Imlie Starlife update Thursday 23 May 2024

Imlie 23 may 2024: Imlie asks Bulbul if she likes someone. Bulbul cries. Imlie asks her not to cry as love is the best feeling in life. She asks how and when did she meet him at the first time. Bulbul says she doesn’t to say anything. Imlie says Pallo will create an issue if she hears it, so Bulbul can attend a function at Agastya’s house tomorrow and speak to her. Bulbul says she doesn’t want to visit that house.

Rajni asks Annapurna why she looks tensed, tomorrow is auspicious Tulsi vivah/marriage. Annapurna says Vishwa told he is a police officer, Navya also said there shouldn’t be any secrets between both families. Govind says Shivani’s MIL looks sharp. Annapurna asks him to mind his tongue, they don’t know where Amrit is, someone tried to kill their guest Chandu and Imlie, there are many secrets hidden in their house, Imlie is right that they should inform Navya that Imlie was a bar singer.

Rajni says they all respect her decisions, she should think about Shivani’s future before making any revelations. Navya looks at a video of Vishwa spying on Imlie and Agastya.

Agastya sees Imlie sleeping and sits staring at her. Teri Meri Kahani Hai Ye.. song plays in the background. Jugnu guards Chandu. Dolly walks to him and asks him to come and have something. Jugnu says he needs to be near Chandu when he wakes up as Chandu must have seen the assassin. Dolly says Chandu is under sedation and will not wake up till morning and takes him away. Assassin enters house to kill Chandu.

Imlie notices Agastya’s concern for her and asks him to stop showing his concern and leave her on her own as she is here only till Shivani’s marriage and is not his real wife. Agastya even he is not his real wife, then why did she did so much for him and his family and even took a blame on herself, he can’t understand if she is good or bad Imlie. Imlie says good or bad, she is not his responsibility.

Assassin enters Chandu’s room and cuts his oxygen tube. Chandu gasps for air and hits oxygen cylinder. Imlie and Agastya rush to Chandu’s room and find oxygen pipe cut. They rejoin oxygen tube.

Family gathers. Agastya notices window open and goes behind the assassin. Imlie looks from the balcony and sees assassin behind Agastya. She shouts Agastya’s name, runs, and hugs him tightly. Imlie asks what happened. Imlie says she saw someone behind him. They both notice a shadow. Vishwa walks in holding a gun. Agastya asks what is he doing here. Vishwa says he heard some weird noise and came to check, asks if they are fine. They nod yes. They return home.

Imlie tells family that she saw an assassin who was holding a knife with butterfly engraved on it. Agastya says Imlie got afraid seeing butterflies the other day, was her fear related to this assassin.

Imlie says she doesn’t now as she can’t think much now. Vishwa says it means assassin had come to kill Imlie and not Chandu. Agastya tongue lashes him for failing to protect Imlie. Vishwa says he will assign security outside their house. Agastya says he can’t afford losing Imlie. Back to room, Imlie and Agastya’s long nok jhok starts. Imlie tongue lashes him for showing concern for her and he insists to show his concern. She tries to leave the room. He lifts her and makes her sleep on her bed. Next day, Imlie calls her friend and asks if she is spying on Bulbul. Agastya asks if there is any issue with her family. Imlie says that is none of his business and continues to frown on him.

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