Lost in love update Monday 24 July 2023

Lost in love 24 July 2023: Virat gets Usha’s call. He asks her if Sai is fine. Usha says Savi is fine, but Sai’s mental state has worsened, she is still hallucinating Vinu in a teddy and has taken Vinu and Savi to school, she never saw Sai in such condition till now and is worried for her. Virat asks her not to worry as he will go to school and check. Sai goes to pick up Vinu and Savi after school and asks Savi about Vinu. Savi says Vinu dada didn’t come to school today. Sai says she dropped them both to school this morning. Savi recalls Usha’s advice and says Vinu is having extra classes. Virat reaches them and says Vinu hasn’t come to school today. Sai argues with him and herself goes to check. Virat asks Savi to take go home with Usha. Savi says she will stay with Aayi, but then leaves on Virat’s assurance.

Sai questions watchman who informs that there’s no extra class today. Virat tries to explain her what had really happened. Sai is not ready to listen and hallucinates Vinu walking to her. She happily receives him and leaves talking to him, leaving Virat and everyone around confused. Aayego Jab Tum O Sajna.. song plays in the background. On the other side, Pakhi teaches Vinu to plant a tree and asks him to take good care of it until it grows too big. Vinu says he and Savi will fix a swing and play with it. Virat walks to him and says Vinu that he will go and stay with Savi aunty from heron. Vinu refuses. Sai dress like an angel walks in and asks Virat not to get angry on Vinu. She asks Vinu to come with her. She then turns into a sorcerer and forcefully takesh im away. Vinu wakes up in fear and realizes it was his nightmare.

Sai continues to hallucinate Vinu. Vinu thanks her for treating him and making him run again and races with her. Virat runs behind Sai. Sai run between traffic. A speeding truck heads towards Sai and is about to hit her when Virat jumps to push her away. Doctor comes to treat Vinu. Pakhi cries that Vinu’s condition is because of Sai. Bhavani signals her to stop and asks doctor Vinu’se course of treatment. Doctor suggests her to take Vinu to a psychiatrist and get her counseling. Once doctor leaves, Bhavani tells Pakhi that she shouldn’t discuss their family issues with outsiders. Pakhi says until they discuss the root of the problem, how will they solve it; Vinu wouldn’t have been in a mental trauma if she had shifted to Mumbai with Virat’s transfer. Bhavani says Virat is the creator of all these problems, they wouldn’t have to face all this if Virat had not brought Sai home.

Virat saves Sai on time. Sai continues to panic and searches for Vinu. Virat tries to control her and informs that Vinu is safe with Pakhi, he doesn’t want to stay with her and had called her dirty aunty and pushed her away. Sai says he is lying and continues her aggressiveness. Virat slaps her. Sai gets into her senses, recalls the incident, and breaks down. Virat tries to comfort her. Sai asks why she has to lose everyone, earlier he left her and now her son, she is alone. Virat hugs her and says she is not alone, he always loved her when she was with him and when she was not, he hopes each day if he can hold her hand again; she always says that he lies to her, she should listen to the truth that he loves her forever till he dies. He finds Sai asleep. Phir Wo Aayi.. song plays in the background. He lifts her and walks looking at her face.

Virat brings unconscious Sai to her home. Bhavani calls Virat who leaves his phone in his car. Virat nurses Sai’s hand wounds and gets emotional seeing her condition. Phir le aaya dil majboor kya keeje.. song plays in the background. He recalls the quality moments spent with her and the recent incidents. He thinks how to get Sai’s innocent smile, return Vinu to her, and fill happiness again inn her life. Savi returns home with Usha and happily hugs him. Sonali eagerly waits for someone. Bhavani asks if she called someone home. Sonali says people from St Idris Cathedral are coming to get Bhavani’s recommendation letter for some school work. Bhavani says she did right by calling them, her grandson Vinu is getting troubles continuously, earlier Pakhi tried to escape with him and now he is ill because of Sai. Sonali says if she feels Vinu is having nazar/evil eyes, she can shift him to Mumbai with Pakhi and Virat where he will recover soon.

Bhavani asks her to correct her pain, she knows Sai can go to any extent; Virat wanted Savi, but Sai didn’t give Savi to Virat. Sonali asks if she accepted Savi as her granddaughter. Bhavani says Sai will reach wherever Virat goes, so she needs to find a solution for this problem.Virat feeds food to Savi. Savi asks why Sai is upset. Virat thinks how to tell her in which dilemma they are in. Savi asks is it because Vinu diodn’t come to stay with them. Virat says his Savi became so smart, whatever she thinks is right. Savi asks him to ask Vinu to come and stay here. Virat says Vinu is staying in his house. Virat says even this is his house as he calls aayi as choti mamma and her her younger sister. She asks why can’t they all 4 stay here as a family. She gives him name plate with their names and asks him to fix it outside as she wants to send its pic to Vinu and tell him that they are a family, Vinu will come here seeing it. Virat hopes things in his life are as simple as Savi thinks.

He fixes nameplate and recalls saying I love you to Sai. Savi clicks its pic and sends it to Vinu with a message that this is also his house and he should come and stay with them. Virat returns to Sai’s room and thinks how could he express his feelings with her.Pakhi calls Virat. Savi picks call. Pakhi asks if her baba is at her home. Savi says her aayi is ill, hence her baba came here. She asks her to give phone to Vinu. Pakhi says he is sleeping and disconnects call. Bhavani expresses her worry for Vinu and decides to visit temple to pray for Vinu. Pakhi walks to her and says she should pray for even Virat as he is at Sai’s house taking care of her while his son is having high fever, this is how this family’s son follows his responsibilities. Cathedral people visit Bhavani and ask if they came at the wrong time. Bhavani welcomes them.

Sai continues to feel sad. Savi asks how is she now. Sai recalls Vinu pushing her away and saying he hates her. Savi gives her teddy to hug calling it as Vinu dada. Sai says its a teddy and not Vinu dada. Savi says since 2 days, she was calling her teddy as Vinu dada. Sai asks why would she do that. Savi says she was feeding teddy and speaking to him since 2 days, she was very hungry. Sai asks why didn’t she ask Usha. Savi says Usha was not at home and describes how she herself tried to prepare food. Sai asks if she switched on gas and cries worried for her. Savi says Sai promised not to hurt her in life, but whenever Sai cries, she felt hurt. Sai promises and asks her to promise that she will never switch on gas. Savi says baba taught her that and took care of them both, he is so good.

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