Lost in love starlife update Wednesday 31 January 2024

Savi gathers students playing a tambourine. Students discuss if she is planning another drama as there was a big drama during her admission. Durva and her friends also gather. A journalist also joins with her team. Shukla informs Ishan that Savi is gathering people by playing a tambourine.

Ishan says she is habituated to create dramas and watches from window. Savi in a poetic style describes her ragging story by Durva, Ayush, and friends and how Ishan is supporting them and supported injustice towards her.

Ishan walks in and snatches her tambourine. He asks what drama she is creating here, it’s a college and not her village’s playground. Reporter asks him to answer to her. Students discuss that she is a famous reporter Sheela Thomas. Ishan asks if she got a permission to enter his college premises. Sheela says she is a reputed journalist and has a right to question him.

Ishan says she can question him. Sheela asks him that Savi has complained that she was ragged in this college. Ishan says such incident never happened before in their college, but a few students misbehaved with Savi and apologized her, they will be restricated if they repeat their mistake again and he deducted 10 marks from their final exam. Savi says they apologized Ishan and not her, he can justify a serious crime of ragging and s*xual harassment.

Asmita notices Anvi tensed and not having her breakfast and questions her. Surekha walks in. Durva calls her and informs Surekha that Savi has gathered mob and media and is creating a big problem over there. Surekha says Savi is doing her mind out even after her explanation, asks her to give her updates of each minute, says Savi is surely acting on Ishan’s orders and she will show her what she is.

She warns Anvi to just tell everyone that Savi is lying and she saw nothing. Asmita takes Anvito the kitchen and asks why she is upset. Anvi says whatever Savi said is right. Asmita is shocked and says it means Ayush misbehaved with Savi. Anvi requests her to inform about it to Ishan. Asmita says she herself should inform Ishan and

Reporter continues to question Ishan and asks if he gave verdict without listening to Savi and if he supporting Ayush as his father is Makrand Barve is a big businessman who gave hug funds to the college and has family ties with Bhosale’s. Ishan denies allegations and challenges that he will restricate Ayush if he is wrong. Ayush says he didn’t do anything and Savi is lying. Savi says she is not lying.

Reporter asks Ishan if he questioned his sisters about the incident or he gave verdict himself. She challenges to report the incident in her news channel. Yashwant walks in and says she is creating a sensational story out of nothing, herself becoming a lawyer and giving verdict as a judge. He says youngsters nowadays have a casual lifestyle with hugging and walking around holding each other’s hand in open, Ayush and Savi are from different background, Savi misunderstood Ayush when he tried to be friend and joked with her.

Ayush says he just joked with her and apologized. Savi says he really tried to s*xually abuse her. Argument ensuses. Reporter asks what if Ayush’s crime is proved. Yashwant announces that he will restricate Ayush from college if his crime is proved.

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