Timeless love update Tuesday 25 July 2023

Timeless love 25 July 2023: Inspector thanks and assures Dev that he will make sure that such person get rigorous punishment. Dev asks him to get them more punishment than such people usually get. He says they have done wrong with innocent people. Inspector arrests Akash and his parents and take them from there. Vidhi thanks Milapni Devi. Hariprasad tells Dev that he must have spent a lot to send Arjun to London and says they can never lower his big favor. Dev says he was already doubtful about that guy. Hariprasad says you would have said that. Dev says I didn’t want to take a big step on the basis of doubt and no relative was in link with them. Hariprasad says you are really Dev and saved our daughter’s life.

Dev says I didn’t do anything, as Arjun has done everything. Hariprasad praises Arjun and says you are very understanding. Arjun says it seems Milapni Mata also enjoys drama, bollywood style climax. Bimla says he shall not say such thing for Mata. Vidhi thanks him. Arjun says anytime Senorita and tells that he is getting DDLJ feeling. He gives the credit to Dev. Urmila says she wants such office people for Golden and asks Vidhi not to forget her promise as her marriage broke. Bimla tells that they have broken the alliance. Urmila says this thing happened on karwachauth day. Bimla says may be something good written for Vidhi. Chitra and Priya come there. Chitra cries and tells that Amy Mausi is missing. Dev asks did you get something in her room. Chitra gives the paper, and Dev reads the date. She says Yogesh Bhai called and said that she was driving in speed on highway.

She gets drowsy due to the fast. Priya asks him to search Amba. Dev asks Arjun to take them home. He tells Hariprasad that he has to leave now. Hariprasad asks him to tell if he shall do some work. Dev leaves. Vidhi asks Hariprasad if she can go with Sir. He nods yes. She runs out and sees Dev leaving in his car. She sits in auto and follows his car.Dev recalls making it clear with Amba. Dev reaches some place and gets down from the car. He calls Amba and finds her lying unconscious near the pool. He says Amba, I knew I will find you here, exactly like last time. He calls her and asks her to get up. He says last time I was scared and was searching you, but this time I was not scared. He gets worried when she doesn’t respond. He brings water from his car and sprinkle on her face, asking her to open her eyes.

Amba opens her eyes and sees Dev. He then makes her drink water. Amba says I knew that you will come surely, I had left that letter for you. Dev says what the hell, do you know how people get worried because of you, especially my sister Chitra, how disgusting. Amba holds his hand as he is about to go, and thanks him for breaking her fast. She says I have been keeping fast for you since 15 years, but today you have broken my fast with your hand. She says God is approving our relation, and says thank you. Vidhi hears them standing far and is stunned.

Priya makes Chitra have the juice and asks her to stay there for few days. Chitra says I didn’t stay here since my marriage. Priya says Indore Police couldn’t find Amba, but Dev found her. she asks if it is not odd. Chitra says he is superblue and can do anything. Priya says she feels that they know each other. Chitra says Dev bhai helped Amy mausi when she shifted her business here. Priya asks her to talk to Amba about Dev.

Amba calls Vidhi and says she came to know that her engagement couldn’t happen. She says Dev broke my karwachauth fast and asks her to congratulate her. Vidhi asks who are you? Amba says she is Amba. Vidhi says that guy was fraud and Dev sir saved her. Amba says Dev helped you, and that doesn’t mean that he loves you and will marry you. Vidhi says I am not thinking like this. Amba says you are worthless, and is not suitable to come in his dreams. She says before talking to Dev, talk to me, I will break all your illusions, can you face the truth. She asks if you are scared and ends the call. Vidhi thinks she will meet Amba surely, as she is not scared of anyone.

Dev reaches office and sees Hariprasad and Bimla waiting for him. He asks what you are doing here, if you had any work then would have called me. Hariprasad says people go to God themselves, and says Maa Milapni sent you to our house. Dev takes them to his cabin. Hariprasad apologizes to Dev for coming there, and says Vidhi had told that you don’t like personal talks in office, but what to do, I couldn’t sleep all night and was waiting to thank you. Bimla says she was tensed thinking what could have happened if he had not stopped the engagement. Dev says I am happy that Arjun could go and brought the proofs. Vidhi says if you had believed me then Arjun wouldn’t have gone to London. Dev says atleast wrong thing haven’t happened. Hariprasad says we have a small request. Bimla asks Dev if he will come to their house for dinner. Hariprasad asks him not to refuse. Dev says ok, I will come.

