My desire update Friday 19 January 2024

My desire 19 January 2024: Samrat asks Nayan to tell her that she doesn’t love him and wants to send him away from her. She stands silent. He tries to leave. She holds his hand and hugs him saying she can’t forget him. Romila records their romantic embrace and thinks she will expose their illicit relationship.

Nayan tells Sam that she can’t come with him though as Nitya already found out about them, Romila will create a scene if she finds out, Daadi’s heart will break if she finds out, etc. Sam says he will not let anything wrong happening with her and hugs her again. Kashvi walks in and stands shocked seeing that. She asks what is all this. Nayan says nothing and tries to leave. Sam stops her and tells Kashvi that its good she came here, he needs her permission to marry her mother.

Arjun lifts Mahima and dances with her. Everyone clap after their performance. Arjun asks Mahima how was his surprise. She asks which one, then says it was good; thinks he is too irritating and runs around her like a puppy, tonight she will elope with Pradyuman and leave Arjun in shock. Nitya praises their performance. Kashvi asks Sam how much he earns as she knows he is a big business, but he has partnership with Pradyuman’s father; can he fulfill her mother’s needs and keep her mother happy. Sam says he will keep Nayan very much happy.

Nayan tells Kashvi they should go from here. Kashvi says she is fixing her mother’s alliance with Sam and asks Sam what about a woman and is waiting for her since 20 years. Sam says he is still waiting for her and waiting for her approval. Kashvi asks if Nayan is that woman. Sam says yes, he loves Nayan immensely and is eagerly waiting for her since she left him.

Kashvi gives Sam’s hand in Nayan’s hand and tells Nayan that she got a best match, Sam is a very nice man and will keep her happy, he is a father figure for me and always protected me like a father. She says she will convince Daadi and other for their marriage and asks Nayan to accept his second chance, etc. They all 3 hug each other emotionally. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Romila tells Keval that she got a bomb against Nayan and will explode it tomorrow. Next morning, Nayan feeds breakfast to Mahima and talks emotionally. Mahima feels anxious. Nayan asks reason and asks if she is thinking about Pradyuman; says she knows Mahima liked Pradyuman once but herself took proposal to Arjun’s house, then why she is anxious.

Mahima thinks if she informs Nayan that she still wants to marry Pradyuman, she will inform Sam who will send Pradyuman to London and then she can’t marry Pradyuman and lead a queen’s life.

Arjun fixes a screen to show Mahima’s pics from her childhood till now. Romila says he is doing really good and thinks she will show Nayan and Sam’s video on screen and expose them.

Nayan asks if she really wants to marry Arjun. Mahima says yes. Nayan says Arjun will keep her happy. Kashvi walks in and informs that a decorator has come. Nayan goes to attend him. Mahima thinks she has to elope tonight before the wedding.

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