Lost in love starlife update Thursday 4 January 2024

Lost in love 4 January 2024: Shantanu congratulates Isha’s photo that their son’s alliance is fixed and engagement is after 4 days. Riva walks in with coffee for him and asks if she is not disturbing him. He says not at all. She asks who is this. He says Ishan’s mother. She says she is very beautiful. She asks why he was standing silently when everyone expressed their happiness with Ishan and her alliance.

Lost in love 3 January 2024

Shantanu says if he was allowed to express his opinion, he would have showed how much happy he was. He blesses her and requests her to keep Ishan happy always and never break his heart as he has seen only sorrows in life. She promises and offers him coffee. He sips and says its good.

Ninad plays harmonium and sings a song for Savi. Family gathers around him. Ashwini says he played harmonium after a long time. Ninad says after Bhavani gave him Savi’s wedding responsibility, he started remembering his past and desired to play a harmonium which Sai had gifted him. He says he always wanted a girl and Ashwini wanted a boy, god heard Ashwini’s prayers and Virat was born, he was happy when littl Savi come into their house and he considers her as his daughter and not a granddaughter.

He says he wants her to give her the best, but can’t due his illness and poor financial status. He requests her to accept Bhavani’s decision and marry a boy of Bhavani’s choice and free him from his responsibility. Savi agrees to marry.Riva walks to Ishan’s room and sees him sleeping. She clicks his pic and wiggles her hair around his cheeks. He wakes up shocked and asks if he is in heaven at such an young age as he sees an angel bringing coffee for him. They both talk romantically to each other.

Riva then gets a London School of business’ letter of selection for her PhD admission and expresses her excitement. Ishan says she can study PhD even here. Riva says it’s her mother and sister’s dream to see her studying in London School of Business. Ishan says she may get a good job opportunity after completing PhD, will she accept it. Riva says let’s think about it when the time comes, let’s celebrate now. Ishan sits sadly. Riva says if he is sad thinking about a long-distance relationship,

they both can enjoy daily routine online and spend holidays together, and after 3 years, she will return permanently to him as Mrs Riva Ishan Bhosale. Ishan says it can’t be repeated on again. Riva asks what?Chavan makes arrangements for Savi’s engagement. Harini does Savi’s makeup. Savi feels sad recalling winning Bhosale Institute scholarship. Harini says she should be happy as she is marrying a boy who loves her immensely and not like her husband who doesn’t even look at her.

Bhavani walks in and yells at Savi. Savi asks what did she do. Bhavani asks if she met anyone when she went o Samrudh’s house. Savi says no and she revealed whatever happened. Bhavani says Mandar called and canceled engagement today, they are all coming here in some time. Ishan recalls his mother promising him to return soon and never returning back. Riva asks why he looks upset. He says his mother had promised to return soon but never returned,

he is heart broken since 20 years and doesn’t want to be heartbroken again.Sumrudh’s family visits Bhavani’s house. Bhavani asks Mandar why he canceled engagement. Mandar says their panditji after matching kundalis found a wedding muhurath after 3 days. Savi asks how is it possible. Mandar asks how does it matter if the wedding happens in 1 year or 3 days. Ninad says how will they make arrangements in 3 days. Bhavani agrees to make arrangements in 3 days. Mandar’s family congratulate them while Vinu stops Savi from speaking.

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