Unspoken Bond update Sunday 14 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 14 August 2022: The Episode starts with Charmy asking her to send the wound pic, she will show it to Darsh, he will show it to doctor and doctor will tell what to do. Vini clicks pic of Nandini’s wound and sends to Charmy. Charmy checks the pic. Darsh asks whose call was it. She says Vini said Ishani’s foot is bleeding again, she has sent a pic again. Darsh says Ishani is so irritating. She says its your mistake, you met her for the first time and called her a bad mum. He says right, you always care for others. He goes. Charmy says sorry Nandini, I don’t deserve this, you are lucky to get a husband like Darsh.Gunjan says Darsh’s driver has brought all these things here. Vanlata smiles. Gunjan says I don’t understand one thing, he has more things in the car, he didn’t keep it here. Vanlata says maybe he kept it for the other woman, Darsh was with some other woman. Gunjan gets shocked. Vanlata says we have to find out about her, then I will go to Rajvi and argue with her about Shobit. Rajvi says we will help Ishani, we will go and meet her. Vipul nods. Darsh comes to meet Nandini.

Nandini says its good he has fixed this security camera, I will not open the door for him. Darsh says maybe she is drunk again, I should have not come here. He leaves the packets at the door. He goes. Rajvi and Vipul come home. Nandini opens the door. She sees Darsh. Rajvi asks is this Jhunjhunwala’s house. The man says no, its my house, I m Tuntunewala. Rajvi says I m sorry. Nandini and Darsh argue. He gives her the packets and asks her to go inside. She scolds him. He says Vini called me and asked for these things, you both are thankful. He taunts her. Vipul says strange, I have this wrong address since many years. Parul calls Rajvi. She says Charmy slipped and fell down. Rajvi asks what, did she get hurt, I m coming back. Parul says its fine, I m here. Rajvi says we have to go home, we will meet Ishani later, Charmy needs me. He says you are overreacting.

Nandini asks Vini did you ask Darsh to get these items. Vini says yes, he told me to call him if I need anything. Nandini gets a rose from the plant. She says always remember this, if you meet someone and think you can depend on him, then don’t trust him, you will often get cheated, he got the rose plants, he got the thorns with the roses. Darsh says roses dry out, but thorns are forever. She says that’s why their pain is also forever. Vini says if I didn’t ask him to bring the items, how would you make sweets. Darsh laughs and asks can she make sweets. Nandini thinks I thought to never make sweets. Vini says she can make world’s best sweets. Nandini asks Darsh to leave and never come back. Darsh says trust me, I don’t want to meet you both, I m indebted to JJ uncle, so I can’t leave you both alone, you make sweets and lets see if it can be consumed by a human, then I won’t come back. Charmy asks did you tell Darsh. Parul says no, but I have to say, he will get angry. Charmy says no, every doctor knows me here, he loves Nandini a lot and blindly believes whatever I say.

Parul says that’s why we are making him stay away from the truth, else he will take the blame on himself, you also did a lot for us, who does this. Charmy says I m doing this from my heart, I had always dreamt of becoming bahu of this house, I wish Shobit showed some courage. Nandini says fine, I will make sweets, then you won’t come here again. Darsh says done. Vini thinks how will she win the sweet making competition if Darsh troubles her, I have to do something now. Vini acts like Darsh and irritates him. Rajvi and Vipul come. Rajvi asks Charmy are you fine. Charmy says yes. Parul says she went to kitchen and slipped. Rajvi says I asked you to take care of her. Rajvi worries for Charmy. She says you are my responsibility now, why did you go there. Charmy says I was trying to make sweets like Nandini. Rajvi smiles.

Nandini asks will you stand on my head if I accepted the challenge. She starts making the sweets. Darsh looks on and asks who adds rose water in Mawa barfi. She thinks he will identify me now. She recalls making Mawa barfi with rose water to make it Nandini special barfi. She says you spoiled my sweets, I didn’t see, I had kept this for my face pack. He asks are you sure that you had put this by mistake. She says I think you have a habit to doubt, you can do anything, but I do mistakes always, right. He says I m just asking. Vini says you are troubling her since long, are you a detective. Darsh says you have a world record to ask questions, can’t you solve a rubix cube. He says of course I can. She says then do and show. She takes him from the kitchen. Nandini gets relieved. Vini says just 5mins. Darsh says I can do this in 1min. She says you know every side should have same colour square.

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