Timeless love update Saturday 29 July 2023

Timeless love 29 July 2023: Dev says I know what Investors might be doing now, they might be spitting fire, shall I leave my brother in fire? He says he shall be with him so that his confidence is intact. He says if this happens then I will not leave him. Vidhi tries to stop him. Abhimanyu tells that he always stayed away from business and Dev Bhai used to handle it. He says now he has come in this crisis situation. He says lets talk and have pizza too. Sangeeta brings pizza there. Vidhi tries to stop Dev and asks if you are step brother of Abhimanyu sir. Satyavati calls Yogesh and asks if Dev came. He says no. Priya asks Satyavati why she is expecting miracle from her son and sent him to handle the critical board meeting, who is not meant for business. She says Dev Bhai saheb is not returning in this crisis.

Satyavati is sure that Dev has his own reasons to go, else he wouldn’t have gone. Vidhi tells Dev that Investors were telling that you ran away leaving him. Dev says how dare they? Vidhi says even Abhimanyu Sir got angry and took this stand to save you.The share holder says our crores of Rs are stuck with it, how to eat this pizza, we can’t digest this. Other says we want solution. Abhimanyu says you will get it, and it has two reasons. He says I want to tell you that if we drown then will drown together. He says even I will eat the same pizza and get unwell if you also get unwell. Shareholder says in Dev’s absence, why we shall not sell the shares. He asks him to give one reason.

Hariprasad and Bimla pray to Milapni Devi to save Devi’s company. Urmila also prays for golden’s job. Abhimanyu says if you sell the shares then you will get some money, but if you keep it then might get a good value for it. He says we have started with 2 Rs share price and now it is 2000 Rs. The share holder says if the shares reached the least level then what we will do. Abhimanyu gives example that milk will boil if we increase the flame, amidst the weather. He says when we keep the pan down, it will cool down surely. He says when market lifts then everything will be fine. They ask what he wants to say.

Dev says my heart is not allowing me to leave my brother there. Vidhi asks him to show trust on his brother. Abhimanyu gives the presentation using the chart sent by Kanika and asks them to imagine that they are two Pizza, one is when the company started and one is now. He says company’s goal is still the same. They ask if they shall make the business of pizza. Dev tells Vidhi that only he can handle this meeting and not Abhimanyu. Vidhi asks him to trust Abhimanyu once and sits on his feet.

Abhimanyu says you are right, but I could never understand the language of number, data and charts and asks everyone to adjust with him for sometime. Vidhi asks Dev to give a chance to Abhimanyu Sir. Dev says stop it. He opens the door and sees Abhimanyu giving the presentation. He says this is tried and tested business, if you take back your hands from this business, and invest in some other business, then there is no guarantee that business will work. He says if you back off then we might couldn’t support you when everything becomes fine. He says we will give preference to those who support us now. He says we will make everything fine once Dev Bhai returns and the market affect will not show any affect on us. Dev gets emotional hearing it. He signs Vidhi. The share holders like his presentation and says you might be an expert of food, and asks him to promise that they will have pizza party with board meeting. Other share holder tells that their trust increased with Raichand group. Vidhi says Abhimanyu Sir is in great mood. Dev says how did he do? The share holders appreciate Abhimanyu.

They see Dev. Dev greets them. The share holder says chote Raichand presentation the pie chart as pizza. Dev says sorry to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says you didn’t know, you was with me all the time. Dev asks Vidhi to come. He apologizes to everyone and tells that everything is handled well. He was stuck somewhere. The share holders leave. Abhimanyu tells that Vidhi explained him the chart and thanks everyone for their support. He requests Dev that even he wants to join office. Dev gets happy and hugs him. He then thanks Vidhi.

