Lost in love starlife update 1 January 2024

Lost in love 1 January 2024: Isha tells Savi that the decision is in her hands now. She says either she should accept Bhavani’s order and marry Samarth or else go against her family and choose her dreams. Savi recalls promising Sai to take care of family always and tells Isha that she can’t go against her family and will request Samrudh’s family to have engagement and wait for marriage for 1-2 days until she completes her education.

Lost in love 31 December 2023

Isha says she can do that. Savi thanks her for clearing her dilemma. Isha hugs her and asks her to go and speak to her Samrudh’s family.Riva waits for Ishan at terrace. Ishan walks to her and thanks her for preparing his favorite halwa. He notices I love I written with dry fruits on halwa and says it’s good to love oneself. Riva says it doesn’t mean that. He turns I into R and says it now means Ishan loves Riva. Riva feels shy and tries to leave.

He holds her hands and romantically hugs her. Rao Saheb notices that. He calls Riva’s father Swanand and invites him home to come and meet Riva. Shantanu asks if he got serious regarding Ishan and Riva’s relationship. Rao Saheb says nobody will talk about it. He calls Nishikanth and asks him to warn his daughters not to talk about Riva and Ishan’s love story again. Swanand gets ready to leave.

Swati asks why Rao Saheb called them there. Swanand says maybe Riva is missing them and didn’t want to say directly, so Rao Saheb sensed it and called them there.Savi reaches Samrudh’s family anxiously to talk to them and fears if Bhavani learns about it. Samrudh’s father asks heavily drunk Samrudh to stop drinking as he is going to marry soon. Samrudh’s grandother says she didn’t like Savi a bit. Father says they have no choice due to Samrudh’s alcoholism. Grandmother says she wants Savi to stay at home and serve them instead of working outside.

Father says he just made a fake promise to Savi to let her study and work after marriage and will back off after marriage. He says even his wife used to attend bhajan mandali and stopped after Samrudh was born within a year after their marriage. He asks Samrudh to make him a grandfather within a year and stop drinking. Samrudh says as he wishes.

Savi hears their conversation and feels shocked. Her phone rings. They all panic and ask who is there. Samrudh goes to check and finds no one.Savi gets Vinu’s message to come and pick him from bus stop within 10 min. She thinks Bhavani listens to Vinu, so she can convince her via Vinu. She picks Vinu from bus stop and reveals whole story on the way. Vinu reaches home. Family welcomes him. He touches Bhavani’s feet who gets emotional seeing him.

He then reveals to her what Savi said and says when she knows Savi can’t take decisions of her life, why does she let her go out and study. Savi confronts him for revealing whatever she shared with him and opposing her instead of supporting her. Vinu says Bhavani is always right and she should listen to Bhavani.

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