My desire update Thursday 21 September 2023

My desire 21 September 2023: Prem gets afraid seeing Mansi and Raghav and runs to Nayantara. Samrat tells Mansi and Raghav that he is sure nobody invited them for pooja. Raghav says they came here for a reason. Their verbal tussle starts. Raghav sys he came to invite Sam for his and Mansi’s wedding. Sam refuses. Raghav says he should attend his ex-wife’s wedding and perform. Sam asks why would he perform. Raghav shows Revati’s signed contract and threatens to take a legal route to force him to perform. Sam stands fuming. Raghav taunts Sam that there was a time when Sam was not let inside his office, but now he is getting a chance to perform at his wedding. He notices Ishani and asks what is she doing here. Sam asks if he knows Ishani. Raghav says he is his music video’s lead heroine and would be even performing at his wedding, its good that whole family can perform at his wedding.

Mohit informs Sam that he read Raghav’s contract and its fool proof and they can’t contest against it. Sam shouts in anger and says this wouldn’t have happened if Mohit was his manager as Revati doesn’t know anything about contracts. Mohit says he never wanted to leave Sam as he was not only his boss but his best friend. Sam says he cannot forgive Mohit for what he did with Aaliya but will let him work as his manager. Mohit agrees. Sam hugs and thanks him.

At night, Nayan and Prem walk into Sam’s room with their bags. Sam asks if they are going somewhere. Nayan says they are shifting to his room. Sam says no way. Nayan reminds that as per court order, they need to stay together and if an examining officer comes for a surprise visit and finds out truth, he will prosecute Sam. Sam asks where will they sleep. Nayan says they will sleep on sofa and Sam can sleep on couch. Their drama and nok jhok starts. Nayan says they all 3 can sleep on bed. Sam refuses, but is forced to sleep with them on bed.

Next day, Mohit informs Sam that Revati had signed a contest contract where one of Sam’s biggest fan will be chosen via lottery system and will get a chance to go on a dinner date with him. Sam agrees. He picks a chit from bowl. Mohti announces Prem’s name. Prem walks in. Sam stands shocked and helplessly goes on a dinner date with Prem. Their nok jhok continues. Nayan watches them hiding and recalls planning all this with Mohit’s help to reconcile differences between Sam and Mohit.

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