Lost in love update Saturday 19 August 2023

Lost in love 19 August 2023: Virat finds Pakhi’s sorry notes all over his room and asks what is all this. Pakhi says whaever she wanted to say and apologizes him for her mistake. She says she did that because of her fear of losing him and Vinu. Vanraj says he wants to tell her something. Pakhi holds his hand and says even she wants to tell him something, he told they are betfriends when they had gone to Vinu and Savi’s school pinic, she needs her best friend back and doesn’t want to lose him, he can give their relationship any name he wants to but never leave her. She asks him what he wanted to say. Virat thinks how to tell her that he wants to break their relationship, but has to for everyone betterment. Vinu walks in and asks Pakhi to give him something to eat. He notices sorry notes and asks what is all this. Pakhi says she made a mistake by filing a case on his doctor aunty and apologized her on his advice, similarly she is apologizing his baba. Vinu asks Virat if he will forgive mamma. Virat nods yes. Vinu jumps in happiness and asks Pakhi to serve him something now. Pakhi walks away saying she will speak to Virat later. Virat thinks how to tell Pakhi that he wants to break up with her.

Satya while cooking recalls Sai’s words and then recalls Girija consuming poison when her parents opposed their relationship. He reaches her, but her father doesn’t let him near her and humiliates him saying he will never let a cheap danger’s son without knowing the whereabouts of his father to marry his daughter. Girija dies in front of Satya. Out of flashback, he injures his finger and continues to continue. Amba notices that and stops him. Back to his room, he imagines Girija who asks him to stop hurting himself as she is not there to take care of him. Satya says she is always with her. Girija says he should free her and move on with another girl. Satya says he doesn’t want to move on with any girl. Amba notices him and feels worried.

Virat practices trying to reveal Pakhi that he wants to break up with her as their relationship is meaningless and he never loved her. He says carrying a weight of dead realtionsip is the heaviest weight on one’s life and he can’t carry it anymore, etc. He thinks how to tell all this to Pakhi. Savi walks in and asks why he is talking to himself and wandering in room. Virat says he is fine. Savi takes him out. Satya’s grandma notices workers pounding masalas slowly and scolds them to be fast. She walks into kitchen and notices Amba crying. Amba says she can’t see her son sad and lost in himself. Grandma says a love can’t be forgotten so easily and Satya will continue to be in sorrows until a new girl enters his life. Amba says she is talking as if a girl will walk in to their house by herself. Sai walks in.

Savi takes Virat to kitchen and asks him to be a chef with her and Vinu. Virat asks whose idea is this. Pakhi walks in and says its her idea, he wanted to spend time with his children, so she arranged this to make him feel happy. She asks if he is happy. He says yes. Sai covers her face due to strong masala smell. Satya Grandma’s confuses her as an employee and scolds her for coming late and asks her to grind masalas soon, without letting Sai speak. Pakhi teaches to prepare sandwich. Savi thanks her. Pakhi says there is no need thank her as she is like her mamma. Virat thinks Pakhi is doing her best to save their relationship, he doesn’t know how to tell her that he wants to break up with her. Bhavani gets concerned seeing that. Ashwini tells her that Pakhi used to hate Savi, but now she is teaching her cooking like her own daughter. Satya’s aunt scolds Sai next and doesn’t let her speak. His sister Maddy walks in next calling Satya. Aunt says he must be somewhere around. Maddy calls Satya’s number. It rings in Sai’s bag. Sai shows phone and says its with her and reveals she is Sai and not an employee Durga.

Sai shows her face and says she is Sai and not Durga. Satya asks why she came to butter him after winning the case and is pounding masala here. Sai says she didn’t come to butter him or pound masala and he should stop joking. He asks her reason for coming. Sai says she came to return his phone and explains how she found his phone. Satya asks if she came here to return his phone. Sai says she also wants to talk to him. On the other side, Virat tells Bhavani that he will speak to Pakhi and even hired a lawyer to start divorce proceedings, but its a relationship which cannot be broken easily and he needs time for that. Bhavani says she took many tough decisions for the family, he would be becoming head of the family after her and hence has to learn to take tough decisions for the family’s benefit and forget a few relationships; he has to understand her words as he has to take tough decisions in the future and can’t get weak, she and Nagesh tough decisions in the past before and after marriage.

Virat says he understands her words, but he can’t break someone’s heart and hence needs some time; its his issue and let him handle it. Bhavani says its a family issue and hence elders have to interfere, anyways she can’t interfere in his other issue and he has to handle it himself. Virat asks which one.

Sai asks Satya if something happened that he left hospital suddenly, Dr Survase told he fell ill and took a leave from OPD. Satya recalls Gayatri’s death and says he was really feeling ill and hence took a leave. Sai in a poetic way asks if he is hiding something behind his smile. Satya replies to forget about his pain and keep smiling. Sai notices bandage over his hand and asks when did he injure himself, he was fine when he left hospital. Satya notices his whole family peeping into the room and tells Sai that she is so worried for him that she got an intuition that he is injured and came here in lieu of returning his mobile, then asks his family if they wanted to hear this. He asks Sai to leave before his family starts cooking up stories. Family says they will not let Sai go and takes her inside.

Bhavani asks Virat if he informed Sai that he wants to spend his life with her. Virat says not yet. Bhavani asks what is he waiting for, he shouldn’t delay and inform Sai soon or else it would be too late, he should tell Sai that he wants to lead a happy life with her and their children. She says as a woman she knows if a woman loves someone immensely and finds a danger on her love, she will go to any extent to protect it and can even destroy everything; she knows one such woman who destroyed her and everyone’s life around her for her love. Satya’s family serves snacks to Sai and insists her to have it. Maddy says Satya prepared it. Satya jokes. Maddy says Satya knows cooking, stitching, art work, etc. Satya starts singing and says he will show her all his talents to her. Sai laughs.

An office boy delivers an envelope to Vinu and asks him to give it to Virat Chavan. Savi says let us see if it has a puzzle and solve it. Vinu opens envelope. Virat gets a call from his lawyer that his office boy handed over papers to some boy. He gets angry on lawyer for his carlessness and says he would have come to receive divorce papers and rushes down. Vinu is about to pick up papers from envelope when Pakhi stops him and says baba will get angry if these are some important papers. Virat rushes down. Pakhi hands him over papers. Virat drops papers in nervousness and stands tensed when papers get out of envelope. Pakhi asks why is he in a hurry.

Satya asks family if they want to share his more talents and asks Sai to take snacks with her and share it with Vinu. Amba asks who is Vinu. Satya says he is Sai’s son. Family sits shocked hearing that. Satya packs snacks and masalas and asks Sai to leave now, they will talk in hospital tomorrow. Sai leaves. Grandma asks if Sai has a son. Amba says Satya is joking as there is no mangalsutra in Sai’s neck. Grandma prays god to unite Satya and Sai. Virat picks papers and says he was just worried that Vinu and Savi will spoil confidential papers. Pakhi stands confused seeing his anxiousness.

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