Lost in Love update Sunday 14 August 2022

Lost in Love 14 August 2022: Virat makes Sai’s birthday arrangements. Devi’s family visits and happily meets each family member. Virat over phone asks Sunny not to forget bringing the cake. Harini asks if he ordered cake similar to her birthday cake for Sai mami. Virat says yes as Sai is also a princess like her. Ninad laughs and says if Sai is princess, he is a king Akbar the great. Bhavani and other puppets laugh. Mohit scolds Karishma. Devi shows her brought gifts to Virat and asks how are they. Virat says very nice and Sai will like it. Puppets fume hearing that. In the evening, family gets ready for birthday and wait for Sai. Sonali yells Sai is taking to much time. Mansi says she should be happy that she got one more chance to get ready. Ashwini asks Virat to call Sai. Virat says she will get alert if he calls her and describes how he acted last night and in the morning. Ashwini laughs. Shivani says Virat knows that Sai likes surprises. Ashwini says whose heart is pure like a kid’s will always be happy.

Sonali yells that they spent a lot because of Sai’s birthday. Bhavani says if she knew they would incur so many expenses, she would have cooked food today. Ashwini says Bhavani prepares tasty food. Pulkit backs her and requests to prepare a dish some day or at least on Virat’s birthday. Devi insists Bhavani to react on Pulkit’s demand as he is her husband. Pulkit calms her down. Shivani says Pakhi is missing. Sonali says she is having a headache, so she is resting in her room. Shivani says she is just acting. Ninad yells at her supporting Pakhi. Virat requests them to calm down and not spoil Sai’s birthday.Harini informs that Sai is coming. They all hurriedly switch off light. Sai enters and seeing the house dark calls Ashwini and everyone. Light focuses on her and then Virat who sings a birthday song for her followed by whole family joining him, singing and dancing.

Pakhi gets jealous watching that from her room window. Sai gets emotional seeing that and asks if he remembered her birthday. He asks if she thought only she can give surprises. Each family member wish her happy with youngsters shaking hands and elders blessing her. Sai happily hugs Bhavani. After blessing rudely, Ninad tells Bhavani they should leave. Virat requests to stay back for some more time. Harini asks Sai if she liked the surprise. Sai says she cannot believe. Devi jokes to shut her mouth or else a fly will enter it. Everyone laugh. Devi asks Sai to touch her feet as she is elder than her. Sai touches her feet. Devi gives her long blessings and hugs her. Sai then tells family that they were planning her birthday in the morning. Ashwini says yes and she couldn’t wish her because of Virat’s warning. Sai thanks Virat and then thanks everyone for remembering her birthday. Bhavani says they didn’t . Sonali rudely and backs Bhavani. Virat says Sai has one more big surprise and takes her blindfolded. Pakhi burns in jealousy seeing that.

Sai drags elder Chavans to cut the cake. They hesitate. Virat requests them next. Sai tells Sonali that cake is really tasty and takes them all near cake. Virat asks Mohit to play Ay Dil Tu Laya Hai Bahar song and performs with family. Ninad sings a song and surprises them. Sai excitedly claps for him. Ninad says its her birthday, then why is she clapping for him. Sai says he is today’s rockstar, why didn’t he reveal that he sings so well. He says singing was his hobby and he also wanted to learn harmonium, but trying to take care of family, he sacrificed his dreams. Pulkit says he sings so well without any music and can win competitions. Omkar says dada used to win many competitions in college. Sonali backs him. Ninad says he had to take care of children and fulfill his responsibility. Bhavani says her husband was fan of Ninad’s voice. Sai says he can pursue his talent and learn playing harmonium. Virat says there is no age limit for learning, but this cake has and let us light the candles and cut the cake. Ashwini backs him. Virat says he doesn’t want Sai to miss someone and brings Aaba’s photo. Sai gets emotional reminiscing her Aaba’s love for her, keeps Aaba’s photo next to cake. Harini says she told good girls don’t cry, especially on their birthday. Devi asks Sai to smile. Sai thanks whole Chavan family for giving her such a big surprise and says she never thought someone will perform her such a lavish birthday after Aaba left. Virat gives her tissue paper. She thanks him. He says he told her to save her thank you for sometime and keep smiling.

Sai says Pakhi didi is missing. Sonali says Pakhi is having headache since morning and by now it must have subsided. Shivani says how will the pain subside when it wasn’t there and taunts Bhavani to stop her false supports. Bhavani says Pakhi told her in the afternoon about her headache. Sai goes to bring Pakhi and asks her to come down as everyone are waiting for her. Pakhi yells if she has a problem if she sits in her own room. Sai asks if something happened. Pakhi yells if she wants something happened to her. Sai says she didn’t mean that. Pakhi says she is having headache and Sai is increasing it. Sai concerned asks if she applied balm and searches it. Pakhi yells to stop bothering her and leave. Sunny asks Virat why they are calling Pakhi. Karishma says its a silence before storm. Sonali scolds her. Ashwini asks Virat to go and check Sai. Virat says Sai must be coming.

Sai suggests Pakhi to get her eye checkup. Sai continues yelling to keep her medical knowledge to herself and after a long yelling says she wants to prove her greatness. Sai says she didn’t mean that. Pakhi yells she should go down and enjoy Virat’s surprise celebration for her. Sai says she didn’t know about the surprise and never expected Virat to throw a party for her. Pakhi yells Virat would obviously do anything for her as he loves her and its obvious as she is so beautiful, so good and is becoming a doctor soon. Sai says Virat likes her as she got Devi united with her husband, etc. Pakhi gets adamant and yells at her to leave. Sai says she has to accompany her down and has to listen to birthday call. Pakhi pushes her away angry saying she doesn’t want to go anywhere. Sai falls down hitting her head to a table and injures her forehead. Virat comes to call Sai. Pakhi gets tensed that Virat will find out that she pushed him down. Virat asks Sai how did she fall down and why is she holding her forehead. Pakhi says Sai tired to act smart and insisted her to join her birthday party. Virat insists what happened, pulls Sai’s hand and is shocked to see her forehead bleeding.

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