My desire update Thursday 23 May 2024

My desire 23 may 2024: Aruna tells Kashvi that whoever has done this, made fake proofs against me and sent me to jail. She asks her to find out the truth, and asks her to meet her lawyer, who will tell her about Baba’s “will”. She says she don’t want to die with this accusation, and asks her to promise. Her condition deteriorates.

Kashvi calls Nurse. Nurse makes her wear oxygen mask. Kashvi promises her that she will find out the truth. Aruna tells that whoever is the culprit, is very clever and can harm her also when he/she finds out that she is enquiring, and asks her not to tell anyone. Kashvi goes out and thinks who can do this? Arjun tells the family that Ministry inspection is done and they were happy with our work.

Jagdish says we are proud of you. Romila says even we. Nitya says now you can start the work. Arjun says not yet, as they have to get permission from environmental Ministry. Mahima says she will take appointment. Nitya says I can help as I know someone. Arjun says it will be great help. Nitya asks how was the visit to jail? Kashvi thinks she can’t tell anyone, and tells that it was good and says after going 2-3 times, they can decide. Arjun senses her worried and comes to her. Kashvi tells him that she met some prisoners and their stories were very sad. He praises her and tells that her face is flowing and tries to romance with her.

Next morning, Mahima tells that she is going for the meeting with the environmental ministry. Nitya says you will not go there and tells that she has a plan and smirks. Kashvi meets Dada ji/Digvijay’s lawyer and he tells her that Digvijay had named his property to both his children equally. He says I was not aware that she is in jail, and asks if he shall talk to Jagdish. Kashvi says not now and asks him to help her whenever needed. Kashvi recalls Samrat’s audio recording and says Papa had said that the woman is from my sasural, who is powerful and dangerous.

She thinks Bua ji is arrogant, but she doesn’t have power or money to do this. She thinks there was just two women in her sasural. She realizes that Nitya is the one, who is more powerful and has money too. She says she can make the person go away from her way.

Mahima comes to the office with Arjun. His Assistant tells that Minister went out for 3 days to a village. Arjun gets worried. He calls Nitya and tells that Minister went for 3 days. Nitya asks him not to spoil his mood and says she will take appointment again.

Kashvi thinks Nitya can’t do this, she was Maa’s best friend and they were like sisters. She says Nitya Maa always helped Maa. She says she has name in her Civil Service office, and thinks how can I think this. She thinks when Arjun and I have caught Birju, we got the torn saree piece. She thinks Nitya’s saree was not torn. She thinks Nitya had swapped the saree. She thinks when Birju was about to tell us, she came and killed him. She thinks she is very confused, but she feels that Nitya is the murderer. She thinks she has all the confusion and is not sure about it. Arjun comes out and is upset. Mahima asks her to calm down. Arjun says our work is delayed for 3 days, and there is no guarantee that Minister Saheb will do our work. Mahima asks him to come to the Sundar lake farmhouse, which is Minister’s farmhouse. She tells that they will go there and wait for him to return. Arjun tells that he is really happy to give her job. Mahima says she is happy and thinks this is her next step towards him.

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