Hariprasad and Bimla come out of Dev’s cabin with Vidhi. Bimla asks Vidhi to make them meet Arjun, and says now we know that he is a nice guy. Arjun comes there and says he is hearing sweet music. He says surely they were praising him, and that’s why he heard his name in a loving way. Hariprasad praises him for going to London for Vidhi. Bimla says we can’t repay this debt. Arjun says you will not get my free service, and asks her to send her super cool Dabba. Hariprasad and Bimla laugh. Arjun asks her to ask Vidhi to give that box to me directly. Bimla invites him for dinner, and says we have come here for invite Dev and you for dinner. Hariprasad says we will leave. Arjun says I want to tell you, that you don’t need to thank me, as Vidhi is my friend so I have special bond with you both. Hariprasad and Bimla smiles. They leave. Sangeeta tells Vidhi that Dev sir has done wonder. She praises him and tells that once her father was unwell, so Dev brought doctor and was with them until her Papa got fine. Vidhi thinks Sir doesn’t love Amba, it is clear last night. Sangeeta asks what happened? Vidhi says you was praising Dev Sir, but there was a difference between caring for others and me. Sangeeta asks what? Vidhi says I will tell just Dev Sir. She goes to his cabin and asks why he put so much efforts to break her engagement. She says you care for all the staff members, but cares for me more. She says you might be happy that my engagement break, I am happy that my engagement broke because of you, and says the reason was Akash, but it all happened due to your hardwork. She asks why did you put the efforts? Dev asks her to stop it and says don’t forget that I am your boss, and tells that I helped you as I couldn’t see your life ruining. He says your parents are very good and I can’t see your life ruining. He says I would have done the same if there was someone else on your place. He says I am not happy that your engagement broke, but I am happy that your life got saved. He says I don’t have anything in mind, and asks her not to keep such things in mind. He asks her to concentrate on MBA, and don’t do if she is not serious. Vidhi says sorry and goes.

She comes to her cabin and cries. She says she can understand the big jalebi of khawo gali, but don’t understand Dev Sir. She thinks sometimes he puts efforts for me and sometimes he behaves likes stone. Arjun comes there and asks her to check accounts of Asthana. Vidhi says she will check. He asks what happened, why you are not sure? Vidhi says she is not sure about anything and don’t believe that Akash kind of people exist, and other side is Dev Sir and you, who can go to any length to save me. She says there is a big difference between you both. She says you went so far for me, it is a big thing for me. Arjun says we can do anything whom we like. Vidhi asks what do you mean? Arjun says Bims, Bimla aunty and says he can’t like to see her sad and can do anything to have food made by her. Vidhi asks him to have lunch with her. Arjun says sorry and says he is going out, but can have lunch with her on Monday. Dev hears them.

Yogesh and Kanika meet Arjun for lunch. Yogesh is surprised to know Arjun likes Vidhi. He says she has no class, education background, standard, or family background. He asks have you gone mad? Arjun says our wavelength matches and tells that her family is perfect and she is sincere and honest with her work. He says she is perfect marriage material. Yogesh says this is not UK, but India. Kanika says Arjun shall get a chance to say and she is a good girl. Yogesh says Vidhi has changed Dev and now you want her to change Arjun. Arjun gets upset and leaves without having food.

Branch office Manager comes to Dev’s office and tells that they want experienced person to manage account, else funds limits will crossed to achieve targets. Dev says ok. Amba calls Dev and says I heard that you have broken Vidhi’s engagement. She says I am your wife and shall know. Dev asks her not to act as his wife and tells that Chitra had fainted due to her. Amba says she will handle Vidhi’s matter. Dev asks her to stay out of it. Amba says I am your family, if Vidhi is important than me. Dev ends the call.

Arjun gives chocolates to Vidhi for her break up party. Vidhi says it is a big thing in India that girl’s marriage is called off. She says Maa and Papa are upset. Arjun asks Vidhi if she is happy and puts chocolate in her mouth. Dev comes there and gets angry on Arjun, asking him to work on the project. Arjun goes. Vidhi asks why did you get upset as Arjun gave me chocolate. Dev calls Satish and tells that Vidhi will work in branch office from tomorrow. He says she will report there and not here. Vidhi is shocked. She comes home. Bimla asks if she wants to have tea. Vidhi refuses and goes to room. Vidhi thinks he gave her harsh punishment. Dev thinks if he was harsh on her, and thinks he has to stop her.

Bimla comes to Vidhi and says I know that your dreams were broken as your engagement couldn’t happen. Vidhi says she didn’t dream anything with Akash. Bimla asks if she has no pain. Vidhi hugs her and cries. Bimla says Milapni Devi will make everything fine. Vidhi thinks how to tell you? Bimla says she will make tea and will call your Papa. Vidhi says I will call him.

Hariprasad is sitting with his friends. His friend asks him why did he call off the engagement due to Dev’s sayings. Hariprasad says Dev was right and praises him. Kalumal also praises him. Hariprasad says he will get a good son in law. Vidhi thinks to tell them about her feelings for Dev.

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