Anupama starlife update Monday 1 January 2024

Anupama 1 January 2024: The Episode starts with Maya overhearing Ankush talking to Anu and telling her that her mother is going to US after 3 days, and asks if you miss her. Anu nods her head. He says I have seen that you stay away from her and that’s why she gets hurt due to this. She says when you had gone, she sent you happily, so you shall also see her off happily, so that she goes from here happily. He asks her to become old choti. Maya is upset. Kinjal thanks Kavya and hugs her. She says everyone will be happy when you return. Baa tells that your babu ji will be angry.

Anupama 31 December 2023

nupama says yes. Pakhi asks Dimple not to do mistakes like her and bond with the family. Dimple asks her to handle her husband and sasural.Dimple’s husband tells Anupama that they shall click the family selfie, as she has to go to Kapadia house for dinner. Anupama gets sad and says she will go after an hour. She asks if you want to make my farewell so soon. They say no.

Anuj waits for Anupama and thinks the 6 hours wait is looking more. The light fluctuates. He asks Servant it checked. Anupama asks Baa, how she will take so much stuff. Baa insists that she has to take it. Anupama gets emotional and hugs her. She says I will miss you so much. She checks the time and tells that she has to go now. Baa cries. Anupama asks for her gift.

Baa says I gave so much stuff already. Anupama says this is good stuff, give me my gift. Everyone gives her gift. Anupama thanks everyone for the beautiful gifts, day and party. Vanraj shows her ghungroo and says it is from my side. Anupama recalls Vanraj throwing it on the mirror. He says I know that I have always tied your feet, now I am giving you ghungroo. He says I know Anuj gave this to you, but I am giving this as a friend and just incase use it. Anupama thanks him. She sys I have brought something for you all.

She says nobody writes the letters these days, I will also send email to everyone, but we can express our feel ings more well in letters. She asks them to think that she has written her feelings on it, like she has pour her heart out on it. She asks them to read it after she leaves. They all thanks her. Anupama says I will leave now.

Baghban song plays….She hugs her kids and family. The kids hold her pallu, asking her not to go. Vanraj frees her pallu. Kavya brings flower petals and gives to Anupama. Anupama throws it over her head and gets out of the house. She looks at everyone’s crying face and waves them bye. She leaves.

Everyone opens their letter and reads. Baa reads the letter in which Anupama asks her to take care of herself and take care of Kavya, as she needs her more now. Dimpy reads the letter in which Anupama asks her to make place in everyone’s heart like Kinjal. Paritosh reads the letter in which Anupama asks her to take up Pari’s responsibilility amidst Kinjal’s decision, and take care.

Kinjal reads the letter in which Anupama praises her and asks her to remember that she is a woman too, along with other relations. Samar reads the letter in which Anupama asks him to take care of Dimple and focus on dance academy. Kavya reads the letter in which Anupama asks her to take care of herself and baby, and call her whenever needed, without checking the time. Vanraj reads the letter in which Anupama has written that they were husband and wife,

friends, enemies, but never become strangers as they have to meet for the kids and Baa and Babu ji. She writes that she hopes that next time they will meet as friends, asks him take care of Kavya and himself. She gives him best of luck for becoming father again. Adhik and Pakhi reads their letters. Anupama in letter asks Adhik to give a chance to Pakhi, and says she is trying surely and asks him to take care.She writes to Pakhi not to lose her courage and that everything will be fine between Adhik and her, and she will end the distance as she is her daughter. Anupama says Anuj…I am coming to say you bye.

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