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Divya Drishti 5 January 2024: Pisachini comes to the holi event. She says there will be death well here and someone has to die in it. She makes an invisible well there. She laughs and says nothing would work for Diyva here. Her magic wont work here. I will take kaal vikay from her.

Everyone comes to the festival. Mahima says 3 marriages are done in the house. They come for arti. Divya and Shekhar come. Mahima does their arti. She does arti of sunny Lava and Rakshit Drishti.
Pisachini meets Shekhar says your bride has to go today. You have to make thandai for her today. If you step back, you will have to drink this thandai. Mahima gives blessings to lava and Sunny. she says Rakshit God gives you long life.

Ojaswani says prayers for Drishti? Mahima says you have to live long here. That wont be easy you will have to fight a battle to win hearts here. This is for that trust I did on you and how you fooled me. Ojaswani says to Drishti don’t be upset. You got Mahima’s blessings anyway. A flowers falls from Rakshit on Mahima. They look at each other.

Mahima says to Shekhar go and color your wife. Divya says I am already playing holi. He says have thandai. She gives it to Ojaswani. Everyone is dancing. Shekhar tries taking it from her. pisachini says why is Divya not drinking it. Shekhar gives it to Dvya again. She says i don’t want it. Rakshit drink thandai too. He gives it to Drishti. She says I don’t like it.

Divya and Drishti are standing in a corner. Shekhar says everyone relax and have some thandai. He asks Rashi to give thandai to Divya. He says lets cheer up everyone. He says lets play passing pillow with thandai. The one who has it in the end has to drink. it stops at Divya. She drinks it. Shekhar smirks. Pisachini dances. She says today is your last day.

Lava comes to Rakshit and puts color on her face from his hands. She says to Lava he applied color on me first. Dristi says look at this color. There is color on her shoulder from the medicine Rakshit applied. Lava says why did you marry him Ms Sound? Rakshit says Mrs. Rakshit Shergil. Drishti says yes I am his wife.
Drishti asks drunk divya to calm down. She says don’t drink too much.

Rakshit says you said I applied color on you? She says turmeric is color. He says you are trying to be possessive. She says you called me Mrs. Shergil. You don’t know me yet. There are a lot of people who are mad at me but for a reason. Rakshit drinks thandai. Divya falls. Shekhar holds her. Divya says so Mr. husband? You’re trying to be clever. He says I really love you but you dont’ care about my feelings. She says cute but it wont work on me.

Divya is dancing with the girls. Everyne dances on Radha. Rakshit gets drunk. Drishti is near the stall. Pisachini comes. She gives her thandai. Pisachini falls. She says what is happening to me. Her real eye exposes. She asys what is happening. She says I have to control. I have to kill Divya. Drishti looks at Divya. Her locket falls. Drishti picks it. She sees Pisacini killing Divya. Drishti is scared.
Precap-Piscahini tries kill Divya. Drishti saves her.

Drishti is worried for Divya. She looks at divya dancing. Everyone stops her to dance. Rakshit is drunk too. Mahima hugs Drishti. She is drunk. She says happy holi. Rakshit is also drinking. Drishti comes to Rakshit says you are drinking too? He says yes. She says you don’t dance? He says I am not scared of anyone. She says show us then. He says I am not scared of anyone. She says go and show then. He says done. Remember that I will win the challenge from you. He says you will do what I ask when I win.

Pisachini takes Divya towards the center. Rakshit is dancing. He pulls Drishti closer. Pisachini says what should I do. Drishti says thank God Divya had to stand in side. Drunk Rakshit says I want to say so many things. You are my wife. Doesn’t mean you will do what I ask. I don’t like ou talking to Shekhar. He says you are smiling. She says no I am serious. He says you are so beautiful. Drishti says should I go? Rakshit pulls her closer.

Pisachini takes Dviya towards the center. Divya runs. Rakshit sees Pisachini. He says Pisachini I knew it was yu. Come in front of me. Pisachini hides. Divya dances Drishti looks at her. She sees Pisachini trying to kill Divya. She says I wont let her kill my sister. Divya looks at Drishti and says didi.. She is crying. Drishti hugs her. Dviya sees the ey on her forehead. Divya says I looked for you eveywhere. She cires. Drishti swipes her tears. Divya says I prayed for you every day. They hug each other.

Pisachini looks them together. She blows winds. A storm rages on. Divya says what is happening. Dristi says to Divya you are in trouble. You have to run from here. She runs with Divya. Pisachini looks for them. Divya says you are my sister.. Di.. Drishti says please forgive me about Rakshit. Divya says I got you I dont’ need anyone else. You are my drishti di. I dont’ care about anyone. She hugs Drishti. drishti says you have to go from here. I saw Pisacini. Divya says we are together. She can’t do anything. We are each other’s power.

Pisachini asks everyone to stop where they are. Everyone is scared. She floats in the air. Rakshit says that’s piscahin. Sekhar says today is last day to Divya’s life. Rakshit says what do you mean. Pisachini says I will torture you all. Don’t dare moving from here. Divya says we have to save everyone. Drishti says we can’t show our magic to anyone. We have to plan something. Pisachini sees eye on Divya’s face. She says so she is the other one. Divya says we have to do something. Pisachini says come near me you two.

Pisachini grasps Divya and throws her in the circle. They both go underground. Divya is roped. Drishti says shekhar do something help me please. everyone is statued. Drishti cries for Divya says she what should I go. Drishti jumps in the circle too. She soves Pisachini. Her locket falls.

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