Anupama starlife update Saturday 15 July 2023

Anupama 15 July 2023: Anuj, Anupama, Dimpy, and Little Anu head for a Sankranti fair. Anupama asks Dimpy if their stall is set up at the fair. Dimpy says Samar is handling it well. Anuj hopes Ankush and Barkha would have accompanied them. Little Anu excitedly says she will meet MaaYa today. Dimpay says even she is excited to find out who MaaYa is. Anuj says he thinks Shahs will also attend the fair as Samar is setting up a stall there.

Anupama 14 July 2023

Anupama says she didn’t think about it and they didn’t inform her. Anuj asks her to relax as any family has right to attend a fair. Anupama hopes she doesn’t come across Shahs today. Shahs get ready for the fair. Leela offers till laddu to Hasmukh. Hasmukh jokes that she will break his teeth. She gives laddus to Vanraj. Adhik and Pakhi walk with gifts and wish happy makar sankranti.

They feel excited seeing till laddu. Samar says even he needs some and asks Leela to pack some for Dimpy as she loves it.Leela says she would rather die than giving sweets to Dimpy. Samar says she shouldn’t react seeing Dimpy at the fair as he and Dimpy are setting up a stall to promote their dance academy.Toshu walks down wearing a pink blazer. Leela asks if they going to play drum somewhere. Toshu says he is also attending fair. Samar says they had decided to wear traditional attire.

Toshu continues his drama and says he has set up a stall at fair to promote his business=. Family warns him not to create more problems for them.Toshu says he will just promote his business and nothing else. Leela yells that Kapadias will also come if rich guests are coming, she will give them a nice ear if they provoke her. Hasmukh warns her not to open her mouth. Leela hopes they don’t come across each other. Ankush and Barkha’s argument starts while they head towards fair.

Ankush gets determined to bring his son to Kapadia house. Barkha thinks Ankush will choose his son over her, so she needs to talk to her lawyer. She calls her lawyer and asks how to safeguard her and daughter’s future if there is a divorce situation and if an out of wedlock child has right on his father’s property.Kapadias reach fair. Fair organizer welcomes Anuj and Anupama for the fair. Dimpy goes to check on Samar to set up their stall. Ankush and Barkha join them.

Little Anu says they fulfilled their wish by joining her. Ankush says anything for his princess. Anuj asks Little Anu not to go away from them as there is a huge crowd around. Little Anu informs that MaaYa is also coming as she informed her about their visit. Dimpy takes them to Samar’s stall and they all happily meet and greet. Shahs enter in Toshu’s borrowed car playing a funky song. Samar informs that Toshu also set up a stall.

Anuj says he didn’t change even after so much happened. Leela fumes seeing Kapadias and yells that they barge in wherever she goes. Hasmukh tries to shut her mouth in vain. Vanraj and Leela decide not to meet Kapadias. Little Anu wishes to meet Pari. Hasmukh says he will meet his daughter at any cost as its a festival today and walks to Kapadias.Mohit cheers up nervous Kavya how to face a crowd and be a true professional during her photo shoot at the fair and not look at her family as she may feel distracted, etc.

Adhik and Pakhi meet Kapadias. Barkha gets angry when Pakhi touches her feet.Leela and Vanraj stand far away. Little Anu asks why Nani baa and moustache uncle are not coming, she will go to them. Kinjal asks her to stay there with Pari. Little Anu says let us go and play game. Hasmukh returns to Leela. Leela frowns seeing Samar and Dimpy together. Kavya voice messages Vanraj that today is a biggest day for her, she is going to give a big surprise, and seeks his support. He thinks which surprise Kavya is talking about. Leela thinks she needs to cut Kavya’s feathers on time before she flies too high.

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