Lost in Love update Monday 15 August 2022

Lost in Love 15 August 2022: Virat is shocked to see Sai’s forehead injury. Sai says this injury is a birthday gift from Pakhi. Pakhi yells how can she exaggerate the issue in a filmy way. Virat asks her to bring first-aid box. Pakhi continues yelling that his wife is a drama queen, she insisted her to leave her alone and tried to pushed her hand back, but his wife fell down and injured herself. Virat says if she had pulled her hand, Sai wouldn’t have fallen down and injured herself. Pakhi continues justifying herself and yelling at Sai. Virat says Sai’s heart is pure and wanted to include her in her birthday party. Sai thanks her for giving her fulfilling her own wish and giving her a birthday gift. Pakhi shouts to stop provoking Virat against her. Virat stops her and takes Sai to their room to nurse her wound and asks if she is feeling dizzy. Sai says she is fine and asks him to go down and cut the cake as family will be worried and question her about her injury.

He asks if she will not cut her own cake.Sonali asks Mohit to go and bring Sai. Virat walks down with Sai behind. Ashwini asks Sai why is she hiding behind. Shivani asks why she is adamant to call Pakhi for her party. Ninad yells Sai cares for only herself and made them wait. Mansi says Sai will never think like that. Puppets continue blaming Sai and yelling at her. Virat asks them to stop and let him speak and moves aside. They are all shocked to see Sai’s forehead injury. Harini and Ashwini worried asks how did she injure herself, by Devi and Pulkit as if its hurting. Bhavani yells that Sai walks carelessly and fell down. Virat says Pakhi pushed her down and injured her. Mansi says Pakhi must not have pushed Sai purposefully. Bhavani’s team continues yelling and blame Sai instead. Virat says Sai’s mistake is to invite Pakhi to attend her party with everyone. Pakhi walks down and yells at Sai that she manipulates things so easily and manipulated her husband with half truth. Virat says he saw her stand aside not bothered to lift Sai up after pushing her down. Mansi asks if she did that. Pakhi says she was in shock like them and continues yelling at Sai.

Sai says let us forget everything and enjoy the party. Pakhi yells she is a big manipulator and is manipulating everyone again. Bhavani supports Pakhi and says she is sure Pakhi is right and Sai is lying. Ashwini says she is sure Sai is right. Pakhi continues yelling. Shivani asks her to stop her drama and stop trying to hide her mistake. Mansi stops her. Pakhi continues her justification. Mohit says Pakhi has to answer for her deed as she knows within that she is wrong. Omkar and Sonali shut his mouth up. Virat says this nonsense behavior will not be tolerated in this house. Pakhi asks if he wants her to leave the house. He says he never said that. Pakhi then argues and alleges Virat. Sai asks them to stop and says Pakhi has to compensate by having dinner together with whole fmaily. Pakhi yells its so easy for her after doing so much and continues. Harini says whenever she used to get sad, her papa used to cheer her up. Sai ends Pakhi’s drama finally, cuts the cake, and tries to feed Virat first. Virat says she should feed her Aaba first. Sai feeds Aaba’s photo.

Family sings happy birthday for Sai. Pakhi stands burning in jealousy.

Chavan family enjoy Sai’s birthday party dinner. Devi says today’s dinner is really good and she will serve them all raita. Sonali agrees. Sai says she will bring water for them. Virat drags her into his car. She asks where is he taking her. He says to spend some quality time with the birthday girl. She says they will return to room anyways after dinner. He says she will get busy in studies or will sleep in room, he birthday is still incomplete. Mansi tells something is missing. Devi says Sai is missing. Ashwini says Sai went to bring water and goes to call her. Sai tells Virat that what is missing in her birthday. He says its incomplete without a birthday gift and gifts her a diamond ring. She asks if its a real diamond ring. He asks if she thinks he will give her fake one. She says he gave her ruby pendant just a few days ago. Virat thinks he should express his feelings for her and nervously says he.. he.. She asks to speak. Ashwini calls her and asks her to come in soon as both host and birthday girl are missing and Bhavani is getting angry. Sai tells Virat that they will speak later, returns his ring box, and walks away. Virat feels disappointed.

Harini walks to Sai and says where she had been. Sai returns to family and says she will serve dinner to them. Pakhi passes by holding bread and butter. Ashwini invites her to have dinner with family. Shivani says instead of showing her arrogance, she should enjoy dinner with family. Sonali says Pakhi is having a headache, so let her have dinner in her room. Mansi asks Pakhi next followed by Mohit who says Sai would invite her for dinner for sure, so she should have dinner with family. Virat says if whole family doesn’t have dinner together, he and Sai will have dinner in their room and gets up. Pakhi asks where is he going and why is he being so rude on her. Bhavani asks Virat why he speaks so bitter to Pakhi. Virat says he is bitter to a person who speaks bitter. Pakhi shouts why is he exaggerating the issue when she already told that she didn’t hurt Sai purposefully and takes her parent’s oath. Sai requests Virat to calm down. He sits back and tells Pakhi that she doesn’t have to take her parent’s oath and should have a bit courage to tell truth and accept her mistake. She replies that he shouldn’t speak about courage as if he had shown courage at the right time, things would have been different and this wouldn’t have happened. Sai says noting different is having as Virat is not celebrating his wife’s birthday but an orphan girl’s birthday, it proves how big his heart is and thanks Virat for making her birthday so much special and she wants to take his blessings. He touches her feet.

He blesses to be happy always and become a big doctor. Pakhi and her puppets make weird faces while Sai’s supporters rejoice.Sai requests Pakhi to have dinner with them as headache looks gone, she considers her as her elder sister and mean it. Pakhi agrees and sits. Ashwini says let us start dinner before more surprise unveil. She shows modak to Sai and says a special person made these special modak. Sai excitedly asks if its Devi and Shivani. They both deny. Sai says Usha is not here and Ashwini wouldn’t have made them, so who made them. Mansi asks her to think, maybe its a khaki uniform man. Sai excitedly asks Virat if he made them. Virat says yes. Sai reminisces Aaba making them on her birthday. Virat says he knows Kamal sir used to make modak on her birthday and special and Gadhchiroli police station craves for them, maybe didn’t make it like Kamal sir but tried. Ashwini feeds her saying it may not be tasty like her Aaba’s modak. Sai says its really tasty and requests Ashwini to have dinner with them. Bhavani says her bahu is right. Ashwini says who will serve them food then and forces Sai to sit. Bhavani says she will serve them all. Devi says she will help aayi. Sai asks if she is dreaming and if its a dream, she doesn’t want to wake up. Bhavani asks not to make drama as she used to do all the chores before. She then serves Ashwini.Door bell rings. Sai says after so many surprises, she doesn’t have courage to bear a few more surprises. Virat opens door and sees Ajinkya with other friends. Sai gets happy seeing them. They wish her happy birthday. She thanks Virat for inviting her friends. Ankinkya says Virat didn’t invite them.

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