Radha Mohan update Saturday 29 July 2023

Radha Mohan 29 July 2023: Radha mention she would witness what a mother can do when her child is being beaten in front of her, Kaveri calls the entire family and they are shocked to see Radha constantly beating Damini, Ketki explains that Kadambari should not interfere as they both can handle it when Ajeet explains that Radha is only beating Damini and that too with the rod, Mohan also comes asking what is she doing, he requests her to stop but she does not listen, Mohan finally holds her asking if she would actually kill Damini, Radha replies she would surely kill her if she even thinks about harming Gungun again, as she is her daughter, Radha exclaims how did she dare rise her hand on Gungun, she warns Damini to try when she will show her what it means.

Mohan informs that Damini is innocent, Gungun is fine standing in the corner, Kadambari walks away to reveal Gungun.Radha seeing her is shocked, she turns to look at Damini and is not able to understand it when Damini reveals she has lost her mind after losing Mohan, they must see how she is eager to kill her. Damini blames Radha for being like this since the start, Radha rushes to Gungun, she hugs her asking I she is fine, Gungun assures she is fine but asks what has happened here.

Kaveri standing explains Radha was beating her daughter, when they enjoy in such a house however Radha wanted to do it but only used the name of Gungun to defend herself, Mohan angrily stop Kaveri. He asks Damini if she is fine and something happened between them both, Damini explains that she was really tensed so came out to get some fresh air but Radha started beating her, Mohan questions her when Radha accepts she thought Damini was beating her, Damini however gets furious and so she stands asking Gungun if she was beating her, Gungun replies she would not let Damini beat her. Radha refuses to accept it explaining she herself saw Damini pulling Gungun out and she was then hitting Gungun.

Damini recalls that Kaveri explained they would not harm Gungun today because then the entire family would beat them, Damini then informed her about her plan, that they would bring some children from the streets who would act for them, Kaveri seeing the opportunity then send the child away after giving her money. Radha requests Mohan to believe her because it is a plan of both Damini and Kaveri masi. Damini asks Radha to stop as she first beat her and is now refusing to accept anything, while is in turn blaming her. Damini asks if she has any shame left. Radha replies that she would no longer let Damini fool everyone. Mohan angrily stops Radha asking what she is doing, Tulsi explains that Radha will be telling the truth.

Damini blames that Radha has lost her mind as she cannot bear her is going to marry her, Damini explains she first thought that if she accepts her love in front of everyone then he might break the relation but when it did not happen, she lost her mind and is doing these things to her, she forcefully sat in the Mandap to marry him but when she had nothing left to do, she acted as if there is a ghost in the house. Gungun is tensed hearing about the ghost.

Radha asks Damini to stop as there is no need to talk about these situations, Damini replies to Gungun should also know how Radha has gotten mad, Gungun replies that Damini has lost her mind, she is an idiot and mindless person. Kadambari angrily stops her explaining it is really bad. Damini blames Radha for teaching all these thigs to Gungun, she explains she cannot go near Gungun even if she desires, she once again blames Radha for brain washing Gungun, as she forcefully wants to marry Mohan. Damini asks if she knows what such girls are called, Mohan angrily stoops them both explaining they are behaving as if it is a shooting, he instructs them both to come inside.

Damini asks if this is the respect left for the daughter in law o Trivedi family. Kadambari assures there is nothing of the sort, Damini explains she does not want Radha to attend her wedding. Mohan asks how it can happen since they cannot forget what Radha has done for their family. Damini explains even she has sacrificed half o her life for this family, but everything ruined just as Radha entered in her life so she would not let anything wrong happen in her married life. Kadambari agrees with Damini explaining Radha has today blamed Damini and she even performed the rituals with Mohan, so anyone would feel the same when Radha stops Mohan explaining he does not have to talk on her behalf, she is turning explains he should think why she is constantly saying he should not marry Damini as it she is not the suitable life partner. Kadambari angrily comes instructing Mohan to come inside, she even tries to take Gungun who does not agree however Kadambari scolds her explaining that Mohan agreed so what problem does she have with it, the entire family goes inside the house. Kaveri also leaves with Damini.

Radha sits down on the floor after losing hope, wondering what she can do. Tulsi explains she knows Radha can never do anything of the sort, Radha requests Bihari jee for help.Kaveri and Damini are walking when Kaveri praises her for acting mentioning now everything has ended, Damini reveals that the drama is still about to end but she must first teach someone a lesson.Kadambari entering the room asks Tulsi if she is here, Tulsi comes questioning if she called her, Tulsi causes the vase to wall when Kadambari reveals that it has been a long time since she passed away and they both have the same reason which is to protect Mohan however she must forget her about what she is going to do, Kadambari apologizes to her when Damini quickly places the protection shield around the room, Tulsi gets stunned and tries to walk out but she is thrown back inside because of it. Kaveri exclaims the ghost herself got trapped, she was planning to help Radha, but she must first protect herself. Tulsi asks Kadambari why she do it as she received her, Kadambari apologizes explaining she did not have any other choice, Damini standing at the door mentions she does not have to feel sorry or Tulsi, because had she not taken Radha to the Mandap, such a issue would ever have raised, Kadambari leaves without listening to Tulsi.

Tulsi wonders why they have both captured her and what are they planning against Radha. Damini explains that they have taken care of one but what about the other, Kaveri takes out the syringe mentioning she is always ready. Damini standing in front of Radha reveals there are some things which can never change like Radha always trying to protect Gungun while she will try to kill her, Damini reveals once she gets married, she would have a lot of ways by which she can do it, either by poisoning her or even burning. Radha angrily explains she will take her life before it can ever happen, Radha notices something strange so turning back notices Kaveri who has injected her with the syringe. Damini and Kaveri both are smiling, Radha is worried.

