Lost in love update Friday 14 July 2023

Lost in love 14 July 2023: Virat informs that Pakhi is not in her room, Vinu and Pakhi’s passports are also missing. Sai fears if Pakhi left for somewhere with Vinu. Mohit returns and informs that searched outside thoroughly and Vinu is nowhere. Ninad says Pakhi can’t take Vinu away like this and asks Mohit to call Pakhi. Virat says Pakhi left her phone in her room.

Lost in love 13 July 2023

Karishma says even Vinu left his phone in his room. Bhavani says it means Pakhi took Vinu away. Sai blames Virat for sending Vinu and Pakhi away and hid truth from his family to plan Pakhi’s escape. She says Usha warned her that Virat will always support Pakhi, she made a big mistake by trusting him and not Usha, he thought only about Pakhi and not her. Virat says he didn’t help Pakhi and never thought that she would leave the house with Vinu like this. Ninad asks them to stop fighting and think where Pakhi would have taken Vinu.

Pakhi takes Vinu in a car and describes him a story about a prince who loved his queen mother a lot, a sorcerer entered in their lives who could control anyone with her magic. Virat calls his subordinate and orders him to seal all the routes to get out of Nagpur and catch Pakhi and Vinayak as soon as possible. Pakhi continues story that sorcerer controlled king and tried to control queen, but queen was too strong and didn’t let sorcerer’s magic on herself and protect her son;

sorcerer then tried to throw her magical spell on prince, but queen took him far away. Virat thinks why did Pakhi do this. Sai asks him to stop his drama after helping Pakhi escape with Vinu. Virat asks her to stop accusing him. Sai says Virat must have informed Pakhi that Vinu is Sai’s son. Virat says he didn’t. Sai says he snatched Vinu from her and gave him to Pakhi before and now did same,

her children are everything for her and she will not spare him or anyone who try to snatch her children from her.Pakhi continues her story that prince obeyed his mother and sacrificed his toys and friends. She says just like a prince, he has to obey his mother. She reveals that they are going to London to stay with her mother and will party a lot there. Vinu excitedly hugs her. Pakhi thinks nobody can snatch her son from her, not even Virat or Sai, she will see how they will stop her from going to London.

Bhavani prays god that her grandson was living among them since years, but she didn’t accept him thinking he is not Chavan blood. She thanks god for showing his blessings on her family always and prays god to send back Vinu and Pakhi home. Sonali reminds her that years ago her one DIL escaped with Vinu and met with an accident and today her another DIL dis same. She hopes accident doesn’t happen again.

Virat asks her not to talk negative. Bhavani says Sonali is right, how dare Pakhi is to take her grandson away, earlier Sai played a game and now Pakhi. Ashwini asks her to to calm down or else her BP will shoot up. Bhavani scolds Virat for revealing truth to Pakhi before them and helping her escape. Virat says he didn’t. Bhavani asks who else then. Pakhi thinks Virat knew about Vinu long ago and maybe wanted to inform her about it, but she didn’t listen.Driver rash drives. Vinu gets afraid seeing a speeding truck towards them.

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