Lost in love update Saturday 15 July 2023

Lost in love 15 July 2023: Pakhi and Vinayak panic when a speeding truck head towards their car and their car’s tyre bursts. Driver applies brakes on time. Pakhi comforts Vinayak and says by god’s grace, driver applied brakes on time and managed the situation. Vinu asks if they can call baba here and go to London together. Pakhi asks driver when will he fix tyre and can’t he check everything before leaving on a trip. Driver says anything can happen on road and asks her to relax.

Lost in love 14 July 2023

Pakhi returns and sits hugging Vinu again. Driver doubts that she must have kidnapped that boy. Pakhi thinks Virat must have found out about her taking Vinu away and must have sent his team to search for them, don’t know what Sai must be doing. Sai visits police station and asks inspector to file a missing complaint of her and Virat’s son. Inspector asks if she has doubt on anyone. Sai says she is sure Virat’s wife Pakhi kidnapped he rson. Inspector recalls Virat ordering to block all outing national and international routes and detain Pakhi and Vinu.

He agrees to note down her complaint. Sai asks him to include Virat for abetting the accused in escape. Inspector says she is accusing their senior officer. Sai says she is also a marytrd police officer’s daughter and knows superiors here, she will not keep quiet until case is filed. Inspector agrees to file a complaint.Sai notes a letter for her in her bag and reads that her adopted Vinu is her biological child born from her womb. She recalls calling Anandi who reveals that Virat knows about it from before, its good that she found out the truth,

they usually keep such information confidential and didn’t reveal it to even Sai, etc. Out of flashback, she thinks she got back her son and will not let Virat or Sai take him back. Ashwini asks Virat why didn’t he reveal truth to Pakhi. Virat says Pakhi lost her uterus and can’t bear a child, she would have taken Vinu long ago or Sai and Pakhi’s tussle would have started. He says Pakhi thinks he is favoring Sai and Sai thinks he is favoring Pakhi, he is stuck between 2 and is losing his son.

Ninad comforts him and says everything will be alright. Virat says he will set things right and will find out his son at any cost, he will see how Pakhi will keep his son away from him.Virat visits police station and asks inspector if he got any update regarding Pakhi and Vinu. Inspector says he can’t give any information to him as there is a complaint against him. Virat asks who filed a complaint against him. Sai says she did and reminds him that he got her into jail when he learnt about Savi.

Virat threatens inspector for filing complaint against him without any evidence. Sai asks him if he accepts that she is Vinayak’s mother. He agrees. She asks if she gave him 72 hours to inform his family and wife about Vinayak. He says yes. She asks did his wife take away her son with passports. He says its true. She says its proved that he helped his wife escape with her son. He says he didn’t and don’t know how to convince her. Sai says she doesn’t want to, she already made a mistake of trusting him once and can’t make a mistake again;

she already filed a complaint and will see if police will help a mother or a senior officer whose wife escaped with her son.Inspector tells Virat that he himself accepted everything and hence he can’t be involved in this case and any progress would be reported to seniors. Virat tells Sai that she is making a mistake by not involving him in this case. Sai says she already trusted him and gave him 72 hours, but he helped his wife escape with her son;

now she will not trust him a bit. Virat thinks she did wrong and he will not forgive her for that.Sai asks inspector what will he do now. Inspector says they are going to Chavan nivas to get Pakhi’s phone as they may find a crucial information from it. Virat leaves in his car. Sai asks why didn’t he arrest Virat. Inspector says he can’t arrest his senior officer, they should go and get Pakhi’s mobile. Sai says its too late now as Virat will hide Pakhi’s mobile. Virat thinks he should find Pakhi and Vinu before police does.

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