Lost in love update Friday 18 August 2023

Lost in love 18 August 2023: Pakhi notices Virat filling food plates and asks if someone else is also joining him. Virat says she is joining him and says he knows she didn’t have anything since morning, so she should please have something. Pakhi offers him a bite saying even he didn’t have anything since morning. Virat asks him to have first. Pakhi thanks him for caring for her and says his small acts means a lot for him and justifies her act saying maybe her way was right, but her intention is right and she did it to keep her family near her. Virat says her act would take his children away from him; he regrets not seeing his daughter grow up, he prays god to keep his children near him, she tried to break someone’s house to keep her house intact and he will not forgive her for that. Pakhi requests him to listen to her once. Virat stands up saying when its a question of his children, he will not compromise and he can’t stay in this room anyone as she became a stranger to him. Pakhi says he can’t do this to him after promising to walk along her for life. Virat says he is tired of their relationship now and walks away.

Savi over a video message invites Chavans to join her in celebrating her mom’s victory today. She asks Bhavani if she spoke right and will everyone come. Bhavani says she doesn’t know about others, but she will join her for sure. They wait at dining table for everyone to join them. Whole family walks in except Virat, Sai, and Pakhi. Savi refuses to have food until her whole family joins her. Sonali says let her feed her until others join. Savi refuses. Virat joins her first followed by Sai. Sai says she wants even her Vinu dada. Karishma says Vinu will not come as Pakhi brainwashed him. Vinayak joins her. SAvi feels happy. Virat, Sai, and Vinu serve her food. Vinu then feeds a bite to Sai. Sai gets emotional and says this is her life’s best moment.

Virat asks Vinu when he was angry on Dr aunty, then what hanged his mind. Vinu says mamma told Dr aunty hurt her, but he realized that Dr aunty saved his mamma’s life twice and can never hurt anyone; he got confused when mamma told Dr aunty hurt her, he called Dr Headache who explained him that his Dr Aunty saved his mamma instead and his mamma is confused. He hugs and thanks Sai for saving his mamma’s life. he says he thought she is a dirty sorcerer who will take him away from his mamma, but she is world’s sweetest angel. He says his mamma is with him because of her and asks if she will separate him from his mamma again. Pakhi walks in and stands emotional. Vinu notices her and insists him to have dinner with them. Pakhi says she is not hungry.

Vinu drags her to Sai and says she got confused that Dr aunty hurt her, but Dr aunty saved her and is not a dirty sorcerer and if she had not saved her, she would have left him long ago; they would stay together forever. He requests her to reconcile her differences with Sai and make a peace with her. Savi also insists Sai to reconcile her differences with Pakhi aunty. Vinu asks them to feed srikhand puri to each other and make peace with each other. Sai feeds Pakhi first. Pakhi apologises Sai and feeds her next. Savi claps saying her aayi and paki reconciled. All others clap next. Sonali comments sautan became friend, lets see their friendship will last for howmany days.

Virat, Pakhi, and Sai feel restless at night and don’t get sleep. Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi Hairaan Hoon Main.. song plays in the background. Pakhi recalls Virat leaving her room saying he can stay in same room again after what she did. Virat recalls Pakhi filling poison in Vinu’s mind. Sai recalls Vinu thanking her for saving his mamma’s life. Pakhi further recalls Ashwini’s advice to concentrate on her own life and stop bothering about Sai, Vinu running and hugging Sai instead. Virat further recalls Bhavani’s advice to leave Pakhi and marry Sai again. Next morning, Pakhi wakes up Vinu and asks him to get ready for school. Vinu looks at watch and says still there is a lot of time for school. Pakhi says she wants to do something for his doctor aunty as she did a lot for her as per him, so she wants him to do something for him. Vinu asks what. Pakhi says he should convince Sai that she is their protector until she is here. Vinu shares his idea.

Vinu and Savi get ready for school. Pakhi gives tiffin to Vinu and even Savi. Savi gets happy. Pakhi says if she is Vinu’s sister, then she is her daughter and a mother can prepare tiffin for her daughter. She apologizes Savi for breaking her nameplate. Savi says its okay as Vinu and Virat refixed it and it looks more beautiful than before. Sai walks in ready for work. Vinu hugs and wishes her good morning. Sai replies. Vinu says she did a lot for him and his mamma, so he wants to gift her something. He gifts her hand written card and shows her as an angel protecting him, Virat, and Pakhi. Sai gets emotional. Pakhi apologizes Sai for her heinous acts and says she doesn’t have any problem with Sai’s stay in this house and hopes Sai apologizes her one day. Virat passes by and notices them.

Sai visits hospital and looking at card thinks Vinu loves her so much and thinks she is a protector of his family, so she can’t take Vinu with her; can’t she, Vinu, and Savi stay together. Satya walks in playing Baar Baar Haan.. song and dances praising her bravery. Dr Survase and nurses also join them and dance praising Sai. Sai fels happy and claps for them. She asks even Dr Survase is also dancing. Dr. Survase says why not when his star doctor has returned, so he is welcoming her in Dr. Satya’s style. He returns Sai’s nameplate. Sai gets emotional holding it. Satya in Amitabh Bachan’s style asks if she is happy. Sai says she is. Satya says then she should celebrate and sings Ice Cream Khaogi. Sai says she will serve him chappan bhog/feast, he should jhust stop singing. Satya jokes that he will visit Sai whenever he wants to have chappan bhog. Dr Survase says lets back to work now and leaves.

Sai thanks him for talking to Vinu and clearing his misunderstanding towards her and says his son is talking to her because of his advice, she will never forget his favor. Satya jokes that he will never let her forget his favor and will seek a favor in return. Sai says she cleared his debt when she treated him after he collapsed while treating a patient in dhaba and she dropped him home driving his bike. Satya gets sad and walks away from there. Sai thinks she doesn’t know what is going in his mind. Virat goes for a fitness test at doctor’s clinic and while performing stress test on a treadmill he recalls Pakhi’s heinous acts and his heart rate shoots up. Doctor stops him and says something is bothering him. He asks him to remember what calms him down with closed eyes. Virat imagines Sai. Doctor asks him to talk about the problem which his bothering him and clear his mind out. Virat thinks how doesn’t know how to talk to Pakhi about his problem.

Sai visits Dr Satya’s room and finds doesn’t find him there. She calls on his number, and his phone rings on table. Dr Survase says Dr Satya took a leave as he was feeling ill. Sai thinks of visiting his house. Virat returns home and thinks he should talk to Sai and inform her that he can’t stay with her anymore. He then feels guilty and returns to his room where he finds Pakhi’s sorry messages.

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