Imlie starlife update Wednesday 31 January 2024

Imlie 31 January 2024: Goon Mohan tries to stab Devika. Atharva holds his hand and kicks him away. He then asks Devika if she is fine, she should trust her blood. Goon tries to attack him. Atharva says if he doesn’t watch films, goons are always beaten by hero. He beats goons.

Imlie reaches home and searches for family. Imlie panics and ask Seeta maiya where is her family. Power goes off. Atharva continues to fight with goons. Mohan points gun at Atharva and shoots him. Imlie walks to home temple and prays god to tell her the place where her family is.

Shivani pushes Atharva away and bears the bullet on her hand. Family rushes to Shivani. Mohan warns them not to act oversmart or else he will shoot of them again, already Imlie spoilt is plan and now they are troubling him. Keya thinks Imlie made their life ahell since she entered Rana house.

Imlie finds restaurant bills in a dustbin delivered to a godown and gets clue that goons took her family to that godown. She thanks god for show her a way and rushes to rescue Ranas. Goons tie down Atharva.

Shivani pleads for water. Goons refuse to offer her water. Atharva tongue lashes them. Kairi gives water to Shivani. Goon gets angry on her. Kairi says she is not afraid of them as her mother taught her to be brave and roar like a tiger in front of goons. Goon tries to hit her. Mohan asks goon to let the girl’s entertainment continue and taker her away from there. Goon drags Kairi away. Manish says Kairi is brave like her mother, Imlie must be searching for them somewhere. Imlie reaches gown and finds goon there. She silently picks goon’s gun and searches for family.

Mohan tricks and surrounds Imlie. He laughs on her and says he left hotel bill there to call her here. Imlie points gun at him. Mohan laughs more and says gun is empty. Imlie says so what if gun is empty, why did he bring her family here, what enmity does he have with them. Mohan says he was executing his plan peacefully, but she ruined it; now she will help him in his plan. Imlie refuses. Mohan says if not her, someone else will die; shows Atharva, Rudra, and Akash hanging in air..

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