Imlie starlife update Wednesday 21 June 2023

Imlie 21 June 2023: Shivani asks Rudra not to spoil his health thinking bad, he should question Atharva once he returns home why he went to meet Chini. Chachji says he wouldn’t have gone to sing bhajan with Chini, he will be in some time and they can question him then. Atharva returns and tells Rudra that there is one answer to all his question, he was wrong and Rudra was right as Chini loves someone else and not him. Devika tries to comfort him. Atharva sadly says he failed to understand love or love didn’t understand love. Rudra says love never misunderstands and if he searches by heart, he will find his true love. Atharva hugs him emotionally. Devika suggests Atharva to accept Rudra’s decision as Rudra evaluated everything carefully and selected Imlie.

Atharva agrees to marry Imlie. Rudra and Devika feel happy hearing that.After some time, Shivani applies ointment on Atharva’s hand burns and asks if he really wanted to save Imlie. Atharva says Imlie was very much afraid when he rescued her. Shivani asks if he really started liking Imlie. Imlie recalls Atharva saving her and thinks she thought Rudra selected her and now feels even Atharva likes her or else he wouldnt’ have come to Ramleela maidan. Shivani tells Atharva that he may lie to the world, but she knows he likes Chini even now. Atharva says it doesn’t matter as Chini likes someone else. Shivani says how will he give Imlie a place in his heart when he loves Chini, he shouldn’t marry Imlie.

Atharva says he can keep his dad and family happy at least. Shivani says he can sacrifice his love for his family, but he can’t seek sacrifice from Imlie.Imlie nervously thinks shall she call Atharva and thank him for saving her. She shyingly prays Seeta maiya to take care of Atharva till their marriage. Chini meets Jatin at her terrace and thinks Ms Shutlik got a rich boy and she got this middle class tin ka dibba. Jatin says she can speak to him if she is thinking about him. Chini asks howmuch is his salary. Jatin says he earns enough to keep her comfortable. Chini says her expenses are very high, she goes to spa every weak for body and facial spa, likes to visit new restaurants and travel abroad. Jatin says he hasn’t gone abroad, but would like to go wherever she takes him. Chini says he is acting too sweet. Jatin says that is how he treats his loved ones and he can do anything for them.

Chini asks him to jump from the balcony and prove his love. Jatin peeps from balcony and climbs the wall. Chini says they are on second floor and he will incur a fracture at least.Rupali brings snacks for them and panics seeing Jatin standing no a balcony wall. She requests him to get down, but Chini insists Jatin to prove his love for her and she will marry him only if he jumps down. Rupali calls Arpita and Sundar for help. Imlie class Atharva. Atharva notices its a same number which Chini used to call him. Imlie hears a chaos at the balcony and rushes up. Arpita and Sundar request Jatin to get down. Rupali says Chini challenged to marry Jatin if he jumps from balcony. Jatin asks Chini if she will really marry him. Chini says she doesn’t break her promise. Jatin jumps from balcony. Everyone look down worried and relax seeing Jatin standing on a chajja. Sundar gets him up. Jatin asks Chini if she will keep her promise and marry him.

Chini says he cheated. Jatin says she challenged to just jump from balcony and not about landing on the ground, so he won a challenge. Imlie says jijaji is as smart as Chini and knows to tackle her, what will Chini do now. Sundar says now Chini will marry Jatin. Rupali says she will bring sweets for everyone. Chini stands frowning seeing her plan failing.Devika tells Atharva that they are selecting jewelry for Imlie, so he can choose jewelry according to his choice. She asks to take some stuff to Imlie’s house. Atharva says when they have made a right choice, then his opinion doesn’t matter. Rudra gets Sundar’s call who informs that Jatin and Chini’s alliance is fixed. Atharva feels more dejected and tells Devika that he will deliver stuff at Imlie’s house.

Arpita, Sundar, and Rupali pack jewelry gifts for Imlie’s wedding. Chini feels happy thinking they already started her wedding shopping, but then gets sad when she learns all the gifts are for Imlie. Imlie says she will shop for Chini as she knows her choice. Chini thinks she will shop with her friends and not Imlie. Sundar says let us dance and celebrate Imlie and Chini’s weddings. He plays music and dances with Imlie. Chini thinks she is being forced to marry tin ka dibba Jatin, but at least she can dance. She joins them and dances happily. Imlie thinks Chini is happy with her marriage. Atharva enters and feels sad seeing Chini dancing and thinking Chini is happy with her marriage, he can just try to be happy seeing her happy.

Rupali greets Atharva and insists Imlie to dance with her would be husband. Imlie feels nervous. Rupali says they shouldn’t shy as they are going to be life partners soon. Imlie imagines Atharva romantically dancing with her on Tu Aataa Hai Seene Mein.. song. Arpita gets her out of imagination. Sundar says Atharva is lost in choti chipkali/junior lizard’s love. Atharva says he will leave now and looks at Chini. Chini greets him bye. Atharva walks away without replying her. She senses something is wrong and follows him. She stops him and asks if he is a DJ or marathon runner, she got tired running behind him. They both at once say yesterday at dussehra celebration. Imlie walks to them. Atharva says he forgot to give mom’s gifts and gives gift bags to Imlie. Imlie thanks him and asks what was the need for so many gifts.

Atharva says its a custom they should follow willingly or unwillingly, looking at Chini. Chini feels jealous seeing gift bags and thinks she was crying for Arto’s necklace, now she will escape with Imlie’s whole jewelry and get rid off tin ka dibba Jatin at once.At night, Imlie is busy lost in Atharva’s thoughts and writing poem when Chini tries to escape with Imlie’s jewelry in a suitcase. She drops her suitcase while opening a door. Imlie hears that and goes to check, she finds door open and thinks bandar phupa/Sundar forgot to close the door even today. Atharva parks is car outside Rathore house and thinks his music is not supporting him. Chini thinks when she can steal jewelry, she can steal a car also. Imlie bumps on Chini. Chini shouts in fear and drops jewelry suitcase. Imlie notices jewelry boxes out of suitcase and asks what is all this. Arpita informs Sundar that jewelry and cash is missing.

Chini cooks up a story and says she saw someone stealing jewelry and ran behind him, he dropped suitcase here and ran away. Imlie says she didn’t do it right, checks her, and asks what if something had happened to her, her life is more precious than this jewelry. Cheeni thinks Imlie is too innocent, she can vouch on it and get rich. They both return home and find Sundar calling police and filing a missing jewelry complaint. Arpita asks where they had been. Rupali notices jewelry and asks what is she doing with jewelry. Chini says she stole it and asks inspector to arrest her. Imlie says Chini saw a thief stealing jewelry, risked her life, and saved it. Arpita praises Chini.

Constable gets CCTV footage. Inspector says now thieves will be caught. Chini gets nervous thinking her she will be caught now. Inspector notices footage blank. Chini rejoices seeing that. Sundar says cameras were fixed long ago and he didn’t find it necessary to check them. Police leaves. Imlie salutes Chini calling her a savior. Arpita and Sundar also praise and salute Chini for risking her life and saving Imlie’s jewelry. Imlie says Chini can keep the jewelry. Rupali says she can’t give away her MIL’s gift. Imlie says she will share 50% with Chini. Chini excitedly keeps all the jewelry and gives a small chain to Imlie. She then picks Atharva’s gifted necklace and tries to keep it when Sundar says Imlie should keep it as she can share her MIL’s given gift but not her husband’s.

Rupali thinks when that necklace was kept in some other room, it means thief knew its location well.

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