Destined by fate update Wednesday 2 August 2023

Destined by fate 2 August 2023: Sayuri touches Saroj’s feet and apologizes her for returning home uninformed. She says if she hadn’t returned, she would have felt guilty for losing her life to Anjali. She says this is her house and family and she will never go from there again. Saroj silently listens to her. Kanha feels frustrated when Sayuri doesn’t acknowledge his love. He notices Nakul happy and asks reason. Nakul reveals that he proposed Rashmi and she accepted it. Kanha feels happy for him and gives him different ideas.

Saroj prays god and thinks why she didn’t react when Sayuri said she returned permanently. Kanha walks to her and says a mother and son’s relationship is above all relationships. He reminds her how she used to worry for him whenever he wasn’t seen for some time. He asks her to become old maa and show her angry and complaining avatar again. Saroj smiles. He requests her that she may not like Sayuri, but she shouldn’t separate her from him as he cannot live without her. Saroj stands silently.

Kusum thanks Sayuri for returning home and handling the situation. She says Saroj shouldn’t have tried to separate Sayuri and Kanha. Sayuri says even she doesn’t want to come between mother and son and will always respect their relationship. Kusum suggests her to prepare Kanha’s favorite breakfast pav bhaji. Sayuri says let Saroj prepare sweets for Kanha as she doesn’t want to interfere between them.

Rashmi gets lost in Nakul’s thought. Nakul also gets lost in her thoughts. Bhanu and Indu notice Rashmi’s condition. Rashmi and Nakul meet next and discuss how lucky they are to realize their love for each other. They hope Kanha and Sayuri lead a happy and peaceful life. Kanha sits for breakfast with Nakul, Dhanraj, and Tej. Tej taunts Kanha and Nakul that their face is glowing. They feel nervous. Kusum walks in and informs that Sayuri has prepared special breakfast for them. Sayuri walks to them. Kanha gets mesmerised with her beauty and thinks she is killing him with her looks. Sayuri serves him breakfas.t Dil Me Ho Tum Ankhon Me Tum.. song plays in the background. Kanha follows Sayuri to the kitchen and expresses his love for her. She says I love. He eagerly waits to listen his name. She says I love gulab jamoon, disappointing him.


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