Imlie starlife update Monday 29 January 2024

Imlie 29 January 2024: Ranas drop Kairi to school. A goon disguised as a peon stops them at the gate and says they can’t get in from here. Imlie says it’s Kairi’s first day at school. Family says let Kairi go in with other students. They all wish bye to Kairi.

Goon makes students stand in a que to make them wear a bomb chip fixed watch. Imlie thinks she has seen that man. She walks in and tells Kairi that she forgot her ID card. and gives it to her. She then tells the goon peon that she has seen her somewhere before. Goon says she must have seen a poor and broke man like him as all poor and broke people look same. Rudra encourages him not to lose hope and to keep working hard till he attains success.

Back home, Atharva panics thinking how Kairi must be managing at school alone. Imlie asks him to relax and asks how he managed when he Kairi went to a camp for 5 days, he should let Kairi learn to manage things on her own. Family joins and Devika says she is trying to teach a man who doesn’t have any brain. Others laugh. Atharva says it’s already 2 p.m. and Kairi’s school must have been let off. Imlie hurriedly picks her bag and tries to rush out, scolding him for keeping her busy in talks.

Family laughs more and says it’s just 12:30 and Atharva pulled her leg. Imlie says Atharva took a breath out of her with his joke. Atharva says even he felt same when Imlie went away from him. Family pull his legs next. Ginni asks him to repeat his dialogue. Atharva feels nervous. Imlie picks her bag and says she will go and bring Kairi. Atharva says even he will accompany her as family will pull his legs if he stays here. They both walk out of house while Ginni taunts them and Rudra prays god for their togetherness.

Keya looks at the orphan kids’ pics sent by orphanage for adoption. Akash asks her to pick one of them as they are all cute. Keya says she needs the best as she has to bear the child forever and throws the file down. Devika picks it and asks why did she throw the file away. Keya says it slipped from her hands. Akash says orphanage has sent kid’s pics to choose for adoption. Devika praises them for thinking of adopting a kid and walks away. Keya says they need to find a baby prettier than Kairi. Akash says they shall choose a boy who can take over Rana empire. Keya laughs.

Atharva and Imlie reach school and watch teacher teaching Kairi and other student a dance on Pal Pal Pal.. song. Peon fixes bomb chip fixed watches in all students’ wrists. Kairi shows her watch to her parents and thanks peon. Peon hopes he doesn’t get into trouble and asks Kairi to wear it during independence day function. They bring Kairi home. Imlie asks Kairi to remove her watch and practice dance or else she may break it. Kairi keeps watch down. Imlie looks at her Bhaskar Times ID card and hopes she rejoins Bhaskar times soon. She further looks at bomb detecting machine and keeps it and watch in her cupboard. She hears beep sound and is shocked to see bomb detective machine beeping over Kairi’s watch.

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