Lakshmi says good night. Balwinder thinks nobody came to caught me, thinks she was butter and he couldn’t taste her. He thinks she was looking very beautiful in the glittering gown. Kamli brings something for him. He calls her witch and asks her to leave. Kamli says I will not go, as you are my husband, as husband’s house is mine. Balwinder takes out his slipper and tries to hit her. She runs inside. Balwinder gets upset.

Lakshmi thinks what to do, she is habitual to do work, but now she is idle. Shalu is stitching the clothes and asks her to tell who had come in her room. Lakshmi says she didn’t know. Shalu asks what she is doing? Lakshmi tells that she is sitting idle and don’t have any work to do. Shalu asks her to come there. Dadi comes there. lakshmi tells that Rishi doesn’t let her go anywhere and says if I come there, then Rishi will come behind me. Shalu asks her to be with jiju. Dadi comes there. Lakshmi ends the call and asks Dadi when did you come? Dadi says when you was getting bored. She says when you was telling Shalu that you are getting bored. Lakshmi says yes, I am habitual to work since my childhood, if I do work then Karishma Bua and Neelam aunty will feel bad and I don’t want anything to happen. Dadi asks her to start working like before. Lakshmi says no, everyone will ask you then? Dadi says I am Dadi and asks her to make food. Lakshmi says I want to make food and feed you all, I love it. Dadi asks her to make food and says make kheer specially. Lakshmi asks if any fight will not happen. Dadi says nobody can open mouth in my presence. Lakshmi laughs. Dadi says I want to see you smiling always. Lakshmi hugs her.

Kiran asking Malishka, where is she going? Malishka says she is going to do job. Kiran asks why? Malishka says she is going to Rishi’s house to keep eye on Lakshmi. She says don’t know when she will be happy that she is tension free and that Lakshmi is out of their lives. She says it is my job till then, to save Rishi from Lakshmi. Dadi takes Lakshmi to the kitchen and says this is your place now. She asks the helper about her name. The helper says she is Suhani. Dadi asks her to help Lakshmi. Suhani asks if she is really Lakshmi. Dadi says yes. She says today I will have food made by you and also kheer. Lakshmi says you have to take care of your diabetes. Dadi says you are here to take care of me. Lakshmi asks Suhani what vegetables they have. Rishi gets the paper flower

gifted by Lakshmi and smells it, and thinks of Lakshmi. Ayush comes there and asks if your bad days have come. Rishi tells that it was gifted by Lakshmi on valentine’s day. Ayush asks him to give the flower and says it might be smelling. He smells it and says it is of care, concern and reasonability. Rishi asks have you gone mad and asks if smell comes from paper flower. Ayush says one day you will feel Lakshmi Bhabhi’s love smell from it. Rishi slaps him and asks him to go to office. Ayush says ok and goes. Rishi keeps the flower in his drawer.
Lakshmi asks Suhani to bring the stuff, whatever she asked for. Suhani goes. Rishi comes there and sees her in the kitchen. He moves her hair from her face. She asks why did you do? Rishi says I had told you, if anything troubles you, then I will not bear. He says the hair strand was coming on your face, so I moved it, if it comes again then I will cut it. Lakshmi smiles. He asks her to thank him. Lakshmi says thank you and smiles. He says I want to tell you something, but you will get angry. Rishi tells that when the hair were coming on her face, she was looking very beautiful. He says you didn’t get angry. Lakshmi asks what you are doing here? Rishi says I talked to Venky and Pinky, and they said sorry. She says he asked them to check the background of the guys and their families, and tells that there is a possibility of meeting in the evening. Lakshmi says 1 min. Rishi sees the coconut falling on the floor. They bend down to take it, collide with each other and laugh. Malishka comes there and hears them laughing. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave and says anyone will see. Rishi says let them see. Malishka imagines slapping Lakshmi and accusing her for trapping Rishi and kissing him. Rishi asks her to shut up and slaps her hard. Her imagination ends. She goes from there. Rishi and Lakshmi stand up. Rishi holds her Pallu as it gets stuck to him. Lakshmi walks towards him. Rishi gives her Pallu to her and moves hair from her face. He says you look more good in western clothes and says your pallu wouldn’t have stuck if you had worn it. Lakshmi says she don’t want to wear it. Rishi says you look beautiful in saree. He goes from there and comes to room.

Malishka asks Rishi what they were doing in kitchen. She says your intimacy is increasing with her. Rishi argues with her, asking her not to give stress. Malishka says and you were doing that with Lakshmi. She asks if you love me? Rishi says I told you many times. Malishka asks if you love me? Rishi says if I haven’t loved you, then wouldn’t agree to marry you. Neelam hears them and thinks if Malishka and Rishi fight like this, then. Malishka thinks she will do something about Lakshmi. Ayush completes the work in the office. Shalu calls him. Ayush says the line is busy, call later. Shalu says the guy can’t be busy, as he doesn’t do work as he is jhalla and billa. She says you are teasing me. Ayush says yes, I don’t have another girlfriend. Shalu asks what? Ayush says you are girl and my friend so you are my girlfriend. Shalu asks him about Lakshmi. Ayush says she is fine, and tells that he has come to office. Shalu asks if they welcomed you, or kicked you out. Ayush says I am boss, dahi balla here, and jhalla for you. he says he wants to earn money. Shalu says money for whom? Your kids. Ayush says when their mother will come, then will demand so I am earning money. Shalu says jhalla and ends the call.

Devika comes to the kitchen and tells that the food is having a good aroma. Lakshmi says smell is good, but shall taste the food. Devika says I want you to make the food. Malishka hears them and sees Lakshmi making Devika taste the food. She thinks she will worsen Lakshmi’s condition, so that Rishi will throw her out.

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