Rajjo starlife update Wednesday 2 August 2023

Rajjo 2 August 2023: The Episode starts with Mannu coming and distracting Kalindi. Arjun and Rajjo leave. He drinks water. He asks how do you get courage, you have handled so many things, I got tensed seeing Kalindi. She jokes. They both have a romantic moment. He kisses her and thanks her for saving their relation. She says I will go now. He says I will come along. She says you stay at home. He holds her hand. She leaves. Rajjo goes and asks someone about Niharika. Manager says I don’t know, I can’t help, sorry. She says what shall I do now. Manager says I will send my staff, maybe he can help you. She offers money. He says no, I m not doing this for money. She thanks him. Pushkar scolds Kalindi.

Madhu comes and defends her son. She scolds Pushkar. She asks what will you tell about your daughter now, she also went to a married man, you had stained Mannu, I don’t like Rajjo, but Rajjo was Arjun’s wife, if Mannu should be ashamed, then even Niharika should be ashamed. She insults Pushkar. Kalindi stops him. He says fine, you are doing a favor on us. Madhu and Pushkar argue. She says I don’t want Arjun to go to jail again, everything will happen as I have planned. She asks Kalindi did she get the rings. Kalindi shows the rings. Madhu asks her to go and see, if Arjun and Niharika have got ready, get them. Waiter says I know Niharika well. Rajjo asks about the guy who accompanies Niharika. He says he wears a cricket jersey with number 10. Rajjo recalls and says Amit is the guy. Everyone compliments Niharika. Chirag says Arjun isn’t in his room. Pushkar says he has run away by cheating us. Arjun says I m not like you, I didn’t cheat anyone.

He hopes Rajjo got to know about Niharika’s boyfriend. He thinks where are you Rajjo, come soon. Madhu asks Arjun and Niharika to exchange rings. Everyone claps. Rajjo looks on. The ring falls and rolls towards Rajjo. Rajjo worries. Arjun goes to pick the ring. Rajjo hides behind the pillar. He smiles seeing Rajjo. She asks him to go. He asks her to make him wear the ring first. She says I went to hotel and got to know about Niharika’s BF. She makes him wear the ring. He smiles and holds her face. Madhu asks did you get the ring. Arjun shows the ring in his finger.

Niharika says you had worn it yourself. Arjun says it doesn’t matter. Pushkar says it matters. Arjun taunts him. Madhu says someone get the sweets. Niharika sees Rajjo and says she was missing since morning. Arjun worries. Niharika goes after Rajjo. She scolds Rajjo. Arjun comes and says we will take a pic, come. He asks everyone to come for pic. He says I have to accept this as fate and move on, smile now. She smiles. She asks what’s your phone doing with you, we kept our phones in locker. Arjun says I asked Chirag to give the pic, its lifetime memories. Niharika says I felt that maid is Rajjo, she deserves this, she has no class, how did you tolerate her.

Mannu getting sweets and congratulating Arjun and Niharika. She says you got what you wanted, keep it safe now. Arjun nods and smiles. He goes to check Niharika’s phone. He checks Amit’s number. Niharika comes and asks what are you doing with my phone. He says I was transferring memories to your phone. She says I know you are acting, you are stubborn and love Rajjo, tell me what game are you playing, say it now, else you will regret later. He cries and says you are right, I love Rajjo, I can’t forget her, I went to Nanku’s house, I couldn’t go ahead thinking of Chirag, Sia and Madhu, I don’t love Rajjo more than my family, so I came back leaving my love, I know my family’s happiness is because of you, and my happiness is because of my family, it won’t be easy for us but we are the best option for us, it will need time to heal wounds, once we get married, everything will be mine, then we have to stay together, you have to learn to trust me, else our relation will be namesake.

She smiles and nods. He goes. Rajjo hugs him and says you got Amit’s number. He says yes, come, hug me again. She says you said Niharika had come. Arjun recalls clicking a pic of Amit’s contact. He calls Amit. The number is switched off. Rajjo says I will go to academy and find him. He says I will come. She asks him to stay at home. She goes to the academy. She checks hockey dept. files. She gets Amit’s file. She checks his pic. Pushkar comes there. He shouts and asks the peon, why is this record room door open. Rajjo worries and hides. Pushkar checks some files. He asks what’s this file doing here. Peon says let it be, I will keep it. Rajjo gets relieved. Pushkar leaves.

Madhu applies mehendi to Niharika. Jhilmil says its good we got rid of Rajjo. Madhu says don’t take her name. Mannu hears them and gets angry. Madhu asks Swara to feed the food to Niharika. Niharika thinks where did that red dupatta girl go. Arjun comes playing dhol and says we will also have fun in mehendi, we will play antakshari. Madhu says come with me. He says we will talk later, we will play first. Everyone sits to play Antakshari. Arjun thinks where are you Rajjo, its yours and my mehendi. Niharika asks are you waiting for someone. Arjun says yes, start antakshari. They sing.

Rajjo comes there and sings. Pratap asks her to take the empty glasses. Arjun and Mannu smile. Arjun doesn’t give the glass. Rajjo says I got to know about Amit. Arjun coughs. He holds Rajjo’s hand. Rajjo says leave me. Kalindi asks the girl to write Arjun’s name in the mehendi. Niharika asks her to go and check the red dress girl. Kalindi goes to see. Arjun signs Rajjo to go back. Kalindi stops the girl and lifts the ghunghat. She sees some other girl. The girl scolds her. Kalindi says so sorry, I thought its someone else. She says Niharika has gone mad. Rajjo asks why did you give my dupatta to that woman. Arjun romances her. She says I m doing this for you, and you are romancing. He says you always get angry, thank me that I saved you from Kalindi. She thanks him. She says I didn’t get Amit. He says you vent anger on me. She says you are my husband, I have a relation to get angry on you. He says I also have a right to apply mehendi to you. Sawaar loon…plays… He writes his name on her name. She writes R on his hand, and says Niharika can see it. He says I won’t marry Niharika. Niharika comes and says Arjun… Arjun and Rajjo worry.


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