Imlie Starlife update Friday 24 May 2024

Imlie 24 May 2024: Agastya asks Imlie if she is spying on her sister. Imlie asks why is he spying on her. Agastya asks if there is any problem. Imlie says whatever the problem is, she will handle it. Agastya leaves from there. Imlie notices Daadi lost in thoughts and asks what is she thinking.

Daadi says she is thinking if she shall inform about Imlie’s past to Navya or not and will it affect Shivani’s marriage. Imlie describes her a mythological story of Vrinda being prayed as tulsi maata and says a small lie troubled even gods, they are just humans. Family gathers around them. Daadi says she wants to reveal about Imlie’s past work to Naya and will leave the decision to Agastya, Sonali, Shivani, and Karan.

Avinash and Vishwa get ready for the function and find Navya not yet ready. Navya says she is unwell and can’t attend the function. Avinash says he will stay back with her. Vishwa asks him to go and let him be with Navya. Once Avinash leaves, Vishwa asks Navya what is bothering her. Navya shows him Imlie’s video and says she learnt that Imlie was a bar singer, if he knew about it. Vishwa agrees that he knew about it. Navya says she is fighting to take her revenge from Chaudhrys for her husband’s death and thought her son would support her, but she realized that she is alone. Vishwa apologizes her.

Imlie tells family that it’s a question of Shivani’s future, so she has to decide whether they should inform Navya about Imlie’s past professor. Shivani says when Imlie supported her when whole family was against her after knowing about her past, then why shouldn’t she support Imlie; she is proud of Imlie that Imlie worked as a singer to fulfill her family’s needs. They all decide to inform Navya about Imlie’s past. Avinash walks in and joins family for the ritual. Navya walks in with Vishwa next. Daadi welcomes her and asks her to join them in the pooja. Navya holds Avinash’s hand and says she came here to take Avinash back as she is canceling this wedding after she learnt about Imlie’s past. Daadi requests not to do that. Vishwa also supports Navya and takes Avinash from there.

Chaudhrys panic with Navya’s decision. Daadi says Imlie was right that they should have informed Navya about her past profession. Shivani speaks to Aviniash over phone and says they were about to inform Navya about Imlie’s past and Imlie didn’t do any sin. Avinash informs same to Navya. Navya still refuses to believe. Imlie rings door bell. Vishwa notices her and sends Avinash in. Imlie pleads Navya not to punish Shivani because of her past profession and promises that there won’t be any hurdles in the future. Navya asks what if any guest identifies Imlie.

Annapurna gets a call from Navya and asks family to start function arrangements as Navya wants to find wedding muhurath tonight. Agastya gets ready for the function and doesn’t find Imlie in the room. He finds Imlie talking to Shivani. Shivani asks her to go and return back soon. Imlie looks at Agastya and walks away. Agastya asks where is Imlie going. Shivani says her sister is sill and hence she is going to meet her sister. Agastya walks behind Imlie and insists to accompany her. Their nok jhok starts. Imlie tries to ride her bike and it breaks down. Agastya forcefully gets her into his car.

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