My desire update Thursday 18 January 2024

My desire 18 January 2024: Aruna asks Jagdish why is he getting his son married in a family whose children are so arrogant and mannerless. She demands him to cancel Arjun and Mahima’s wedding. Mahima asks reason. Aruna says she will reconsider if Kashvi apologizes her and her sons. Kashvi reveals how Aruna’s sons misbehaved with Veera and tried to forcefeed her while she repeatedly resisted and how one of her sons tried to pull off Veera’s dupatta.

Aruna says she should have thought about their upcoming relationship before trashing her sons. Kashvi says even they should have thought same before misbehaving with a girl, they should be punished more brutally for disrespecting a woman. Aruna continues to verbally abuse Kashvi and demands an apology right now. Nayan says Kashvi will not apologize as she is not at mistake, a man with an improper upbringing misbehaves with women; being a mother, she should teach her sons good morales and not support them in their wrongdoings.

Aruna continues her arrogance and demands to cancel the wedding. Arjun says why would Kashvi apologize when its not her mistake and her sons are at mistake, he warns her to never misbehave with Nayan and Kashvi as they are never wrong, there is no question of canceling the wedding at all. He demands Pankaj and Suraj to apologize Kashvi and thank her for not filing a police complaint. They apologize. Aruna says it’s a big insult to her and her children, she will not stay here for a second. Arjun says she is free to go. Aruna tries to leave. Jagdish asks how can she walk out of her nephew’s wedding and giving his promise requests her to calm down.

He then host the event again and dances on Dhak Dhak Dhadke.. song. Whole bride and groom’s families join and dance with him. Mahima thinks she is stuck and will elope with Pradyuman for sure.

Kashvi drags Sam for a dance. Sam walks away silently. Nayan follows him and asks why did he come here. He says she is enjoying with family, but he is alone and stuck where she left him 20 years ago; she would be alone after her children are married and Daadi is gone and needs a partner; he wants marry her again and lead a happy married life with her.

Romila searches for Nayan and finds her with Sam. She records their romantic embrace and thinks this time she will expose Nayan for sure. Arjun thanks Mahima for agreeing to marry him and invites for a dance with her. He makes her sit on a wheelchair and dances with her on a romantic song. Nayan refuses to marry Sam again and says it’s her daughter’s wedding tomorrow and their daughter is also grown up, its not Delhi but Faridabad and nobody will accept their relationship, etc. Romila thinks she will edit the video according to her need and portray it as Nayan having an affair with Sam.

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