Imlie Starlife update Wednesday 8 May 2024

Imlie 8 May 2024: Chaudhry celebrate karva chauth ritual. Rajni performs ritual looking at Govind, Sonali performs ritual looking at Amrith, and Imlie performs ritual looking at Agastya and recalling his pain.

Annapurna tells Imlie that her and Agastya’s relationship has become more stronger now after this and asks her to have water from Agastya’s hand and pray for Agastya’s long life. Manno jokes that Imlie is feeling hungry. Govind says she is feeling hungry and taking Imlie’s name instead. Sonali refuses to have water from Amrit’s hand and walks away.

Amrit angrily throws water away. After a few minutes, Imlie and Agastya at once ask each other if they are hungry and smile. Agastya then tells her that he can understand her pain. Imlie says he is right that no good man will marry her. Agastya says he doesn’t want a good man to marry her but a best man to marry her and prays god that she doesn’t have to do wrong things after leaving from his house.

Govind informs Agastya that he got a call that there is a fire accident in their office. Whole family rushes to the venue and break down seeing their shop burning. Annapurna says her son set up this shop with his hard work and everyone is destroyed now. Amrit sitting in his car smirks, revealing he burnt the shop. Fire brigade personnel get stuck employees out and rush them to hospital. Chaudhrys return home. Imlie comforts Annapurna and asks her to rest or else her knee pain will increase. Agastya gets a call that his 2 loyal old employees are severely burnt in the fire accident. He questions Sonali when it was not their night shift today, then what were they doing here. Sonali says even she doesn’t know, fire brigade personnel told accident happened due to short circuit.

Police walks in and inspector tells Annapurna that her employees’ condition is very critical and there is an allegation that she had a cheap wiring in her shop because of which short circuit happened, she will be prosecuted if something happens to the employees as their families have filed a complaint against shop owner. Agastya says he is the owner of the shop now. Inspector leaves asking him to be ready for consequences. Annapurna gets a panic attack in shock and feels shortness of breath. Agastya asks Imlie to bring ice soda for Annapurna.

Imlie walks to kitchen. Amrit walks to her and tries to molest her. Imlie warns him to stay away from her and let her go. He threatens to show her bar video to Annapurna and orders her to come to him in 15 minutes. Agastya walks to Imlie. Amrit hides. Imlie picks broken glass pieces. Agastya asks if she is fine. She nods yes. Sonali walks in and taunts Imlie that people like her are house breakers who are not bothered about others, she asks Agastya to be busy with his wife while he takes care of Annapurna.

Agastya tells Imlie that he doubts this accident was a planned one or else employees wouldn’t have been at the shop without their night shift. He asks Imlie to take care of his family if something happens to her as he can trust only her now. Imlie stands silent. Agastgya says it’s okay, he can’t expect help from her and walks away from there. Sonali takes ice for daadi and asks her to let her apply cold cloth on her forehead. Daadi continues to cry recalling past incident where she and her husband had to leave their family house. Agastya promises to not let the history repeat.

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