Damini threatens to kill Gungun, Radha explains she would take her life before it happens, she raises her hand towards Damini but suddenly feels strange, she turns back to realize that Kaveri has injected her with some sort of drug, Radha starts feeling dizzy, she is about to pass out before even able to touch Damini when she forcefully places her hands around her neck, acting as if Radha is strangling her so she yells at everyone requesting them to help her, Kaveri also calls them to protect her daughter, Mohan rushes to Damini but he notices that Radha falls on the floor unconscious.

Mohan immediately tries to wake her up asking what has happened, he instructs Ketki to immediately call the doctor, Mohan picks Radha running her into the room while leaving Damini, who follows them. Ajeet exclaims he does not want to believe but feels Damini might be telling the truth that Radha is not able to bear that Mohan and Damini are getting married. Tulsi mentions it is not the truth as Radha is innocent.

The doctor asks how it happened and if they noticed something strange about her behavior, Damini mention everything is strange as she first saw ghosts in the house then thought she was beating Gungun after which she started hitting her while in the last tried to suffocate her. Damini explains she is heartbroken as she has fallen in love with her husband, Mohan asks what has happened to Radha, he replies after hearing the incidents it feels she has suffered an intense heart break. Mohan asks what the doctor is saying as nothing has happened to Radha, the doctor instructs him to not be emotional as it is completely fine, because if they do not get what they desire then might behave in such a manner. The doctor mentions she can be treated but not in the house and the hospital, because Radha can be dangerous for them if she once again becomes violent, Mohan refuses to agree informing Radha would stay with them. The doctor tries to convince Mohan explaining she will be kept under observation and given medicines otherwise she might once again suffer the same trauma, he advises Mohan to stay away from her because they have to keep the reason of her trauma away from her. Gungun requests him to not take Radha away as she is completely fine.

The doctor secretly turns to look at Damini who explains that he has done what they desire.Kaveri is waiting for the doctor who arrives, she asks where is he going when the doctor reveals he receives a call from this house when Kaveri replies that he has gotten late so they have already sent the patient to the hospital, Kaveri gets excited thinking why would they call him when they have already called their own doctor.

Mohan refuses to allow him to take Radha mentioning that she is going to stay here, the doctor explains but then he will give her the medicine, the doctor is about to give her the tablet, but Mohan stops him explaining he himself will give Radha the medicine. Damini signals him to agree, he leaves mentioning they should call him. Mohan sits beside Radha to give her the medicine, Damini is relieved witnessing it.

Kaveri whispers to Damini they heard that people tend to get mad in love, does Radha know that this medicine would itself make Radha lose her mind. Kadambari mentions they all should leave as Radha needs to rest, Kaveri also leaves with Damini.
Gungun explains she would stay with Radha in the room. Damini standing in the window exclaims that one got is trapped in the room while Radha is here on the bed so who would help her.
Mohan takes out the tablet from his hand, he thinks he trusts Radha but if he is suspecting someone now then it is Damini, Mohan is furious.

Mohan entering the room wonders how Radha can lose her mind as she was completely healthy, he thinks there is something wrong. Mohan checks the name of the tablet, he after searching realizes it is for extreme mental disorder, Mohan sends it to Dr Mehta, requesting if he can tell when the medicine is given, Dr Mehta reveals this medicine is prescribed as the last resort, Mohan asks if someone is given it during the first medical checkup, Dr Mehta mentions it can never happen as this medicine is only prescribed as the last resort, he advises Mohan to seek proper checkup of any patient before giving such medicine. Mohan wonders why the doctor prescribed this medicine; he feels there is something wrong in this house.

Radha is still unconscious, Tulsi coming to the room requests her to wake up as they have very little time to stop this marriage, Radha is still calling Mohan and Gungun while sleeping.Damini in the room explains that this time her plan will not fail as the dosage of this tablet would not make her wake up till tomorrow morning, Kaveri mentions that they would surely call her as a mental person by now, Kaveri is worried if Radha wakes up before the marriage when Damini explains that now no one can stop her marriage with Mohan.

Mohan is worried in the room wondering why the doctor prescribed such a heavy medicine and if Damini knew about it, he exclaims the truth is also that both Damini and Kaveri stopped Radha from telling the truth, he is curious of what is happening. Gungun entering the room explains that Damini and Kaveri are stopping her from meeting Radha, she asks if he also thinks that Radha is mental and not healthy, Mohan replies he doesn’t feel it to be true. Gungun asks if he trusts the doctor and Damini, because she said Radha is doing this because she loves him but it is not the case as when Radha found out about her feelings she wanted to leave the house, Gungun inquiries if he remembers when he would ask Radha why does she want to leave but she would not say anything. Mohan remembers it, Gungun reveals she only stayed because she found out that Damini is bad, she just wanted to help him and everyone in this house. Gungun mentions she wanted to come and inform him the truth however Radha made her swear to keep it a secret, she said that he would get tensed without any reason vowing to handle it by herself. Mohan is really confused. Gungun explains Radha loves him like Radharani does with Bihari jee, in which they give the other partner chocolate even if they do not get anything in return, she mentions Radha loved Gungun even before she loved her, she explains Radha is not selfish and evil. She knows Radha loves him and he also has the same feelings for her, Mohan is confused.


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