The Evil Eye Starlife update Thursday 23 May 2024

The Evil Eye 23 May 2024: Ansh comes home and shows his wings. Chitali says you can fly now? He nods. Shekhar says what does this mean? Ansh has this power now. Avi says what if its not good for Ansh. Nishant says it depends on person how he wants to use his powers. Ansh says Karan became of stone but still helped me, I have to bring him back at any cost.

Mohana comes there and says I know answer of this question. All glare at her. Piya asks her to get lost, she points arrow at her and says dont you dare come near my kid. Mohana says I am not scared, I am here to meet my family. Shekhar says we are not your family. Mohana says Ansh got to know about his powers because of me, I found Karan and threw Adi from cliff so he could know that he has this power. Ansh says there must be some reason behind it, these wings are of Karan and I will never give it to you. Piya asks her to leave when she has time. Mohana turns to leave but recalls how she and Vedsheree are related. She breaks glass bottle on her head, Mohana’s head bleeds but Vedsheree’s head bleeds too. Mohana says I can hurt her too, I can use my powers to treat my wound but Vedsheree cant, she tells Piya that I can hurt her anytime I want. Vedsheree is crying in pain. Mohana says you want me to leave still? I know you people dont like me but you love Vedsheree a lot so you will have to keep me here. Family takes Vedsheree from there.

Mausi sits on table for food. Dilruba comes there in veil. Mausi asks her to serve food. She sees Dilruba eating. Mausi says she doesnt have any manner, I would have hanged her to a fan. Naman sees Dilruba angry and tells Mausi that have something to eat.

Ansh is in his room and recalls his moments with Karan. Piya comes there. Ansh says Karan didnt get anything in life, he was away from his family and then he became of stone, he even gave his wings to me. Piya says I know its unfair but he will get his happiness, he will not be of stone for much time. Piya says what if Mohana was telling truth? Ansh says maybe she knows a way to make Karan fine? Piya says no we shouldnt trust Mohana.

Mausi is stealing Guru Maa’s jewelry. Dilruba sees it and gets angry. She takes chudail avatar but Naman stops her. Dilruba says she is stealing in your house. Naman asks her to calm down and says I will handle her.

Vedsheree is on bed. Ansh comes to her. Vedsheree murmurs Karan you are here? I am sorry, I shouldnt have trusted Mohana and searched for you, promise me that you will live with us. Ansh is sad and thinks to bring Karan back soon. Piya sees it.

Naman stops Mausi and says you have Guru Maa’s jewelry, please put it back. Mausi says you think I am a robber? Guru Maa comes there. Mausi says you are accusing me of stealing? this is wrong, I am not staying here. She turns to leave but jewelry falls from her saree. Dilruba says she is a robber. Mausi says enough, Naman you cant handle your wife. Dilruba grabs her and raises her in air, she says dont bad mouth Naman. Naman requests her to leave Mausi. Dilruba leaves her.

Scene 1

Ansh asks Mohana what she wants in return by bringing Karan back? Mohana says I wanted his wings, he sacrificed for you so you can sacrifice for him by giving his wings to me, you want your brother or his wings? decide and let me know.

Mohana comes to Piya in kitchen and says you are cutting veggies in anger, you are feeling helpless for your family? Piya says I can do anything for my family. Mohana says lets see. She throws knife in air and its about to cut her wrist, Mohana asks her to save Vedsheree. Piya uses her powers to stop the knife from hitting her. Mohana says you should worry about me, I am Ansh’s real mother. She smirks and leaves.

Naman says to Dilruba that I asked you to remain calm infront of Mausi and you showed your reality to her? Dilruba says I was defending you, she cries and leaves. Guru Maa comes to Naman and says cant you see? Sanam got angry only when Mausi bad mouthed about you, do you know what it means?

Nishant says to Piya that we cant break rakt relation between Vedsheree and Mohana but how? She has some big plan which is why she is back. Piya says Mohana can use Ansh for her advantage. Mohana and Ansh comes in Nishant’s room and climbs on wall. They go in witch room. Piya feels something and says I felt someone was here.

In witch room, Ansh sees Karan and his family in caskets. She thinks I knew I could use his emotions. Ansh says to Mohana that we have to be careful otherwise Nishant will know. He opens casket door but alarm rings. Nishant and Piya hears it and comes in witch room but they dont find anyone. Mohana and Ansh hides from them. Mohana uses her rakt relation for Vedsheree to wake up in her room. Chitali tries to stop Vedsheree but she pushes her away and leave. In witch room, Piya tries to look around but Chitali calls her and tells her that Vedsheree left house. She tells Nishant and leaves. Ansh is tensed.

Nishant says to Piya that Mohana can use Vedsheree. Piya says we have to save Ansh too.

Nishant comes his garden and shows her seeds of sacred tree, he says you can use those using your powers. Piya throws seeds in a pot.

Mohana brings Karan’s casket out of witch room and shows a knife to Ansh. Vedsheree is standing behind Karan’s casket. He says I have to stab him? She says yes, you cant do it? You dont have guts.

Piya uses her powers to make tree grow from seeds. Nishant says you can use this pot to free Vedsheree from rakt relation.

Ansh says to Mohana that I can stab him to make him fine. Mohana smirks.

Piya and Nishant comes to house. Chitali says guard didnt see her go out of house.

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