Timeless love update Friday 18 August 2023

Timeless love 18 August 2023: The Episode starts with Hariprasad telling his brother, Urmila and Golden that he is sure that his daughter will not ruin his respect. Vidhi comes there. Urmila asks her to tell the truth. Dev worries for Vidhi. Urmila asks her to tell if she has an affair with Dev, and since when. She says you have sold your respect. Bimla asks why you are crying. Urmila asks her to tell first. Bimla says your Papa is fighting for you, asks her to tell. Urmila says when you didn’t feel ashamed to romance with him then why you are feeling ashamed now. Hariprasad asks her to tell them that they are lying. Hariprasad asks Vidhi to tell them that they are lying, they have challenged my trust. Golden asks Vidhi not to lie, and says I was in the cafe when you was telling Arjun how much you love Dev Sir. Vidhi is shocked. Urmila says Ras leela is going on in the name of office, you broke Amba’s engagement and had affair with middle aged man. Hariprasad and Bimla are shocked and ask her to say. Bimla says I have no affair with Dev Sir.

Her parents take a sigh of relief. Urmila says Vidhi is lying infront of Milapni Devi and asks her to be afraid of her. She says she is number 1 liar. Hariprasad gets angry. Golden says I am not lying, but she is lying. Hariprasad’s brother asks him to ask her to swear. Hariprasad says ok, if you people get assured with her swear. He holds Vidhi’s hand and says you are my pride and respect, and asks her to swear on him and tell that she is not having an affair with Dev Saheb, so that their mouth gets closed. Bimla says I swear on you, I have no affair with Dev Saheb, whatever we have is pure like puja, selfless. She says a relation on which we don’t have to feel ashamed of. She says I am bending down my head infront of Milapni Maa and you, and saying with pride that I didn’t do any bad or cheap thing. She says I love Dev Sir.

Hariprasad and Bimla are shell shocked. Golden smirks and looks at Urmila. Vidhi says true love and Dev Sir also loves me. Hariprasad moves Vidhi’s hand from his head and is shocked. Vidhi asks him to listen to her once and says I didn’t do anything wrong. Vidhi tells Bimla that this is truth that we love each other, but our love is not cheap that we need to be feel ashamed of, it is not any affair, it has purity in it. Urmila asks Bimla if she heard what she said, and says he is a rich old man who wants to trap a young girl. Vidhi says Chachi. Bimla slaps Vidhi and asks her not to argue else she will pull her tongue. She asks if she sold her respect? Urmila says curse shall be sent on such a daughter. Hariprasad’s brother says we will get rid of this black spot after death only. Hariprasad recalls Urmila and her husband’s taunts, holds his left hand. Vidhi holds his hand worriedly.

Hariprasad says you have no relation with me or this house. He says even if I die then until my dead body becomes ashes, don’t come infront of me. Hariprasad says I trusted you and you betrayed me. He asks Bimla not to let her attend his funeral and says you are dead for me. He gets a heart attack and falls down on the floor. Vidhi shouts Papa. Bimla says don’t touch him, if you will kill him. Urmila’s husband calls ambulance. Hariprasad looks at Vidhi and closes his eyes. Bimla cries asking someone to call the doctor. Ambulance comes there. Neighbors ask why Ambulance came here. They see ward boys taking Hariprasad inside the ambulance. Bimla asks them to be careful. The ward boy sits in the ambulance and says he got heart attack. He says only 2 people can come in it. Vidhi says lets go. Bimla asks Urmila to ask her to go inside the house silently. Vidhi is shocked and cries. All the neighbors look on.

the Ward boy telling Bimla and others that Hariprasad got heart attack so they shall leave fast. He says only 2 persons can come inside. Vidhi says lets go Maa. Bimla asks her to go inside the house. Vidhi asks Urmila to take her to hospital. Urmila asks did you see what you have done, Bhai Saheb couldn’t be saved. They sit in the auto. Vidhi calls Hariprasad as he is taken on the stretcher. Bimla refrains her from touching her husband. Vidhi is shocked and cries. She recalls Hariprasad’s words. Her phone rings. Nurse asks her to put her phone on silent mode. Dev calls Vidhi. Vidhi cries. Dev asks her to tell what happened? Vidhi says Papa. Dev asks her to calm down and asks her to tell what has happened? Vidhi tells him everything. Dev runs to Satyavati and tells her that Hariprasad got heart attack as he came to know that about Vidhi and my love.

Satyavati says she will come. Dev says they are angry now, I will go. The bill desk receptionist asks Bimla to pay the advance etc so that they can start the treatment. Bimla says she will pay everything by tomorrow. Vidhi offers to pay from her salaried account, but Bimla refuses. Chacha ji offers money, but Bimla refuses. Bimla asks him to sell her earrings and bangles and pay the money. The receptionist tells that he got a call from Raichand and they asked to do the treatment and told that the bill will be settled. Bimla says we don’t know them and asks him not to take money from them. Vidhi tells Bimla that the bill will be big and asks her to take the money. Bimla shouts at her and asks her to stop it. The people gossip about Vidhi. Nurse asks them to maintain the hospital rules. Urmila says our Bhai Saheb was a humble man, I mean he is hanging between life and death.

She says they have to suffer. She says the old Seth doesn’t feel ashamed of romancing with younger girl. Pujari ji comes there and gets shocked. He asks if Vidhi is responsible for Hariprasad ji’s condition. He sprinkles gangajal on himself and goes.

Priya calls Amba and congratulates her informing her about Hariprasad getting heart attack knowing Dev and Vidhi’s love. Vidhi prays to God to save her Papa and protect him. Doctor comes out. Bimla asks how is he? Doctor says his BP shoot up due to trauma and that’s why he got an attack. He says he was taking Vidhi’s name in unconscious state. He says I gave him sedatives and asks them to call Vidhi. Bimla says no. Urmila says if vidhi goes infront of him, then even you can’t save him now. She says Vidhi have an affair with an old Seth. Her husband says Urmila. Urmila says he shall get saved anyhow.

Vidhi comes to Bimla and asks how is Papa? Chacha ji says condition is not stable, doctors are still trying and says he will be fine, but your mother is worried, if you come near then she gets angry. He asks her to be in waiting area and not to trouble her. Vidhi goes to the waiting area and cries. Nurse feels pity on Vidhi and says even if I had an affair with old guy, then same thing would have happened. Doctor says she is a girl, but had happened to that old guy, there is something called character. He feels pity on Hariprasad.

Bimla feels apologetic for convincing him to send Vidhi to work and says we didn’t know since when she is fooling us. She prays to Milapni Mata and says he has prayed to you with true devotion and didn’t do any wrong thing and asks her to protect her husband. Dev comes there and asks Vidhi how is Hariprasad ji. Vidhi cries. He holds her hand and then wipes her tears, saying he will be fine. Bimla looks at them.

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