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Shikha tells Harvindar that aren’t you ashamed to be going out in women clothes? He asks her to shut up and says I will show you what I can do, he leaves. Harman asks Ajooni where did Rajveer go? she says there was some blade in his food so he got angry and left. Ravindra says how you didn’t know it was there? Bebe says she must be lying. She says I am not. Ravindra says I will go and search for Rajveer first.

Harvindar is looking around for Rajveer in the house. The guard sees him woman’s clothes and laughs so Harvinder slaps him, he asks him to go and look for Rajveer.

Rajveer comes on the roof and recalls Ajooni bringing food which had a blade in it. He tries recalling memories but gets dizzy and faints. Harvindar comes there and says he must be unconscious. He says this is my chance to show Shikha what I can do. He says I will throw him from the balcony. He picks him up and is about to throw him but Ravindra comes there. He says what are you doing? Harvindar says I was just taking him downstairs. He takes him from there.

Harman tells Bebe that we should keep Ajooni away from Rajveer. Ravindra brings an unconscious Rajveer there and takes him to his room. Ravindra says he is okay. Bebe says how did he go on the roof? Harman says this Ajooni is useless. Ravindra tells Harmann that you will take care of Rajveer from now as Ajooni was careless. All leave. Shikha says I have another chance to separate Rajveer and Ajooni now.

Scene 2

Ravindra comes to Rajveer and sees him trying to leave. Rajveer tells him that I feel like someone wants to kill me here but I don’t know what my relationship with people here is. Ravindra says I am your father, you have my blood so trust me. Rajveer says I don’t know who to trust anymore. I am unable to understand anything and I am sorry for hurting you all. Ravindra says don’t apologize and just trust me. Take rest and get well soon. He leaves from there.

Ravindra comes to his room and cuts his hand in anger. Harman comes there and cleans his wound. He says I never lose to anyone but I am feeling useless that my son can’t recognize me. Its my fault that I didn’t stop my enemy from doing this. Once I find out who did this then I won’t spare them. Harman says I will bring his memory back and he will tell us who did this with him.

Ajooni comes to Rajveer’s room. He is sleeping but wakes up and grabs her. He says why are you silently coming to my room? Ajooni says I brought your medicines that the doctor prescribed. He says what medicines? Ajooni says please trust me, I didn’t add anything to your food. He says who should I trust? tell me one thing, if I don’t remmember anything then how can I trust you? Ajooni says you will slowly remember everything. She gives him the medicine but Rajveer ignores her and goes to sleep. Ajooni sadly looks at him. She puts blanket on him and sits in his feet while he goes to sleep.

Ruhaan is breaking things around in his room and shouts that Dua wants to destroy me, she is against Gazal and is a snake. Rahat says don’t you dare say that for Dua for Gazal who you know for some days only, you are blinded by young love. Dua and Haider come there too. Ruhaan shouts at Rahat that I am not like you to fall in love and have no loyalty with my partner, get lost. Rahat is angry and falls back but Haider holds him and says Ruhaan is not in his senses. Ruhaan says I am in my senses, he is a lost cause so he shouldn’t tell me what to do. Haider gets angry and slaps him hard, he says how dare you talk to Abu like that? Ruhaan says what wrong did I say? He married Hina and then married my mother to destroy Hina’s love, he has no right to talk about love.

Haider shouts that don’t forget your father kept your mother happy. You always had a father’s love that I never got. I and my mother should be angry and not you. You shouldn’t have a right to say all that. Ruhaan says wow.. you never take his side but now you are standing up for him? you are doing this for Dua right? I can raise my voice too.. this just shows you don’t love me and just care about your wife.. you proved today that you are my step-brother. Haider is hurt hearing that. Hina says don’t doubt his love. Ruhaan says Dua lied to me even after knowing I love Gazal.. she kept blaming her day and day and then even hurt her physically but Haider never raised voice against Dua because I am his step-brother right? Haider says you are calling me a step-brother? don’t you remember how much I did for you?

Ruhaan says but you let Dua behave like that with my would-be wife? I think you are with Dua in this. Haider says I loved you like a son but you are forgetting all that. I really loved you as a brother. I hated my father for remarrying but I got a brother when you were born. Your first word was a brother.. I used to earn after working hard so you would have all the toys, so you would have good eduction. I used to fulfill all your wishes but today you have hurt me deeply.

Haider recalls his moments with Ruhaan and leaves from there. Hina tells Dua that you are giving pain to my son. Dua tells Ruhaan that you shouldn’t have talked to your brother like that, you should be ashamed. Ruhaan shouts at her to leave his love. He throws her out of the room and closes the door. Dua is hurt and cries. She recalls her friendship with Ruhaan. Otherside Haider is hurt too. Hina comes to Dua and says you are responsible for breaking this family apart. Dua says Haider needs me. Hina says you have hurt him and now want to console him?

Rahat comes to Haider and thanks him for taking a stand for him. I have got my son back and now I am not alone, he hugs him but Haider restrains himself. He says I didn’t do it.. Rahat says I know you still respect me. Haider says I wouldn’t allow Ruhaan misbehaving like that with anyone. Rahat says we are both together in this pain. You are angry with me and your younger brother is angry with you. I will always be here to console you if you need. Haider hugs him and cries.

Hina tells Dua that Ruhaan never raised his voice on Haider and now they have become enemies because of you only. Dua says this is all happening because of Gazal. I think we should tell the secret to Haider, we should tell him everything. Hina says I have never seen a more selfish woman. You want to put me down in his eyes right? you want to kill me alive right? at least fear God. Dua says my God knows that I am just trying to save this family. Hina says if you tell the truth to Haider then you will see me dead, I will kill myself. She leaves. Dua thinks if I don’t tell Haide the truth then he wouldn’t understand my anger against her. How do I expose her?

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