Imlie starlife update Tuesday 30 January 2024

Imlie 30 January 2024: Imlie hears a beep from her bomb detecting machine. She keeps it near Kairi’s watch and is shocked to learn that the watch has bomb. She rushes to the living room and finds Kairi playing with family.

She thinks only major Khanna can confirm if this watch has a bomb and rushes to major Khanna. Major checks the watch and says her doubt is right that this watch has a bomb. Imlie says she trusts him since her Bhaskar Times days. Major removes chip from the watch and defuses it.

He says the bomber can blast it with just a click of a remote button and must have planted bombs also somewhere else. Imlie recalls peon Mohan fixing watches in all students’ wrists and further recalls bumping on him at Gurunagar basti. She tells about it to major and says such anti-social elements can go to any extent. Major asks her to alert school principal while he calls a bomb squad.

Imlie calls Atharva and informs him about the bomb threat and her going to Kairi’s school to alert the principal. She asks him to be with Kairi and protect her. Atharva thinks who can be so cruel to harm kids. Someone hits him. Imlie reaches school and informs principal about the bomb threat by peon Mohan Mathur. A teacher says Mohan joined 2 days ago and left early today. Imlie checks his address and says he gave fake address and ID. Principal is shocked. Imlie suggests her to call each parent and ask them to get the watches from children. Teacher calls parents and alerts them. Mohan with his goons ties Ranas to pillars and catches Kairi. Ranas warn him to spare the kid. Mohan tells Kairi that her mamma spoilt his plan and recalls how he learnt that Imlie defused Kairi’s watch bomb.

Atharva says Imlie will smash him soon. Mohan points gun at him.Imlie gets Atharva’s call and tells him that she is coming home. Mohan asks her to come soon. Imlie asks who is he. Mohan says he is Mohan, she did really wrong by defusing Kairi’s watch bomb and by spoiling his task, he will snatch everything belonging to her. He shoots bullet in air and threatens Imlie that if she informs police, he will turn Rana mansion into a cremation ground. Injured Atharva struggles to stand up. Family asks him to control himself. Devika says her son is so brave that he will tolerate the pain. Shivani says they need to get out from here somehow and shows wooden rods nearby. They pick a rod with their leg. Devika explains her plan to Kairi. Kairi walks to Mohan and says Ranas are brave and know to tackle their enemy. She shouts family attack soon. They all free themselves and attack goons. Goons overpower Manish. Devika and Shivani rescue him.

Principal asks Imlie if she is fine, did she call police. Imie says she informed poli/ce and bomb squad. Principal asks why she looks disturbed after a phone call. Imlie says she needs to go and asks her to make sure the bombs in watches are defused. Goons overpower Ranas. Devika hits Mohan. Mohan pulls out a knife and is about to stab her when Atharva interferes holds Mohan’s hand.

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