Dev takes Abhimanyu to his cabin and asks him to sit on the big chair which was empty till now. Abhimanyu makes him sit on the big chair and says you are Ram for me, can Bharat take Shri Ram’s place. He says he was trying to fulfill his duty, when you was not physically present here, I kept you in my heart and handled everything. He says Vidhi has made me realized that my presence here is very important for this company and you. He says when I didn’t listen to her, she scolded me too. Vidhi says I didn’t scold, I just request him. Abhimanyu says she made me understand that there is nobody to answer in your absence and thanks Vidhi. Dev also thanks Vidhi and says you have done which I personally benefitted too. Abhimanyu says Maa is waiting, lets go home. Dev asks him to go and share their happiness with Maa. He says I have some work here.

Dev tells Vidhi that he couldn’t believe what she has done today. He says you have done stunts to stop me. Vidhi says I stopped you so that his confidence. Dev says what about your confidence and says Abhimanyu got ready due to your confidence, did meeting with investors and convinced them, this all happened due to your confidence. He says understand that this is done by you, and says your own confidence shall come out. Vidhi nods her head. Dev says I will be indebted to you all my life, says you keep calculation of thank you and sorry and asks about it. Vidhi asks shall I give it in writing or typed. He says he was joking.

Amba is on call with yogesh and kanika and comes to know about Vidhi stopping Dev. She asks if Dev didn’t scold her. Yogesh says Dev appreciates her for convincing Abhimanyu. Kanika praises Vidhi. Yogesh asks her to make Vidhi’s temple and do sadsang. He says it is team effort.Satyavati takes off bad sight from Abhimanyu. Priya says our tension ended because of you. Abhimanyu says it is because of Vidhi and praises her. Priya asks him to give some credit to him. Abhimanya says she has made me ready and then she didn’t take the credit also. Satyavati says her upbringing is good. Dev tells his employees that Raichand group is a family which stands in difficult times. He claps. Yogesh says you are not just my friend, but my yaar and I did what I can do anything. Dev says this appreciation is for everyone, specially Vidhi. He says she has taken a decision, about which I was not confident and was against it. He says Vidhi didn’t think about herself and her job. He says she is good example to team spirit. Vidhi says Arjun helped her equally. Arjun says she was in high spirits and would have called Genie to call you.

Dev says tomorrow is Diwali pujan and you all shall come. He gives them 2 months bonus and asks them to accept it as the token of appreciation. He hugs his employees and then shake his hand with Vidhi. He thanks Vidhi.Priya asks Abhimanyu to take over the business and handle everything. She says Bhai Saheb needs break and says he might have burn out as it happens in middle age. She says even he will get a chance to think about his private life. Abhimanyu says he has handled the situation as bharat, and that chair is of Ram only. Priya says Bharat, Ram.

Dev and Vidhi are in the car. Vidhi asks him where did he go? Dev says it was very personal. Vidhi says then I shall not ask. Dev says yes. Vidhi asks him to go to his house and says when you had gone to do personal work, everyone was worried. Dev says he wants to meet her parents. He asks what is proud moment for the parents. Vidhi says when I had graduated. Dev says when any third person praises then the limit of happiness of parents go overboard.

Bimla sees Dev and Vidhi coming home. Dev asks what Hariprasad is doing? Bimla says they were worried when he was missing and that’s why he had kept diya on his hand until everything becomes fine. Dev tells Hariprasad that devimaa listened to his prayers and the trouble has gone from his company. Hariprasad thanks Devimaa. Dev praises Vidhi and tells that Vidhi has done which we were trying to do since many years. He says Vidhi motivated him and build confidence in him, and now he is joining the company. He says this all happened due to Vidhi, that Abhi convinced the investors and we can never repay her favor. Hariprasad says Vidhi is Mata Rani’s blessings for us and hugs her.Dev comes home. Abhimanyu and Chitra hug him. Chitra asks where did you go? Dev says sorry. Chitra says its ok. He says sorry maa. Satyavati hugs him and says surely you must be having some work, else you wouldn’t have gone. She says today we will celebrate Diwali. They hug together.


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