My desire update Saturday 20 January 2024

My desire 20 January 2024: Romila notices Arjun setting up a projector screen and asks him to go and get ready as its not only Mahima’s but also his wedding. Arjun gives a pendrive to technician and asks him to play it during jaimala ritual to surprise Mahima. Mahima calls Monty to his room and asks him to visit Pradyuman’s house and free him as someone has locked him. Monty asks why.

Mahima says she wants to elope with Pradyuman. Monty refuses to help. Mahima gives him 1000 rs and says she will give him lots of money after she marries Pradyuman as Pradyuman is very rich and he can buy a new gaming mobile with it. Monty happily agrees and leaves. Mahima messages Pradyuman that she is sending her cousin to unlock his room door and he should reach before 8 p.m. and take her from there.

Nayan gets ready for the wedding. Kashvi walks to her and says she is looking very beautiful and everyone will think her as bride’s sister. Nayan shies. Kashvi calls Sam who is also ready for the wedding and walks away asking them to chat. Sam gifts a flower gajra to Nayan. Nayan says someone will watch them. Sam says they are not doing anything wrong and fixes gajra in her hair. He gets romantic and a romantic song plays in the background. Daadi calls Nayan. Nayan walks away.

Monty reaches Pradyuman’s house. Servant asks who is he. Monty says he came to meet Pradyuman. Servant says Pradyuman is out of town. Monty forcefully gets in, breaks room lock, and walks in. Pradyuman asks if Mahima sent him. Monty says yes and asks him to escape from here soon. Servant stops them and says Sam sir will get punish him if he lets them go. Monty tricks and ties him down to a chair and takes Pradyuman away.

Kashvi gets Mahima ready as a bride. Baraat arrives. Mahima asks Kashvi to go and watch baraat an donce Kashvi leaves, she locks the door from inside and waits for Pradyuman. Pradyuman arrives. Mahima thinks its time for her to shift from poverty to a rich life. She escapes via window and elopes with Pradyuman.

Monty praises himself for his intelligence and thinks he shouldn’t let anyone know that Mahima eloped. He joins family and welcomes baraat, Arjun drags Kashvi for a dance. Kashvi feels emotional. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Arjun tells Nayan that finally he bacame her son-in-law and came to take her daughter. Nayan says if he will have pheras or will take Mahima just like that. Nitya says he is so eager to take Mahima with him. Nayan performs Arjun’s aarti and welcomes him in. Arjun sits in mandap. Panditji asks to call bride for jaimala ritual. Nayan sends Kashvi to bring Mahima. Romila thinks it’s time to execute her plan.

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