Imlie starlife update Thursday 22 June 2023

Imlie 22 June 2023: Imlie fumes thinking she stole jewelry with great difficulty but had to return it, but she will get it for sure. Rupali offers her keys and she can steal jewelry again as she knows her very well. Chini says if she had found her a rich industrialist instead of Jatin, she wouldn’t have stolen jewelry. Rupali says Chini should value a person who loves her and not money or else her situation would be like hers. Chini asks if Rupali thinks Jatin is right for her and Arto right for Imlie. Rupali says Arto loves Imlie. Chini says she doesn’t know the fact. Imlie walks in and informs that Panditji has found 2 muhuraths for Chini’s wedding, one is tomorrow and another is after a week. Rupali says Chini will marry Jatin tomorrow itself. Imlie leaves to inform family. Chini threatens that she will not marry Jatin. Rupali says she will create problems for her if she doesn’t marry Jatin.

Rudra tells family that they should attend Chini’s wedding as she is Imlie’s sister and they need to develop a cordial relationship. Keya says they shouldn’t attend Chini’s wedding as she is not related to them. Atharva passes by. Rudra informs him about Chini’s marriage. Keya repeats her words. Rudra says they can send shagun then. Atharva says they should as even he wants to follow a cordial relationship with them. He walks away heartbroken thinking his eyes were habituated to watch Chini’s dreams, its important to watch them seeing Chini marrying someone else. Anu walks to Rupali and asks who is she to fix Chini’s marriage. Rupali says she is Chini’s aunt. She says Chini was an innocent 6-year-old kid when she came from Pagdandiya 18 years ago, but Anu turned her cunning and greedy like herself. Anu shouts how dare she is. Rupali says she will not let Chini become like Malini and ruin other’s lives.

Next day, wedding arrangements start at Rathore house. Narmada excitedly takes care of arrangments. Imlie gets Chini ready and praises her beauty. She says Jatin will lose his sense seeing her today. She says she never stayed away from Chini and would missing her. Chini asks her to be practical. Imlie says she has written a poem for her and applies nazar ka teeka behind Chini’s ears. She prays god to give all her happiness to Chini. Chini asks if she really wants to al her happiness. Imlie says yes. Chini asks to give it then. Imlie asks what. Chini says Imlie always says that she has right on everything that belongs to Imlie, even her fate, so she wants Imlie’s fate. Imlie stands shocked. Chini repeats will Imlie give her fatge.

Atharva walks in and says god handles everyone’s fate and will not change his decision however they try, he tried and failed. Chini thinks his talks are more confusing than Ms Shutlik, says not for her as she is different. Imlie asks Atharva when did he come. He says he wanted to see her once, looking at Chini. Imlie feels shy thinking he came to see her. She asks Chini what she wants. Chini says she wants Imlie’s time to spend with her family as Imlie has 1 week of freedom before her marriage, but she doesn’t have any time left. Imlie speaks philosophically. Atharva walks away disheartened. Imlie walks behind him. Chini thinks Atharva looked more upset today, maybe he will reveal Imlie that she is not welcome in his heart and lavish mansion.

Sundar and Arpita welcome guests. Keya thinks Atharva is missing and must have gone to meet Chini. Atharva sits on a park bench cursing his fate. Imlie walks to him. Atharva thinks Chini came, but feels disappointed seeing Imlie. Imlie asks if he is flne as he looks upset. Atharva angrily vents out his frustration on her and then apologizes. Chini says she doesn’t know anything about him and wants to know now.

Chini tells Atharva that she really doesn’t know anything about him and wants to know. He stares at her. She says she feels nervous when he stares at him, so she will turn aground and express her heart out. She says they both are different, that makes their relationship unique, he can play English music for her and she will play Hindi music for him, they both can complement each other, etc. She turns and finds Atharva already gone. Arpita comes and takes Imlie away. Atharva gets out of hide out and thinks Imlie is so good that he can’t lie to her and doesn’t deserve her honesty. Chini enjoys a photo session. Her dupatta flies away and falls in front of Atharva. Atharva picks it and drapes dupatta over her. Chini says she will do it herself. He says she is going to marry today. She says he is going to marry next week. He stands sad. She asks if he is not happy, he should speak to Imlie and clear things out. He continues to silently look at her.

Devika asks Rudra if he is worried that Atharva will go weak seeing Chini. Rudra says Atharva listens only to his heart and he fears Chini will destroy Atharva and Imlie’s relationship as she is very greedy. Rudra tells Chini that is use now to repeat his words. Chini asks him to repeat it again. Atharva is about to express his love for her when Akash walks in and takes him away. Chini tries to go behind Atharva. Keya stops her and asks what is she doing here. Chini says this is her house. Keya says this is Imlie’s house and she considers Chini as her sister and has let her stay here. Chini ries to leave again. Keya stops her and criticizes her for talking to strange man while her would be husband is waiting to marry her. Chini asks why is she bothered so much, will her secret motto be out if she needs Atharva. Keya gets nervous and walks away from there saying whatever Chini tries, she cannot grab Atharva.

Imlie interacts with groom Jatin. Arpita introduces Anu to Jatin as Chini’s MIL. Jatin touches Anu’s feet. Anu with her usual arrogance says its good that he knows his place. Arpita shares at her. She gets emotional discussing about performing Imlie and Chini’s bidayi. She then pulls Imlie’s legs asking what did she discuss with Arthava. Akash takes Atharva near DJ set and sends DJ away. DJ leaves mic on. Akash asks what he wants to talk today itself where is already marriage happening. Atharva says he wants to say I love you. Imlie feels shy. Rupali and Sundar pull Imlie’s legs. Keya switches off mic and scolds Akash for keeping the mic on. Akash says Atharva is getting foolish and wants to express his love for Chini. Atharva says Chini has to know that he loves her.

Chini overhears that. Keya asks if he has gone mad. Akash says Chini’s whole family and guests are here to attend Chini’s marriage. Keya says Chini is oversmart and cunning and will trying grab his wealth; she is not a Rathore and doesn’t deserve to be a Rana, she should up her standard for that and should be happy with Jatin instead, so Atharva should focus on Imlie and forget Chini. Chini recalls all the incidents where Atharva tried to express his love for her. Imlie walks to her and asks what is she doing here. Chini says she was wrong to expect Imlie’s fate, she realized that every glittering thing is not gold. She says Imlie can keep her golden fate as she loves diamond. Imlie asks Chini what she needs as her wedding gift. Chini says she doesn’t need anything as Seeta maiya writes Imlie’s fate and Chini will write her own fate.

Imlie gets tensed hearing Chini’s words. Guests notice Chini and praise that bride is looking beautiful. Chini walks towards Atharva, but he walks away ignoring her and tries to leave wedding venue. Jatin waits for Chini at mandap with a garland. Chini throws her garland into havan kund and says she doesn’t want to marry him. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Atharva stops.

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