Imlie Starlife update Tuesday 7 May 2024

Imlie 7 May 2024: Annapurna tells Alka that there wasn’t a single day where Sonali didn’t create a drama in this house. She says wants Sonali to live happily with her husband; this house also belongs to Sonali, but Sonali turned this house into a wrestling ground and Gattu/Agastya as her biggest enemy; Sonali hits Gattu where it hurts him the most, he left home and is not even picking a call.

She gets a panic attack. Family calms her down. Alka recalls her husband Kunal being shot and calls Agastya. Agastya says he is not picking call. Agastya returns home and calls her. Alka emotionally tries to touch him. Agastya asks if she called him. Alka gets conscious and walks away from there.

Annapurna emotionally hugs Agastya and asks if he is fine. Agastya says he is fine and apologizes her. Annapurna says a son can trouble his mother, but a grandson can never trouble his grandmother. Govind jokes that Agastya got 2 more white hair in amma’s hair. Annapurna smiles and asks who brought him back home. Agastya says Imlie. Annapurna hugs and blesses Imlie and asks her how did she find Gattu. Imlie says her spies are all around Pagdandiya. Agastya smiles at Imlie seeing family’s emotions towards him. Daadi tells Imlie that with Gattu’s return home, their festival celebration will start from now. She gifts a new dress to Imlie and asks her to wear it tonight. Alka gets jealous and thinks they sent her daughter out and are celebrating with their illegitimate son’s return.

Amrit watches his bar video and asks Sonali who sent her this video. Sonali says Imlie who is controlling her life these days and even convinced Agastya to give company’s 50% shares in charity to her. Amrit promises her to take revenge from Imlie and snatch back her business from Agastya. After some time, Amrit tries to steal something from her purse. She walks in and asks what is he searching. He says he is also having a karva chauth fast with her for her long life and diverts her attention. He later reaches Chaudhry Sweets shop at night with a petrol bottle.

Agastya sits sadly. Imlie walks to him. Agastya talks emotionally and says he feels he is an orphan and Sonali’s words were true; he needs his parents back and stay with him; what is his mistake that they chose to die than living withh him. He lies on her lap and cries. Imlie also cries and thinks Agastya’s injury is deeper than his ego, what shall she do to lessen his pain. Jugnu with Dolly brings jewelry for Imlie and asks Agastya to open the door if they are not disturbing him. Imlie opens door and ask why they are smiling so much. They know what was happening here and walk away. Imlie notices Agastya haven’t touched his dinner plate and thinks how to cheer him up. After some time, Chaudhrys celebrate karva chauth. Agsatya jokes with Govind. Imlie walks in holding lamps. Agastya stands mesmerized with her beauty. Moon arrives. Govind says moon arrived with Imlie’s arrival. Annapurna says it came to see how beautiful Imlie is.

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