Lost in love starlife update 3 January 2024

Lost in love 3 January 2024: Rao Saheb Yashwanth proposes Ishan and Riva’s wedding. Ishan and Riva smile while everyone look shocked. Yashwanth asks why they are look so shocked with his decision. Swanand says his joking habit hasn’t gone yet, he should act in films. Shikha, Durva, and Avni congratulate Ishan and Riva. Yashwanth asks Riva’s opinion pwand says nothing will change even if she rejects his proposal and she will stay in this house until she finishes her studies. Riva approves and shyingly tries to run from there.

Lost in love 2 January 2024

Yashwanth then asks Ishan’s opinion. On the other side, Vinu tells Savi that he doesn’t want her to become like their parents as they wrong to sacrifice their lives for others; they died in that plane hijack’s and let their parents and childrento suffer; she should accept the fact that Sai and Virat are dead and shouldn’t make them a godly figure. Ninad hears their conversation and collapses.

Ishan tells Yashwanth that relationships are made by fate and they shouldn’t delay in accept fate’s decision. He approves the proposal. Yashwanth feels happy. Surekha says they should match horoscopes before fixing alliance. Swati says even she thinks same as its a question of her daughter’s life. Yashwanth says he doesn’t believe in horoscopes and believes in hard work and efforts, so with efforts and love, one can make their lives better. He orders servant to bring liquor bottles to celebrate as his friend his becoming his samdhi/relative now.

Doctor treats Ninad and tells family that Ninad is having Alzheimer’s and high BP, so they should keep him away from any tension. Vinu says they will take good care of Ninad. Surekha looks unhappy with Yashwanth’s decision. Yashwant recites a poem for her and expresses his love for her. Surekha asks how can he take such a big decision without consulting her. Yashwanth says she need not worry as Riva is not like Isha. Surekha says she is exactly like Isha, educated and may want to work further. Yashwanth says she can reform Riva according to her nature like she usually does and rules on everyone. He makes her smile and leaves.

Swati also expresses her displeasure with the alliance and says Yashwanth acts like a dictator and just ordered them without seeking their opinion. Swanand says she should look at Yashwanth’s intention and not his nature. Swati says Bhosale family women are treated like a cattle, Shikha and Asmita are always in kitchen, she doesn’t want Riva’s life to be like that. Swanand says he thinks by heart and not by brain when its a question of Riva, she need not worry as Riva will be happy in this house.

Bhavani accuses Savi of Ninad’s condition. Vinu backs him and yells at Savi. Ninad calls Savi and asks if she is fine. Savi says yes. Ninad says he forgot that Sai and Virat are dead and is now worried for Savi’s future seeing Bhavani’s forced decisions. Bhavani says she was always loyal towards Chavan family and always wants good for them;

she is not trying to ruin Savi’s life and is worried instead as she is Virat’s last precious gift, etc; what will happen to Savi if they are dead and Vinu is married; if he thinks her decision is wrong, he should find alliance for Savi then.Savi asks her not to give tension to Ninad. Bhavani says Ninad is a senior male of this house and should take up this responsibility.

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