My desire update Monday 1 January 2024

My desire 1 January 2024: Nayan reaches her shop where a municipality officer gives her a notice to demolish her shop for illegally encroaching footpath. Nayan asks why only her shop when other shops have also encroached footpath. Officer says there is a complaint only on her. Nayan asks who complained. Officer says Samrat. Nayan says she will speak to Samrat and get the complaint canceled. Officer asks her to better do that or else they will demolish her shop.

Nitya tells Arjun that they can’t afford a costly ring he bought for Mahima as they are loyal civil servants and can’t bear huge expenses. She suggests him to become a businessman instead of a civil servant as he can’t fulfill Mahima’s demands with his salary. Arjun says his parents, grandfather, and great grandfather were civil servants and he dreams to become one; he loves Mahima as she is different.

Arjun gets a message that scholarship sponsor will be meeting students to honor them. He calls Arjun and informs her about the same. Kashvi feels happy to meet her sponsor. Mahima passes by talking to Pradyuman and acts as talking to Arjun. Kashvi asks her stop acting as she just spoke to Arjun. Mahima dials her friend and says she as talking about Arjun to her friend and taking romantic tips from her as Arjun would be her husband soon. Friend speaks to Kashvi. Kashvi leaves. Friend asks Mahima to stop her drama or else she will be caught soon. Mahima asks her not to bother.

Kashvi with Arjun attends function. Samr at walks on stage as a scholarship sponsor. Kashvi is surprised and happy while Arjun is not impressed. Samrat talks about respecting women and women empowerment. Nayan walks and calls him a liar and fraud who is giving lecture on respecting women and tried to destroy her stop just because she got him arrested. Kashvi says there is some misunderstanding and rushes on stage while Arjun tries to stop her. She tells Nayan that Samrat is a good man and she is mistaken. Nayan shouts how can she support evil Samrat being her daughter and continues to humiliate Samrat. Samrat is shocked to hear that Kahvi is his daughter. He holds Nayan’s hand tightly and drags her away saying he will answer who he is. Reporters say Samrat was acting good earlier and now acting. Arjun continues his overacting and rushes behind them.

Samrat takes Nayan to a library and questions her who is the father of her 2 children, why did she betray him and chose another man, what did the other man give her; he touches her and asks if she forgot their love and felt happy spending nights with another man, etc. Kashvi hears sounds from library and rushes there. She finds door locked from inside and Samrat holding her mother tightly. Nayan frees herself and shouts at Samrat that he is crossing his limits. Samrat says she crossed the limits by staying with another man, now he will show her his extent. Kashvi breaks glass window with her bare hand and starts bleeding.

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