My desire update Monday 27 May 2024

My desire 27 may 2024: Kaashvi gets stuck in the traffic. She sees Goddess Durga temple. She enters the temple and asks Goddess Durga to help her. She says that she don’t know if Nitya is culprit or not and she don’t have any proof against the culprit.

She pleads her to show a right path to her. Bull loses control after hearing dhol sound. And it moves towards a child. Child’s mother screams for help. Kaashvi hears this and goes there.

On the other hand, Mahima searches Arjun in the site. She notices Arjun inside the tent. She asks him that what is he doing there. Arjun tells her that he is going to tell Kaashvi that he love her. He says that he decided to confess his love to Kaashvi when he starts his biogas project that’s why he is decorating the tent. She thinks that she can’t let this happen. He asks her that what happened before she looks angry. She tells him that she is happy for him. She offers her help.

Dadi narrates that why they are celebrating Navratri. She says that Goddess Matarani saves her devotees always. She adds that Goddess Matarani gives them strength to face the difficult situation. And says Goddess Matarani color is white.

Kaashvi tries to go to bull to save the child. One of the lady tries to stop Kaashvi. Kaashvi takes bull to an isolated place by saving the child. And she tries to control the bull and falls down. Everyone tells Kaashvi to run away. Bull runs towards Kaashvi to attack her. It sees dhol people and runs towards them. Kaashvi tells dhol people to run away from there but they don’t hear her.

She wonders that what she should do now. She asks Goddess Matarani to help her. She notices a rope and tries to control that bull using the rope. Other people helps Kaashvi. They ties the bull in the tree. Kaashvi calms the bull. Everyone claps. They praises Kaashvi. Child’s mother thanks Kaashvi and blesses her. She tells her that she will take her to hospital because the latter has many injuries.

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