Destined by fate update Thursday 21 September 2023

Destined by fate 21 September 2023: Daadi Mausi asks Sayuri to rest at home and take leave from college. Kanha says there is no harm in Sayuri visiting college. Gayatri with Rishi comes to take Kusum for bhoomi pooja. Kanha and Sayuri insist to accompany her to hr house. Gayatri gets tensed and says she will invite them some other day. Kanha asks when she can freely visit their house anytime she wants to, why can’t they visit her house. Daadi Mausi asks Kanha not to get admanant and let Gayatri go. Gayatri notices Kusum not wearing any jewelry and offers her jewelry humiliating her indirectly. Daadi Mausi asks Kusum why didn’t she wear jewelry she took out for her. Kusum says its too heavy.

Gayatri taunts that young girls don’t value traditions and their nature depicts their standard. She asks Rishi to fix necklace in Kusum’s neck. He fixes in a rude way hurting Kusum. Yash sends flowers. Rishi says its for Sayuri as Yash is Sayuri’s childhood friend. Gayatri asks Daadi Mausi if she doesn’t feel its not right that a stranger sends flowers to her DIL. Kanha says when he doesn’t feel wrong, then even others shouldn’t bother. Gayatri gets jealous and leaves with Kusum and Rishi. They stop at a market, and Gayatri goes out to get something.

Rishi verbally abuses Kusum for not wearing jewelry and asks if she got so greedy that she expects new gifts from him each time. Kusum warns him to stop verbally and physically abusing her or else she will complain against him to her brother and SIL. Rishi threatens to kill Kanha, Sayuri, and their baby if she reveals his truth to her family. Kusum gets afraid and pleads not to harm her brother and his family. Gayatri returns.

Sayuri and Kanha fix flowers in a vase and find Yash’s note for Kusum cheering her up because of yesterday’s incident. They both smile thinking Yash likes Kusum. Daadi Mausi warns Kusum to control Suyuri from speaking to strangers or else their family will face humiliation. After some time, Sayuri’s colleague comes to meet her. Sayuri bends down to get something from ground. Daadi Mausi provokes Saroj again to control her DIL as she is risking her pregnancy by bending too much and being too careless. Sayuri enjoys sweets. Saroj brings savory for her and warns her to be careful with the baby and if something happens to the baby, she will become her old self and hate Sayuri again.

Sayuri gets tensed hearing her words and thinks if Sayuri never forgot her hatred for her. She prays Krishnaji. Kanha walks in. She gets tensed thinking he heard her. He asks if she is tensed. She says she is worried about exams. Kanha say she shouldn’t as she is a teacher and not a student. Sayuri thinks she cannot tell him what Saroj told and create rift between Saroj and Kanha again.

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