Lost in love update Thursday 17 August 2023

Lost in love 17 August 2023: Satya asks Pakhi how she considers Sai as a human. Pakhi says she already told court that she doesn’t like Sai a bit. Satya says its her opinion, others considers Sai as good or else why would Sai risk her life and save Pakhi. Pakhi says she doesn’t know all that; she just knows that Sai is a liar, wicked, and stone hearted woman who did wrong to her. Satya asks doesn’t she think she should show Sai her place and prove that an outsider can’t take her place. Pakhi’s lawyer says Satya is provoking his client. Judge asks Satya to be specific to his point as he is not a lawyer. Satya says his questions are important for this case and asks Pakhi if she considers herself as a door mat. Pakhi says she doesn’t and wants to show that if Sai tries to snatch her family, she will snatch her profession from her.

Satya tells judge that he wanted to prove that Pakhi filed a case on Sai to take revenge from her; he visited accident location and a nursing home where Pakhi was treated and is 100% sure that what Sai and Pulkit did in that situation was absolutely necessary or else they wouldn’t have seen Pakhi between them now, medical council can’t lose 2 talented doctors and hence requests judge not to revoke Sai and Pulkit’s medical practice license. Bhavani comments on Pakhi that an evil mind always thinks evil. Judge announces that after hearing all parties, its proved that Pakhi falsely accused Dr. Sai and Dr. Pulkit and hence considering them innocent gives them a clean chit and expects they would continue to work with dedication and honesty like before. Everyone clap hearing verdict while Pakhi frowns. Sai with an emotional expression thanks Satya. Virat gets jealous seeing that. Bhavani thanks god.

Pakhi’s lawyer apologizes her for losing the case. Ashwini asks Pakhi to forget whatever happened. Pakhi walks away from there (unable to get sad expressions on her face). Outside the court, Sai thanks Satya for keeping their personal issues aside and giving verdict in her favor. Satya says he saved a medical profession and not her. Virat walks in next and thanks Satya for his unbiased investigation and says if he wouldn’t have helped them, don’t know what would have happened to them. He smiles at Sai. Satya congratulates them both and leaves asking them to celebrate their victory. Virat and Sai smile at each other and shake hands. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Pakhi walks out of court sadly.

While returning home, Bhavani congratulates Virat for supporting Sai by bringing Kankauli people to court. Virat reminds her how case as going against SAai because of her bribe act. Bhavani says whatever she did was for his sake. Pakhi walks senselessly in front of a speeding truck. Ninad pulls her away on time. Ashwini asks her to control herself. Pakhi starts her emotional blackmail that her presence doesn’t matter to anyone anymore, her husband is supporting his ex-wife against her and soon would handover her son to his ex-wife, Bhavani is planning to kick he rout of the house and must have already started planning a party. Virat asks Sai what does she mean by she did it for his sake. Bhavani says she knows what is in his mind and asks if he loves Sai.

Sai returns home. Mohit, Karishma, and Sonali asks if she won her case. Sai says truth won. Mohit says he knew Sai would win. Vinayak walks to Sai and asks if she passed her exam. Sai says yes and Dr Satya helped her a lot. Vinayak asks if her mamma also passed her exam. Sai says no. Vinayak asks why she and mamma can’t pass their exams together, why his mamma always has to bear losses, etc. He runs away from there sadly. Sai thinks she needs to do something to cheer him up. Bhavani insists Virat to reveal if he loves Sai or not. Virat agrees that he loves Sai. He recalls quality moments spent with Sai. Ab Na Jaa.. song plays in the background. He says he experiences Sai’s presence even when she is not with him, he feels alive when she is around him. Bhavani asks why don’t he reveal it to Sai. Virat asks what is she saying, Pakhi is his wife and whatever Bhavani is thinking can never happen, he is suffocating from within and would die one day suffocated and can’t do anything for this, Pakhi is his responsibility and he can’t get away from it. Bhavani asks if he will forget Sai then.

Virat tells Bhavani that Pakhi is his responsibility and Sai is love, he will be called selfish if he chooses his love over his responsibility. Bhavani asks if he will forget Sai. Virat says he tried a lot, but its difficult for him to forget Sai; whenever he closes eyes, he sees Sai, and whenever he doesn’t see her, he gets restless; he gets a dream since a few days where a woman holds her children’s hands and takes them away and he yesterday saw that face is Sai’s; he cant lose Sai and his children. Bhavani says as an elder of the family, she wants to see each child happy, especially Virat; if a relationship becomes a noose, its better to break it, so its wise to break his and Pakhi’s relationship.

Ashwini assures Pakhi that Virat will not break their relationship at any cost, she knows as Virat’s mother. Pakhi says Virat doesn’t love her. Ashwini says many times love returns, Vinayak is a bond between her and Virat which will keep them united forever. Pakhi breaks down. Ashwini comforts her. Virat asks Bhavani if she is advicing him to break a relationship. Bhavani says because he is doing injustice to many relationships because of one relationship. Virat asks what dos she mean. Bhavani says he is doing injustice to Sai first, what did Sai do that she has to live a lonely life; he is doing injustice to himself as he likes to be with Sai and suffocates with Pakhi, he said he feels happy with Sai, its a sin to love someone else when he is married to someone else; he is doing injustice with Pakhi who is stooping low to get his love and falling in everyone’s eyes; he should free her from this delusional relationship and free himself; its better for Pakhi to cry at once and then they both get free to go wherever they want to. Virat gets a hope in his eyes.

Vinayak gets upset when Pakhi doesn’t pick his call. Sai walks to him, wipes his tears, and asks if he is upset that she won case over Pakhi. Vinu says he is sad that his mamma lost. Sai says is Pakhi was wrong. Pakhi enters and shouts at Sai to stop manipulating her son. She tells Vinu that Sai snatched something precious from his mamma which can’t be replaced in life, Sai is a bad woman, etc. Ashwini enters and asks Pakhi to concentrate on herself and stop bothering about Sai. Pakhi shouts Sai wants to snatch her son from her. Vinu runs away from there. Virat notices that and tells Vinu that Sai is not wrong. Vinu says his mamma is always right and Virat should support his wife instead of Sai. Virat tries to explain, but Vinu runs away from there. Bhavani tells Virat that this will continue forever, so he should take a decision and free himself from all this.

Satya sits for lunch. His family serves him Sai’s photos instead of food and insist him to marry Sai. Satya asks them to stop it. Amba starts emotional blackmail that she will die without seeing Satya settled. Satya leaves. Amba tells 3 ladies that they all 4 were betrayed in love and can’t see Satya leading a lonely life. Gayatri says they were stage dancers whom everyone want to hold their hands behind the stage but not in real life, they left their profession for Satya’s sake and want to see him settled. Amba says they know what loneliness is and they don’t want their curse to hit even Satya. Satya gets someone’s call and gets tensed.

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