Imlie starlife update Thursday 4 January 2024

Imlie 4 January 2024: Atharva tells Chini that he feels that she is hiding something. Chini says why would she hide anything, he and Imlie hid instead, what is he doing with Imlie. Atharva says he is trying to catch Dhairya’s murderer. Chini says Imlie is doing that. Atharva says even he wants to catch the culprit and punish him/her, even if she/he is from his family. Chini drops water glass and panics. Divya and Devika cuss Imlie as usual. Rudra says he knows they can blame Imlie endlessly, but he wants to speak to Imlie once before they continue their allegations.

Imlie says she needs some time to answer him and goes to her room. Atharva tells Chini that he found his accident day and wedding day CCTV footages at Anu’s house and knows Chini is behind Dhairya’s death, she should accept it if she really cares for her. Chini accepts that Dhairya died because of her, but it was unintentional.

Imlie watches CCTV footage and says she found evidence of Dhairya’s innocence. Atharva walks down shattered. Imlie asks if Chini is the real culprit. Chini panics sitting in a corner. Anu calls her repeatedly and thinks she needs to reach Rana house soon. Atharva asks Chini why didn’t she inform him beforehand. Chini says she was afraid that he would hate her after hearing truth. Atharva asks if her fear is gone. Chini says he knows how much she loves Kairi, she wanted to stop Dhairya from revealing truth, but didn’t push him down purposefully. She pleads him not to reveal truth to anyone as she can’t lose him and Chini and seeks his promise. Atharva promises her and says she herself will reveal truth to police and get herself arrested. Chini says she will not do that as she doesn’t want to lose him. Atharva asks if she wants to live with a guilt that he knows the truth. He promises to hire best lawyers to bail her out and convinces her to surrender herself.

Atharva informs Imlie that Chini is ready to surrender herself and accept her crime that she killed Dhairya. Rudra shatters hearing that and holding Atharva’s collar asks if Chini killed Dhairya. Atharva stands with a bent head. Family gathers and they are also shocked to hear that. Anu rushes in and says she wants to meet Chi baby. Manish says her chi baby will pay for her sins. Shivani says elders should teach youngsters to face their deeds, but Anu is teaching to hide them. Anu says she will listen to her lecture later, she wants to meet Chi baby first. Divya stops her. Atharva asks her to let her meet Chini as Chini needs courage from her elder to accept her crime. Anu rushes to Chini’s room. Rudra says he will call the police. Devika stops him and says though Chini did wrong, she is Kairi’s mother and they can’t snatch Kairi’s mother from her. Rudra says Kairi can’t hold a blood-stained hand. Imlie says Devika is right, Chini should be spared for Kairi’s sake.

Anu convinces Chini that Dhairya will not support her if she is arrested and suggests her to run away. Chini escapes. Imlie goes to call Chini and notices her escaping via balcony. She informs family about it. Anu says what could Chi baby have done when Atharva wants her to get arrested. Atharva says let Chini go, he doesn’t want her to be arrested. Police walks in to arrest Chini and informs that they got a footage from Dhairya’s video. Imlie informs him that Chini escaped. Inspector shows video where Chihni accepts in front of Anu that she is behind Atharva’s accident and blamed Dhairya instead. Atharva shatters hearing that and repeats the video. Devika also shatters and feels guilty for blaming Imlie and Dhairya for the accident. Rudra says Devika cursed Imlie each moment and made her life hell. Imlie asks him to let it to as Devika is repenting for her mistake and crying profusely.

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