My desire update Wednesday 21 June 2023

My desire 21 June 2023: Roohi requests Preesha to teach her a poem as she needs to recite in school. Preesha agrees. Roohi asks Jahnvi to become her audience. Preesha says Roohi is very cute and her mother is very lucky to have her as a daughter. Roohi thinks she is her mother. Kanchan agrees to become an audience. Prem/Rudra asks Kanchan if he can replace dirt plant pots inside the house. Kanchan permits him. He walks in with Sarnash and asks Prema/Vanshika to guard them till they finish their task. He unveils Armaan’s secret locker and opens it using Armaan’s fingerprint on a plastic tape. He then replaces Armaan’s memory erasing medicine with memory enaching medicine. Vanshika asks if the task is over. He says yes, they need to leave before Preesha and Kanchan return.

Saransh reminds him that he needs to replace pots. He repalces pots with Vanshika’s help and rushes out of the house.Pihu requests CCTV operator to show her competition day’s green room footage. He shows her footage. She thinks she will not spare the culprit even if its Armaan. She is shocked to notice Vidyuth mixing a drug in Raj’s tea. She thinks Vidyuth framed her and her mother to take revenge on them and acted as helping her and Raj, she needs to expose his truth in front of Rudra and everyone. She requests for a copy of the clip in a pendrive. Operator refuses, but she convinces him saying its a question of someone’s career and life. He agrees and asks her to return after a month.

She returns after 1 hour. He says his computer is not working, she can come after 1 hour more till he repairs machine and downloads clip in a pendrive.Saransh and Roohi discuss that they need to revive Preesha’s memory via things she loves. Rudra says Preesha loves her children. Saransh says also loves her profession and used to treat patients happily. Rudra says they should recreate a memory related to Preesha’s profession. Saransh asks where will they get a patient for Preesha. Vanshika says she will and brings a pregnant goat. Preesha and Kanchan asks why did they bring a goat here. Prema says its her goat Premika who stays with them always.

Roohi requests them to let the goat stay there. Armaan and Digvijay return home and get angry seeing a goat there. Preesha says its Prem and Prema’s goat Premika. They ask to get it out of here. Roohi requests to let the goat stay with them. Preesha permitsand convinces them.Rudra waits for goat’s delivery and messages Sharda, who bought the goat, when will the goat go into labor. Sharda pays goat seller and asks if it will deliver today or not. Seller says in a few minutes. Sharda message Rudra back that goat will deliver in a minute. Vanshika starts her drama that goat is in labor pain and will deliver anytime.

Rudra asks where will they find a vetinary doctor now. Preesha says she knows how to perform delivery and asks Prema to get hot water, Rudra to get a blanket, and Saransh to check online about the precautions to be taken. She seeks even Armaan’s help to hold a bedsheet around the goat. Armaan gets angry, but Digvijay convinces him. Preesha performs delivery. Prem acts surprised and says he didn’t know she is a doctor.Preesha performs a goat’s delivery. Prem/Rudra praises her skills and says he didn’t know she is a doctor. Preesha says she is not a doctor. Prem asks how did she perform delivery then. Preesha says even she cannot understand, she feels as if she did it before. Prem says she is a doctor or else she wouldn’t have performed delivery so much expertise.

Digvijay says she must have watched youtube video and is not a doctor. Preesha says even she thinks so. Armaan thinks he needs to increase Preesha’s memory erasing medicine dose. Pihu gets CCTV footage from the operator and thinks she will show it to Rudra and Raj and expose Vidyuth’s sin. She thanks operator and leaves.Rudra and his children rejoice seeing their plan getting successful and Preesha’s memory improving. He gets Raj’s message to reach home soon. He reaches home and asks Pihu what is the issue. Pihu says Vidyuth is backstabbing Rudra’s family staying in their house. Sharda asks him to be specific.

Pihu says she knew Vidyuth’s evil nature from before and he crossed limits when he mixed something in Raj’s tea and made him lose his voice so that he could lose the competition. Vidyuth asks if she has a proof that she is blaming him. Rudra also asks proof. Pihu shows a pendrive with CCTV footage and says Vidyuth’s sin is recorded in it.She plays footage on a TV and is shocked to see Armaan mixing drug in tea instead of Vidyuth.Rudra says its shows Armaan mixed something in Raj’s tea. Pihu says she verified the clip and Vidyuth was in it and not her brother. Vidyuth notices Pihu in the CCTV room and once she leaves threatens operator to give pendrive to him or else he will lose his job. Operator gets afraid and gives him footage pendrive. He replaces his face with Armaan’s face in the footage and gives it to Pihu via operator.

Out of flashback, he accuses Pihu of trying to trap him, but by mistake got a real footage. Pihu says Vidyuth tampered the footage as she saw it was him and not her brother in it. Rudra supports Vidyuth and says footage clearly shows Armaan mixed drug in Raj’s tea. Raj also supports Vidyath and demands Pihu to support him against her brother. Pihu say she is not lying. Rudra says Pihu by mistake showed original footage, he will get Armaan arrested now.

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